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  1. dedee

    CamVac noise reduction with a baffle tube

    Very interesting, thanks very much for sharing. I have a twin motor Camvac and the luxury of it being outside and above the workshop which gave me plenty of room for for a 200l drop box with cyclone on top. Even so the noise within the barn is not pleasant and as I have plenty of space to run...
  2. dedee

    Funny dog names

    We had a cat called Trex, after the cooking fat.
  3. dedee

    Bowls from Woods

    I am assured that those woods had no use as a sporting item and having spoken to some old bowlers about how best to use them I am satisfied that by keeping their original shape (all be it in two halves) and as many of the marks and carvings as possible that they retain a far greater interest...
  4. dedee

    Bowls from Woods

    Pictures would be great if you have them Phil, can't quite picture it in my head at the moment. I do have some 3mm walnut veneer so if I can work out the process I could give it a try. Never heard of a bedan before but having googled seems like a very useful tool
  5. dedee

    A couple of new items.

    Very clever and inspiring stuff. I'd love to see a WIP or a how to of that elctro-whatever-it-is process.
  6. dedee

    Bowls from Woods

    At the moment I cannot see how to turn the lid and keep it a tight fit while not altering the nice curve shape of the outside of the bowl.
  7. dedee

    Bowls from Woods

    Duncan, thanks. A box is on my list of things to make with them. Have you any photos as I have not yet seen any examples. Forgot to mention that I used abranet to sand. Some dust did collect within the mesh but was easy to knockout with a brush.
  8. dedee

    Bowls from Woods

    Brian, No. I am not sure when but the adding of weights to provide the "bias" was banned some time ago. These woods are date stamped in the 50s and the bias, which provides the curve as the wood is bowled, is made by altering the shape. This, I hope. Can just be seen in the short video in my...
  9. dedee

    2016- The Year to reduce the woodpile.

    Thanks for your patience Chas. I think I have got there now. You have mail too!
  10. dedee

    Bowls from Woods

    Yes and No. I only mounted using the recesses in the base of each bowl but I think that the original method used to make the bowls round (all be it with a slight bias) required a hole to be made right through the wood. I plugged said hole with some beech dowel which is what you can see. I have...
  11. dedee

    Bowls from Woods

    I acquired 8 lignum vitae woods from a bowling club that was forced to close recently. First project was to cut one in half and make a pair of bowls. The WIP was a practice run with the most cracked and split wood to see how it could be done. Removing the plastic end caps was the first task...
  12. dedee

    Lathe extraction

    I Stuck a metal disk to the tool rest arm:- Attached a magnet to the a modified extraction hose et voila For bigger bowls the hose magnet will hold directly on the lathe bed. Seems to provide a fair amount of flexibility and there is nothing more pleasing than seeing a nice plume of dust...
  13. dedee

    2016- The Year to reduce the woodpile.

    OK Chas, thanks. Put what stops the piston being pulled out?
  14. dedee

    2016- The Year to reduce the woodpile.

    How? If the cylinder has been turned as one piece, ie without a glued in base then I can only think of using a piece of cord through the base to the base of the cylinder. Unless a block has been glued inside the cylinder. Am I on the right track?
  15. dedee

    2016- The Year to reduce the woodpile.

    I like those pots Chas, very much. How are they being held in the up position and is there a stop to prevent them being lifted too far?
  16. dedee

    Spring 2016 Challenge

    Sorry I had read it and will be entering just to make everyone else look good :D Just need some inspiration and a method of cutting a 3" cube to start with.
  17. dedee

    Winter Challenge Results

    Thanks Bob, I am sure you will do a better job than I. The design wasn't mine of course. I found them on the internet and try as I might I cannot find the page again.
  18. dedee

    Winter Challenge Results

    Yes, thanks guys, organiser, judge and participants. And thanks for placing mine forth and not last :D Truly amazed that anyone would think mine worthy of voting for. I know time is tight for a lot of people but I hope my sorry efforts help to encourage others to partake. As well as the...
  19. dedee

    Winter Challenge - Please post your entries here.

    Well I though long and hard about posting an entry as I know you could not hold a candle to my efforts when compared to those already posted. But, believe it or not, I have spent ages trying to produce something worthy of an entry. The wood is some kind of Cypress which I felled a couple of...
  20. dedee

    Tealight makers dilemma

    Are these too expensive Chas? http://www.yandles.co.uk/glass-tealight-cup/p15459