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  1. PowerTool

    Back in the shed at last

    very nice,lovely shape,lovely colour :D Andrew
  2. PowerTool

    Small Iroko Garden Table

    Very nice table :D Looks like a very big lawn as well :wink: Andrew
  3. PowerTool

    Now for something competely different

    Very nice :D Lovely piece of timber,and the rolled rim just finishes it off perfectly. Andrew
  4. PowerTool

    Logs V Blanks

    I do both - don't know which one to vote for :lol: Andrew
  5. PowerTool

    a few of my latest pieces

    Excellent work,love the zebrano pieces,and the trivet is great :D Andrew
  6. PowerTool

    First piece from the odd logs

    I agree with Paul - both nice,but the chestnut piece is quite beautiful! Andrew
  7. PowerTool

    Boysies Bog Oak piece.At last!!!!

    Nice work,Paul - like the shape,and nice to see such an old piece of timber live on :D Andrew
  8. PowerTool

    No 2 off the lathe

    Very nice - always think that wax is the best finish on oak;seems to really bring out the warmth of the wood :D Andrew
  9. PowerTool

    A few bowls.

    Like them all :D Love the colouring of the beech,and am also very drawn to the shape of the last walnut one - it looks just right to nestle in your hands 8) Andrew
  10. PowerTool

    Oak hollow form.Without finial piccy.

    Very nice,the teardrop-shape works well,and shows off the beauty of the oak (and I actually like the finial as well,think the slender look suits the rest of the piece :D ) Andrew
  11. PowerTool

    For my mother in law a gift .....

    Looks nice,pleasantly different,like the idea of the recess in the lid for it to sit on the base.Got a lovely warm colour to it as well :D And don't know where you got that idea from,be brave and post some pictures! Andrew
  12. PowerTool

    Another practice piece...

    You've made a very nice job of making an old bit of timber live on :D Hard to believe the difference in colour between the starting and finished pieces - now really has a lovely warmth to it.Like the shape and detail of the inside of the lid;can see what you mean about the pedestal - just...
  13. PowerTool

    Another Box Critique

    Very nice,shape looks better in the second lot of pictures ; like the overall form in terms of balance and proportion,particularly like the way it sweeps up from the main body to the lid,and actually think the finial suits it :D Andrew
  14. PowerTool

    pic of newbies first attempt at a table

    Yep,also love the chunky,rustic look - very nice piece of furniture :D Andrew
  15. PowerTool

    Not be turning for a little while......

    Congratulations to all of you :D Andrew (who became a grandad again last night :wink: )
  16. PowerTool

    Small Fork Lift Truck

    Nice work,but must admit to being very impressed with the ratchet and pawl for the wind-up mast :D Andrew
  17. PowerTool

    Fitting a workshop into a single garage – A Story

    Very full,but looks equally well-organized - excellent job :D Andrew
  18. PowerTool

    You're making me dizzy...

    The link worked fine,Bruce - your puzzles seem to be getting more complicated,and more fascinating :D Love the colouring on this one as well - was it your artwork ? Andrew
  19. PowerTool

    1st piece!

    Nice shape and finish,and the grooves add just enough detail to the piece - so get yourself a decent bowl gouge,and show us what else you can do.. :wink: Andrew
  20. PowerTool

    Moving forward, slowly

    Both nice pieces :D - "fairly plain" they may be,but the colour and figuring of the timber isn't overpowered,and the shape and proportions work well. As for the shakes/checks,I tend to use thin superglue,and sand the area before it is dry ; the sanding dust mixes with the glue to make a filler...