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    Zinc sheet

    Anybody know a good supplier of Zinc sheet, I need 2m x 1m of 0.8mm, it needs to be cut into 48mm and 52mm strips but I can probably manage that. Thanks, Merlin
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    Meddlings HS4 power hacksaw

    Great condition, been stripped and rebuilt Complete with stand. 3 phase. Collection only from Didcot area. £40.00. Merlin
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    Looking for an old Austin.

    Its a long shot I know but here goes - you don't ask you don't get .... I am looking for an Austin 16 BS1 - it seems that I might as well be looking for the Holy Grail! If any body knows of one please let me know, I have looked at the 3 that dealers have at the moment (2 in Yorkshire and 1 in...
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    SOLD Meddings scroll saw. SOLD

    I've had this a few years and not used it much so time to go as I need to make some space. Its been stripped and repainted so no rusty bits, its 240 volts and comes with the stand that can be removed and be bench mounted. Has a new table centre piece and some blades. The mechanism is good with...
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    Cramping up rack. Price Reduced.

    Free standing cramping up rack. It measures 2m wide x 1640 high, the arms are 1125 long with a cramping capacity of 945 wide. There are 24 bars with 22 positions along the length. The bars can be positioned along the 6 adjustable back rails to suit whatever is being assembled and can be removed...
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    What’s this for?

    I found this in amongst some of my Dads old stuff, the dovetail end had paint on it but it was all polished brass underneath, the rounded end is polished on the face and on all edges but it doesn’t have any fixing holes in it. The cam locks it at 90 degrees both ways. I assume it’s some kind of...
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    Chest of drawers and wood type?

    I’ve had this for years and never really been sure what it was meant for. It needs restoration so the other day I stripped one of the drawer fronts. It revealed a very pale wood, it had been over painted with a horrible brown stuff - pull handles as well. I’m not sure what timber it is so any...
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    VE Day Dinner

    Going through my Dads photos recently I came across his VE Day dinner so we are going to have the same. He was on board HMS Tracker between San Diego and Hawaii on Saturday 12 May 1945.
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    Non damaging photo album

    I've been digging out some of my Dads photos from the war and noticed that the photo album is starting to damage the photos. You can see the browning at the top and bottom in the picture. It's the type that holds the photo on a slightly tacky page and is held in place with a clear sheet in...
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    Classic car temperature gauge repair

    Had to remove the cylinder head off a classic car today and in doing so the capillary tube broke, does anybody know a repairer of such things? Merlin
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    Metal insert slots to allow for movement

    I haven’t seen these for years and don’t know what they are called but I need some.... They are inset into the supporting timber below a bar top or similar then screwed through into the top so that it can expand and contract. Does anybody know what they are called and if still available? I have...
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    Sanding belt suppliers

    I've got an old Viceroy belt sander and need some more belts made, can anybody recommend a good supplier? They are 1090 x 150 so not that big. Thanks, Merlin
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    Yin Yang coasters

    Further to the bowls I made a while back I finally got round to making a few coasters. These were out of Indian Bed wood and Elm, once the templates were ok the rest was pretty simple. Merlin
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    Flush door construction

    Has anybody got an opinion or experience on making this type of door? I've seen them about but never looked at them in detail as I don't really like them. I assume the stiles and rails are normal then infill with boards, if vertical then a mid rail behind and if horizontal then the mid rail full...
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    Yin Yang bowls

    I've been reading up on Traditional Chinese Medicine and thought the Yin Yang symbol looked interesting so I had a go at making a few bowels. It was easier than I thought after sussing out the templates, I left the sides thicker than normal as I'm not sure if they would move about. I used Utile...
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    Yin Yang bowl

    I’m sure there was a post on a Yin Yang bowl the other day or am I going mad ?
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    Meddings pin less clamp

    I have finally got round to restoring the old Meddings fret saw that I bought from here a few years ago. It all works well but wondered if any body ever got round to converting one to pin less blades? It has been talked about but not sure if it was ever done... Merlin
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    Moisture meter recomendations

    I know its been covered a few times before but does anybody have a recent recommendation for a moisture meter around the £100 mark? Thanks, Merlin
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    Corner Bookcase Top

    I have been asked to make a corner bookcase out of Oak so have made a scaled down version. I am open to opinions on the best way to construct and join the base, shelf and particularly the top as ideally they want it in solid Oak. If the joint was simply mitred it will open up and move about...
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    Bar billiards rule sheet

    I am looking for a Bar billiards rules sheet like the one attached, all the ones I can find are of poor quality so if anybody has one or one that they could copy I would appreciate it. Many thanks, Merlin