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    Lots of hot air

    I should have left out cattle, I don’t really know much about diary and beef
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    Lots of hot air

    Good reply Jacob, I’ll look into what you say
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    Lots of hot air

    I grew up and worked on my dads farm. It’s still going and has pig, broiler chickens, free range layers and arable. Broiler chickens and pigs take up very little space for huge amounts of food. But the big thing is that without the animal manure the crops yield is reduced massively. I’m sorry...
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    For Sale Morticer

    3 phase morticer. This has sat unused for the last year as we have a new one. Not pretty but works really well and is powerful. We used this for about 10 years and it never missed a beat. Very heavy £150 Cash on collection, located ip14 3bn
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    Lets talk lawn mowers.

    Have you looked a toro time master for your size lawn? We have one for our garden which is 1/2 acre. Takes about 30 mins. Chose this over a ride on as there cheap to maintain and better around trees and tight spaces...
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    advice on tools for timber framing.

    Definitely worth using a chain Morticer, hiring will probably cost more than buying as they retain their value so well. You could borrow ours but we’re a bit far away in Suffolk!
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    Advise me on which Paslode nailer

    You could be right, bought them about 18 months ago, off the top of my head they were brushless 692 models.
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    Advise me on which Paslode nailer

    Hi Bob, during our house build we used dewalt 1st fix as mentioned above, heaps of rubbish, please don’t get one. Out of the 3 we had they all broke down multiple times. Ended up with paslode im350 guns. So much better and all nail boxes come with gas so it’s not much hassle. You buy nails in...
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    Dewalt radial arm saw

    Dewalt 721kn 240v This was bought ex demo in 2016. It was used for a few days on one job and has sat in the corner of the workshop unused ever since. Excellent condition, everything works perfect but may need to replace the wood top as it’s bowed. A real bargain as this is the current model and...
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    Face frame kitchens.....whats the best way to attach em?

    We biscuit our frames onto the carcass and then use a pocket hole between each biscuit. No glue in case it needs to come apart. For the frame joints we use dominos, clamp and put a few brads in from the back, this way the clamps can come straight off.
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    Social distancing, .. what's that?

    We’re a family of 7, our 5 kids are aged between 2.5 - 8. The 3 oldest go to the same school and drop off is staggered every 20mins for each age group. She leaves at 8.15 and get back around 9.25 even though the schools 5mins away. I will keep the 2 year old twins at home with me or take them to...
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    Festool domino xl SOLD

    Hi blister, I’d take £425 as your coming a good distance. It’s yours, I’ll pm you.
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    Festool domino xl SOLD

    Hi, if nobody can collect I’ll put manglitter first on the list to post, but I’d really like someone to collect if possible.
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    Festool domino xl SOLD

    Festool domino xl for sale, bought new 2014 but has sat on a shelf the past few years without use so time to sell. It had 2 years of regular use so plenty of scratches, but works well. Comes with 8 & 12mm cutters and a few 8x50 dominos. Ideally cash on collection as I’d like to buy a bike...
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    Galvanised steel guttering.

    i did our whole house using the galvanised guttering last year, I used a drill with a hole cutter running in first gear, cut real nice, think I used about a 90mm diameter cutter.
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    House build

    Here’s a few photos of the windows/doors being made, all constructed from accoya and made to current regs. Diminishing rail on the glazed door. Everything was sprayed in the spray shop before being installed and glazed. For the main door I used oak
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    House build

    Nearing the end of the build, maybe 6 weeks left while I build the kitchen, stairs, utility etc. pictures so far are of the build over the last year leading up to now. I bought everything I would need the week before everything was shut down so should be ok to finish.
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    House build

    Thanks bob, really enjoyed seeing your build thread but your right, it’s knackering running a business and a self build together! Cheers
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    House build

    To tell you the truth I’m not really sure how the membranes work ect, this was how the architect and building control specified it so I just went along with it. The full build up is 6x2 with rock wool between studs, 11mm osb, breathable membrane, 50mm celotex, 25mm batten with cedar cladding on top.