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    18th edition compliance

    Anybody know if this is acceptable method of cable retention? (note, not my work so say what you want.)
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    Kitchen Carcass

    Currently in the middle of an extension (not being done by me because apparently I'm far to busy). part of having the extension means my sub 5 year old kitchen has been ripped out "no it's not getting a new kitchen, your JUST moving what we already have down" (her words not mine). As part...
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    Conspiracy nuts. (split from Re: How does this work?)

    lies, all lies. it's witchcraft plane and simple. Next you'll be trying to tell us the earth is a close approximation of a spheroid with a bulge near the equator caused by gravitational distortion from the large mass of the star that it orbits. all lies propagated by them to keep good hard...
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    the ukulele of density

    For the tenacious chap in his little workshop with his cheap tools that will never make anything and his aged hand tools that simple aren't worth buying. certainly not for the sensitive luthiers out there as I'm sure I've gone against he grain (pardon the pun) on a number of things and not...
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    new fangled scrollsaw

    got me one of them new fangled scrollsaws for christmas with the constant blade that goes round 2 wheels. anybody know how you do internal cuts the damn thing. :)
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    this was meant to be for my ever suffering wife for Christmas, but I got excited and showed her. it's mahogany, cherry and tulip at about 4mm thick, all hand resawn and planed. finished with homemade beeswax (wax sourced from a local honey producer). oh and the cheery was cut from a tree 2...
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    wood find right under my nose

    over the past few weeks I've been making a concerted effort to get my workshop/garage into something that resembles a place of work, rather than a place of dumping. in other words, I'm a messy so and so in my own workspace and as such spend hours looking for things, which is annoying the rubbish...
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    router plane

    I've wanted one for a while, but can't really shell out the money on one, mainly because I'm cheap, but also because the money has other places to go. so I made one. while actually I've made the prototype to test the concept and will make a new one with nicer welds (once I've got gas again...
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    underhyped bands

    those bands that you've never heard of but really should have. to present a balanced argument for overhyped bands. :) I'll start it off with Passenger. continue it with backyard babies and buckcherry. and wait for your suggestions. :)
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    tune up gone wild

    I've been using an aging clarke 18" saw for a while now, it's been a good saw which needed a few tweaks every now and then to keep it running good, along with some quick change clamps and such. well this weekend it got hung up, the motor wasn't starting correctly. so I stripped it down last...
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    Shop Sign for 2 year olds play shop

    I broke out the scroll saw last night which makes a nice change. got to the point of glue up, now some sanding and painting. you guys don't need the nice pretty image, you can have the raw shot. :) check out my awesome workbench too, 2 saw stands and a load of CLS. It will get made into a...
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    Brain fail branding iron, all fixed and ready to burn.

    Can you see the fail? https://flic.kr/p/vxFQ52 https://flic.kr/p/vxFQ52
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    is it reining dear?

    got some time the workshop without a list of jobs to do (OK I ignored the list, but shhhhh), so out came the scroll saw for a play, a bit of free hand work resulted in this. (no pattern, no pencil and no plans)
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    bit of green wood

    this weekend saw some freehand green wood working with the old girl. wife wanted something for on the mantel, I had 2 4 foot chunks of cherry to do something with. now I have a 3ft length a 4ft length and few bits after splitting. should change colour over the next few months to a nice hue...
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    New Blood

    Hello, I have been wandering around here for a while without actually joining in the conversation. thought it was about time I put an end to that, it seems rather rude. I do not just do scroll sawing but at the moment it is one of the ways I stop at the end of a day so I thought I'd say hello...