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    A Cracking Curry

    We were watching a programme on TV called "Parveen Ashraf's Kitchen" of something a while ago and she was cooking a chicken curry. Quite differently to how the Mrs was taught by her mum and how I\her have ever seen. So she gave it a go - genuinely to say it was in the top 3 of chicken curries...
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    Following on from the bread maker post - what kind of bread do folk make at home? Is there a sliding scale from easy to hard? Also - sourdough bread, does anyone make it and having read up a bit on sourdough starters: what's folks experiences with them? Cheers Dibs
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    Anyone got a Breadmaker

    That they use daily or on a very regular basis? Which one and is the bread better than shop bought? (Not a niche bread person - so just the usual white or wholemeal variety). Did read ages ago that the cost per loaf is also significantly less. Cheers Dibs
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    TV ads - Funeral plans for the over 50's

    1st off - I'm not over 50 (nothing against anyone who is). 2nd - I don't have a plan. I see these ads on TV aimed at the baby boomer generation and think WTF? Why would anyone in their right mind want to leave their kids an inheritance and then also want to pay for their own funeral...
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    White Goods - Efficiency

    Sort of carrying on from DevonWoody's post about electrical\energy tariffs - it's worth looking at the energy efficiency of some of your household appliances. I bought one of those plug in usage meters - and plugged our fridge freezer into it - being the oldest item in the house. Got a shock...
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    (Unheated) Porch Replacement?

    Chaps, The existing porch has kind of had it - rotten and leaking, so time to think about it's replacement. We're on the top of a hill and one side of it would be rather exposed to the weather - evidenced by how the existing one has fared. Green oak or some softwood that is painted? It would...
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    Cordless Drill Battery Rebuild\Recell?

    Has anyone replaced dead cells in a cordless drill/etc battery pack? Most of my Makita NiMh packs are dead and having taken one apart, I've identified what I believe is one dead cell. So thinking of removing it and soldering\welding in a new one. Just wondering if anyone has done similar and...
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    I'm looking to move my business banking from HSBC to someone else. Candidates are - Co op - Santander My banking is 99.99% electronic so cash\branches\etc. aren't a concern for me. Anyone bank with these and had any issues with them? If you bank with them as a non-business customer and have...
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    HSBC - Awesome start to the New Year (not)

    Happy New Year to folks here. On with the tale: Having my usual coffee this morning before setting off for work. A small pop up in the bottom right corner from facebook says "A new friend suggestion", so out of curiosity I click it. Nothing of interest but I notice a have a ton of...
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    Photo Hosting - Options

    I see that Photobucket have gone all mercenary and pictures on some of the older posts have gone Pete Tong. What do folk recommend for hosting pictures - so when "attaching" to a post they don't go all Photobucket? Thanks Dibs
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    Hello Again

    I thought I'd say "Hello Again". Logged in and looked at the last time I posted - 2013 and went "Christ". It's about the time life went "down the drain, back up and rinse and repeat for the next 4 years". Work, home, relationships, friendships, mental health, my take on life and the world - you...
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    The reason the boss is an @rsehole is:

    Once upon a time the body needed to find a boss to control its movements. The eyes said, "I'm the boss because I see everything." "No!" said the mouth. "I am the boss because all the food comes in me that makes you live." "No!" said the heart. "I am the boss without my circulation you will...
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    Turning Lessons

    Anyone local to me (Bradford, Leeds, Skipton, West Yorkshire) that could offer some basic turning lessons, etc. Beer tokens would be provided or more if necessary. :lol: Cheers Dibs
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    Daytime Amusement

    Thought I'd post it up - had me in stitches. A conversation in the Oval Office George: Condi! Nice to see you. What's happening? Condi: Sir, I have the report here about the new leader of China. George: Great. Lay it on me. Condi: Hu is the new leader of China. George: That's what I want to...
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    Bandsaw Power Connector

    I bought a Metabo BAS315 ages ago and looking to get it set up yesterday evening - only to realise the power connector isn't the usual type. Here's what it looks like from the side'ish, The whole "casing" seems to stop one of those Commando style (what I assume is a female\socket) from...
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    Kitchen and\or Fitter required - Bradford (West Yorks)

    I hope the mods don't mind (if they do I'll understand). I'm a trustee of a local village hall (registered charity) and they require a kitchen refit. Value for money and hard wearing - if such go together :lol: - is what is required. Either 1. Supply & fit 2. fit only (assuming I can...
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    Bathroom Electrics?

    Hi I've gutted our house bathroom back to bare brick walls and joists and now starting to build it back. The plumbing is almost finished and now the attention turns to the electrics - just wondered whether shaver sockets (only 1) should run off the upstairs ring main or run off the lighting...
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    Electrical Wiring - Gremlins (Help Required).

    I have a hallway light (was just a simple pendant) controlled by a pair of 2 way switches. 1 is a traditional 2 way switch, with a common, L1 & L2 connections. The other is an old (period) toggle switch with 4 connections. This arrangement has been working fine for years, but replaced the 2...
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    Wooden Planes

    Came across someone selling a load of wooden planes of various sizes, so went to have a look yesterday and ended up buying almost all of them, The smallest 2 have no markings, whilst the rest are a mix of Tyzack, Sorby and a few by Mathieson & Son. Also included 2 levels by Rabone &...
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    Chest of drawers?

    Now that I have a workshop, Wifey wants a chest of drawers for Son#1. Was thinking MDF and painted. No show piece - just plain and functional. Have domino! Any ideas on the construction - haven't got round to digging my books out, but admittedly they all mention traditional construction...