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  1. dedee

    Bowls from Woods

    I acquired 8 lignum vitae woods from a bowling club that was forced to close recently. First project was to cut one in half and make a pair of bowls. The WIP was a practice run with the most cracked and split wood to see how it could be done. Removing the plastic end caps was the first task...
  2. dedee

    Outward opening doors - a cautionary tale

    Of course Steve M would not be so stupid Outward opening workshop doors - A cautionary tale The outward opening doors on my barn The bolt that keeps the doors fixed open View from inside the barn that shows what happens if the bolt is not properly turned and held in place in the "up"...
  3. dedee

    Picnic Table

    Just finished a picnic table with design ideas (the curved ends) borrowed from Creampuff's excellent table from last year. Not sure I have the radius on the seat boards correct though. The top is 87" x 33" and should easily seat 10 or 12 Seats folded up to keep bird poo and water off Made...
  4. dedee

    Kity 636 3 phase conversion

    Hi, I may have an opportunity to buy an old Kity 636 :- But it is 380v - I presume therefore 3 phase. Do you think that it is possible and easy to either replace the motor or convert to a 240v 16amp supply? Does anyone have one of these, do you think it is worth a punt at £200 Cheers Andy
  5. dedee

    t didin't look this much on paper

    Picked this lot up this morning. Longest piece is just under 2.5m, the Berlingo is great for this sort of thing and one of the reasons why it will be replaced with another next year. If I have done ths maths right it's 0.38 cubic metres, or 13.38 cubic feet of air dried chestnut or...
  6. dedee

    Buying UK machinery for Euro delivery, Not Axi

    Anyone in euroland bought machinery from the UK for european delivery from somewhere other than Axminster? No issues with Axminster or course but they don't do the Dewalt DW733 thicknesser. www.powertoolworld.co.uk will deliver the dewalt all in for £397. The best I can buy locally is the...
  7. dedee

    plank clamp - no face vice

    Prompted by Bugbear's solutions to clamp a plank and being as I do not have a face vice fitted, and am reluctant to do so at the moment. I adapted BB's solution and came up with these. Held in place on the bench by using the pups and dogs rather than a clamp and with the addition of a 15mm...
  8. dedee

    Gates and exposed end grain

    I would like to make some replacement gates and I would like to change the design in order to reduce the likelihood of rot as seen here. Why are gates typically made with the end grain of the vertical stiles open to the elements? Is it structural or aesthetic? My design (in my head only at...
  9. dedee

    What's it called? - frame saw for resawing

    Reading Douglas' (condeestesco) thread on frame saws reminded me that I once intended to make the kind of frame saw that has the blade in the middle of the frame which is held horizontally for resawing planks and boards What is this type of saw called? Has anyone made one? Are they a viable...
  10. dedee

    suitable timber for picnic table

    I have just dismantled all the shelving from a very damp and humid underground wine cellar and I am left with this There are 10 boards (3 not shown) at 68" (1.73m) x 9" (21.5cm) x 11/4" (27mm) When cleaned up they look like this . It is obviously a pine of some sort but apart from being a...
  11. dedee

    ziggerdy man

    I am not sure if such a simple object requires a WIP but I will post one anyway. A simple moving wooden toy made for the first born child of my wife's cousin. First plane a suitable piece of walnut (american black) Then drill two rows of holes using the new drill table. Positioning of these...
  12. dedee

    Mac iMovie to motion jpeg

    Anyone familiar with iMovie? I'd like to record a short video using the built in iSight webcam and save it, or convert it, to motion jpeg format which can then be viewed on a Sony digital photo frame. We've made the movie but I can't seem to find out how to convert it to motion jpeg (the only...
  13. dedee

    external shutters, re build

    External Shutters This is probably of more interest to the european residents as I do not think external shutters are very common in the UK. It seems to me that the basic design of the shutters as seen throughout most of france is fundamentally flawed, if made from bog standard pine. The...
  14. dedee

    gluing wood to polystyrene for strip lights - update

    I'd like to add some more strip lights in my garage but the ceiling comprises of 8" of polystyrene insulation with polystyrene tiles on the surface Do you think I could attach strip lights to a board clued to the polystyrene tiles ? If so what would be a suitable product? Cheers Andy
  15. dedee

    very quite axial fan, 240v

    I have an idea for moving the warm air from my log stove heated leaving room into the hall/stairwell. I thought I could mount a small axial fan (like wots in computers) into the transom above the door. I have been experimenting with a 120x120 240v fan hung from the door frame but at 37db it is...
  16. dedee

    Plumbing problem, kitchen DW & Sink

    Can anyone help with a kitchen plumbing problem? I've just discovered that when I empty the kitchen sink at the same time as the DW is being emptied that water comes up the vertical pipe thet it (DW) drains into The DW is to the left, sink in the middle and WM on the right. The waste flows...
  17. dedee

    Every house should have one, good use of scraps

    Can you see what it is yet? It only took 10 mins to make with the help of my dad he wouldn't let me go up the ladder to fix it to the wall if you haven't guessed already it is a summer roost for these beauties At the moment they spend the summer days behind our south facing shutters but...
  18. dedee

    how to cut sheet stainless steel - Done it!

    What is is the best method of cutting thin stainless steel sheet? I need to cut a piece of 0.6mm stainless steel sheet. The cut will be 65cm long so a hacksaw is out of the question. I have an angle grinder but was wondering if it would be better to glue the steel to a piece of...
  19. dedee

    Hen's Den

    I don't get much time for woodwork and this is more construction than woodwork but I thought I'd share anywy. All screws and glues. I have not bought the chooks yet, this will wait until after our summer holiday in July, but I have finished building the coop and prepared the site for the run...
  20. dedee

    New oak table top onto steel frame

    My father is having a solid oak table top made to replace the existing laminated top. It is a round table with a hefty steel X shaped support for the top. He is convinced that the steel frame will take the increased weight of the new top. Alas no pics as the table is in the UK & dad's only...