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  1. Gareth62

    Britain's Best Woodworker

    Lump hammer assembly made me cringe..could have at least used a scrap block to protect the work piece. Was thinking the same
  2. Gareth62

    Britain's Best Woodworker

    Yes Tim’s work is rough
  3. Gareth62

    Britain's Best Woodworker

    Radha annoys my with his voice and always smiling but he doing some good work
  4. Gareth62

    Carry sheet goods on car roof

    Thin sheets at the bottom thicker sheets on the top then some timber on top and lock it all down with ratchet straps
  5. Gareth62

    American hand tools or accessories

    The last time I came back from New York I packed a full set of 5 Estwing hammers in my case
  6. Gareth62

    Cyclone Dust Collection

    This is what I got this week for my new workshop just finished putting it together today once I know where tools and machines are going I can then decide how the ducting will run
  7. Gareth62

    Joke thread

    It is important for men to remember that, as women grow older, it becomes harder for them to maintain the same quality of housekeeping as when they were younger. When you notice this, try not to shout at them. Some are over-sensitive and there's nothing worse than an over-sensitive woman. My...
  8. Gareth62

    Source of abrasive wheels for Viceroy Sharpedge?

    The Viceroy arrived to day the wheel is in good condition and a light dressing should get it in a like new condition Have ordered a dresser but I feel it's over priced but if it does the job. I just hope it's bigger than it looks. The wheel is the same size as the viceroy. So if anyone needs...
  9. Gareth62

    Source of abrasive wheels for Viceroy Sharpedge?

    Should arrive tomorrow then I will know what I need to do
  10. Gareth62

    Source of abrasive wheels for Viceroy Sharpedge?

    Well I think I’ve found a place that sells the abrasive wheels and a dressing tool just waiting for an eMail back, the brand new 16” wheel they have is 406mm x 30mm just need to find details on the center hole and hollowed out part £230 plus VAT and p&p Dressing tool is around £30 plus VAT & p&p
  11. Gareth62

    Another wood ID

    I don’t think it’s mahogany or Sapele as there’s no black flex in it I’m going with cherry
  12. Gareth62

    Hi from the midlands

    May have to rethink this then
  13. Gareth62

    Screwfix Drill/Impact Driver Twin Pack Bargains - DeWalt vs Makita

    I've had DeWalt for well over20 years and they do seem to suffer trigger problems. May just be my bad luck Just changing over to Millwakee drills and drivers so far had them over a year and they are the Dogs do dars have taken everything I have chucked at them....
  14. Gareth62

    Hi from the midlands

    Primarily it will start as a wood working shop the shop is around the size of two double garages. It will have extraction and that will be one of the first things fitted. Yes I know just how much wood dust can be made as I’m a cabinetmaker by trade and have spent to many years working in...
  15. Gareth62

    Source of abrasive wheels for Viceroy Sharpedge?

    Wonder if anyone do them 16” wide
  16. Gareth62

    Hi from the midlands

    The dark room will be in the area I had set out for a store room will just have to fit some kind of fire excluder strips around door the brush kind maybe. Just see how it goes
  17. Gareth62

    Source of abrasive wheels for Viceroy Sharpedge?

    Old post revival: Sorry to drag up an old post but I’ve been looking around the forum rather than re-ask a question that may have been asked before. I’ve just bought a Viceroy Sharpedge 16” It’s not arrived yet so I’ve no idea what the condition the stone is in looking at the photos it looks...
  18. Gareth62

    Hi from the midlands

    Just building and kitting out a new workshop and I stumbled across this site as I was looking for info on redressing a Viceroy Sharpedge 16”. It looks as if there’s a lot of good info here, Any how back to the new workshop it’s not just for me it’s for the whole family as a hobby room so...