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    S.A.D hitting me early this year

    My mother used to say "This weather's getting me down" and as a kid I'd wonder how that was possible? Got my fist inkling when I was working weird hours down in London and all week the weather - more specifically the light - would be brilliant and then I'd leap out of bed on a Saturday morning...
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    Which cordless system are you going with..if any?

    At one point, I owned a number of tools tools by Ryobi, supplemented by options from Erbauer, Makita and Festool, each of which required their own bespoke batteries and chargers (except Makita which had two different battery types!). I owned something like nine Ryobi batteries and three or four...
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    Hermes gone to the dogs?

    It seems to be a postcode lottery. I moved house recently. At the old place, whole thirteen years I was there, I experienced a catalogue of lost and/or damaged deliveries, both as a sender and as a receiver. Predominantly Hermes but Royal Mail was no better. Even the removal company have managed...
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    Is this an eBay scam?

    Bear in mind also that you need to refund through ebay to recover their extortionate fees. They are not a private seller friendly operation.
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    Filtration revisited

    Do you have a link to it. I can't see it on their site or even a search facility.
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    Hermes gone to the dogs?

    Yes, nosedived. I won't use them to send anything and stomach sinks when I learn my seller has despatched my item through them. And if you look at the list of things that aren't covered it's a wonder how anyone sends anything at all.
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    Filtration revisited

    So sorry, I didn't spot your reply but yes, I was thinking that could be a problem, envisioning the filter being launched like a cork from a champagne bottle. Where did you get your filter from? I think you said it cost around £160-something?
  8. L

    Filtration revisited

    Yes, spoke to DJN when you mentioned them before and they said they would likely be prohibitively expensive for something that wasn't quite the same and I looked at the other one who offer diameters of 320 and 500, the latter being quite a bit more expensive than even the Axi one, not that...
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    Filtration revisited

    Still can't get a hold of a 480mm filter to fit my dust extractor although 320mm seem readily available. In another thread, a member said he created a 'donut' to allow (I assumed) a larger filter to fit his extractor so I'm wondering what would be the implications of creating a "step-down donut"?
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    Router to cut Aluminium

    That's interesting because I asked Wealden this very question maybe two years ago and they said their bits weren't suited to cut aluminium.
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    What are these, please?

    Can anyone identify these bars please? Because they're pictured with Expamet packaging I have visited their site and gone through every listing I could find on their site and can't find anything even close.
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    Dewalt rip fence out of alignment?

    Failed attempt at ironic humour. I was implying your saw is a heap of junk best consigned to the nearest landfill site with some haste (do you have or use the term landfill in USA?). It is such a heap of junk I was prepared to see to the immediate disposal of it on your behalf, mainly because...
  13. L

    Dewalt rip fence out of alignment?

    Best thing to do is drop it off at the nearest tip, I'll do it for you if you like?
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    Leaky garage roof

    As noted above, the black snot appears to have done the trick for now and it's a garage roof, not the house roof.
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    Leaky garage roof

    There are two roofing firms nearby, neither have so much as returned my calls. The black snot has had an effect; after a couple of days of heavy rain there wasn't a drop to be seen. Yes, I probably would have to keep repeating the exercise however, for other reasons as well as a leaky roof, I've...
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    Bosch PBD40 Pillar Drill

    Bargain for someone here?
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    Fine Filter Cartridge For Dust Collectors 480mm

    Out of stock and even dearer than the genuine Axi version.
  18. L

    Fine Filter Cartridge For Dust Collectors 480mm

    Brilliant. How thick did you make your donut?
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    Which motor for 100mm cyclone?

    Should have got in sooner - these have just had a massive hike in price!
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    Fine Filter Cartridge For Dust Collectors 480mm

    To be perfectly honest, I have no previous experience with either this type of extractor nor of fine filters and how they fit in place. I'm thinking it might be possible to cut a 500mm ring out of ply or MDF with a 480mm aperture?