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  1. PowerTool

    Some recent stuff

    Yes,i know I haven't posted much on here recently,but have still been keeping busy.. By coincidence,also made a bowl from some crotch laburnum a couple of weeks ago.Started off as this.. ...ended up as this Then had a commision to do for some wedding presents - got given some logs from a...
  2. PowerTool

    How thick do pen blanks need to be ?

    And if 14mm is too thin,what else should I use these 600 x 40 x 14mm pieces of teak for.... ...all 2,400 of them... ...that I got given for free this week... :D :D Andrew
  3. PowerTool

    French cleats - how thick?

    I have a couple of bookcases to fasten to a wall - after reading LarryS's workshop reorganisation thread,am now considering using French cleats,as he has done. How thick would they need to be,and is softwood suitable ? Bookcases are solid pine,approx.800mm x 1,000mm,three shelves. Andrew
  4. PowerTool

    Turning again..

    After spending most of my spare time in the last four months involved in a house refurb,have finally got back to having at least some free time I get to choose how I spend it :D Started off with something easy to get back "in the swing of things" :wink: Couple of mushrooms in yew,both...
  5. PowerTool

    Quick workshop tour

    After seeing Chris (Scrums) post piccies of his workshop,thought I would put some up of mine (being at the other end of the "size" scale.. :lol: ) Started off with an 8' x 6' brick shed,then built approx 8' x 8' on the end of it to use as a workshop. Through the door and turn left.. has a...
  6. PowerTool

    Weekend woodturning..

    After spending most of my spare time in the last three months being involved in a house renovation,finally managed to get some time with the lathe this weekend. Daughter and future son-in-law have just been down,so as last time I was there,he gave me an offcut of solid oak worktop,thought I...
  7. PowerTool

    Garden windmill

    Was asked to make a garden windmill to replace an existing one that's well past it's best. Started with a framework of ply and battens glued and pocket-screwed together Cut some panels,and started making the top There's a lazy susan bearing in to let the top spin round Fitted the...
  8. PowerTool

    Removing burrs from living trees..

    ..my question is - can you? Whilst collecting my hoard of yew on Saturday,I saw a sweet chestnut tree in my mates back garden that has already "donated" some of it's branches to me,but I noticed that firstly,it's HUGE,and secondly,it has two or three large burrs on it. So is it possible to...
  9. PowerTool

    "Yew" to me are everything (gloat)

    Had a phone call on Thursday :- "Is yew any good to you ?" "Yes,it's lovely stuff - what have you got ?" "Oh,just had a tree cut down - I thought it was a fir tree,but the bloke said it was a yew;it's yours if you want it,but I'm going on holiday on Sunday" "Will it fit in my car,Tony?"...
  10. PowerTool

    Timber ident - help wanted

    Yes,my mate Tony has been round again - last nights haul included some nice lengths of pine,most of a cherry tree that seems to have died off over winter,some apple,and this:- White,hard,heavy,smooth bark,no real odour - feel like I should be able to identify it myself by now,but think I...
  11. PowerTool

    Hollowing tools - what would you recommend ?

    As I keep thinking about trying a hollow form or two,but would like peoples opinions on what hollowing tool would be a good place to start. Currently have a 1/2" ring tool,bent multi-tip tool and an undercut scraper (as well as a normal selection of gouges,chisels and scrapers);am becoming more...
  12. PowerTool

    One year on.

    Yes,this weekend is the first birthday of my CCBL lathe,so had decided a bit since it would be an appropriate time to end "Wet Saturday afternoon",and start another thread. Inspired by a suggestion from my ex-wife (who's pub currently has a display of some of my work,spent some of this morning...
  13. PowerTool

    Anyone turned silver birch ?

    As I had some in my pile of timber awaiting conversion to useful sizes :- So out with the chainsaw today,as the sun was shining Then spotted signs of spalting (this trunk was felled last year) So looks like some nice timber for next year,when it's dried At this rate my new drying...
  14. PowerTool

    Quick kids table

    Don't tell anyone in the turning forum,but I made something today without using the lathe.. :-$ After making a table and chair for my grand-daughter,I got asked to make one for one of her friends,so.. One 6' x 2' sheet of MDF cut to size and shape,and some offcuts from the workshop:- Drill...
  15. PowerTool

    Darlington man in woodturning disaster

    Nothing too serious,but the NVR switch on the lathe has packed in :( ,so no more turning for me today. A couple of times yesterday,and again today,pressed the "go" button and the lathe did about three revolutions and stopped - though I couldn't have pressed it properly,as it worked fine second...
  16. PowerTool

    Is mahogany ever yellow ?

    If not,any idea what timber this is ? The second picture is from a glue-up,just incase you thought the growth rings were a little strange :wink: Looks quite like mahogany,cuts very nicely,has a slight odour (but can't think of anything it reminds me of),is quite dusty,apparently comes from...
  17. PowerTool

    Perform lathe belt changing ?

    Whilst out in the workshop tonight giving the lathe it's monthly service (strip down,clean out and ptfe lube) it occured to me that the manual that came with it was..errr..very economical with information,and doesn't tell me how to change the drive belt. Thanks to Chas,I now know who has (or...
  18. PowerTool

    Weather centre Christmas pressie

    For my ex-wife - I though it would look nice in the pub :D Start off with some lime,some weather guages from Axminster (thermometer,barometer,hygrometer) and loads of holesaws and forstner bits - none of which are the right size :( So,use next size up holesaw to make a template Use a...
  19. PowerTool

    Tabletop pool table

    Or that's what one of the customers from my ex-wifes pub had bought,and wanted it to be free-standing instead,and a triangle making for the half-sized balls. Never done any spindle-turning that long before,so it was good practice. Andrew
  20. PowerTool

    Wet Saturday afternoon..

    ..so I thought I would have a go at turning a box.Never tried before,but there was one in my latest book purchase - Chris Childs "Projects for woodturners",so with a little help from Chris :- Lemonwood,90mm diameter,60mm high,finished with friction polish. Would recommend the book for...