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    Sorry to hear what will remain with you for the rest of your life. Does the company not realise what it means to have customer care ...or at least pretend to show it. Someone near the top may not be aware of what is going on. Others internally must know and not telling. Do they have a big...
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    Carpenter, Joiner, Woodworker

    Yes. Pattern makers were a totally different team No mistakes there and they could think the wrong way round...not always easy.
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    Removing 3-in-1 oil from unfinished elm

    I would try nail varnish remover (acetone) ..gently. I also wouldn't leave the 3-1 too long lest it dry off. Best wishes.
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    Carpenter, Joiner, Woodworker

    It was 'when I was young' separate trades in England, but one trade in Scotland. Bills of Quantities were written that way. As for builders.....no such trade as that. Seems a lot of Joiners call themselves carpenter and joiner up here ...blame Yellow Pages. Of course, 'when I was young'...
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    Odd headstock pulley?

    If you look at the excellent site...........www.lathes.co.uk/......you will see several examples or models of your lathe. Also a very good restoration. Hope this helps you. Best wishes.
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    Cleaning Cast-Iron vintage radiators

    You could phone Hendersons here in Edinburgh. 0131 661 0870. They do them I think for the trade. Anyway Lindsay H. will advise ...I think. www. hendersonsmetalcleaning.co.uk
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    Aluminium Round Bar

    Here is a hollow tube of 9mm dia. http://www.rapidonline.com/design-techn ... er-06-0740 Any help? Just thought that you may need end plugs....oops. . Needs another search.
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    Can I get away with using 20 TPI for a 1.25 mm metric thread

    If threads are very tight, some cutting/grinding paste will ease them, but wash it clean afterwards. You will only need a dab on your finger so perhaps a local garage workshop would oblige,or someone who does cars or bikes will have it. Best wishes.
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    Lathe advise - drunken ebay purchase

    Having earlier suggested a domestic motor, I would hate to 'drive' anyone to suicide by using one or 'motor' on in ignorance. I asked at my local motor winding guy( I got them to put a Megga test on an old motor I have just acquired) who could not see anything wrong with the safety of...
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    Lathe advise - drunken ebay purchase

    Hi. Domestic motor speeds are usually 1425 rpm. Old washing motors, etc are often 1/4 and 1/3 HP. These are quite adequate for your size of lathe (unless you are making a super gun or space ship). If you Google pulley/ motor speeds and pulley sizes you will find several web pages with all the...
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    Drummond metalworking lathe

    Thanks for that W. I did not know that and it would save on petrol too. See if anything comes up.
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    Drummond metalworking lathe

    I have just put up a wanted notice for a lathe...in the wanted section. If anyone can help I would be very grateful. Thanks to you all.
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    wash basin trap and waste

    As blackrodd. Go to a trade plumbers merchant. They do deal with the public! Basins are 32 and sinks 38mm. Washers are often hanging on rails in twos or threes. A new trap may be the easiest way. Best wishes.
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    Gloss brick sealer

    About 20 years ago I used a water based (unusual for then) clear sealer on blockwork inside a lorry steam cleaning area. It was bomb proof. I don't think the company exists now but was based in the Ayrshire area. The product must still be around somewhere. If I remember, but don't hold your...
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    Victorian stairs - progress report

    I have come late to the thread...but....I have seen the tops of balustrades where the top 'pin' is effectively riveted onto the top rail before the handrail is screwed in form beneath. The 'pins' are soft so not cast. I always assumed that they were set-in in lead as is with cast iron work...
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    Metal Mallet Head

    Well. That looks pretty cool. Great.
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    Insulating/strengthening single skin outhouse

    Remember that you may have to re-position your gutter and do 'something' with the eaves if you pack out externally. Just a thought. Best wishes.
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    Drill Bit Storage

    I haven't read every post but when I made a drill bit holder out of a wooden block I found that the moister in the wood caused them to rust a bit. May have used the wrong wood ,but.... I was going to seal the holes with varnish or similar but never did. Threw it away. Hope this is of some...
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    Any Electric Guitar Luthiers Here? I Want to Build a Tele

    Thanks for that Kalima. I am not into guitars but do fiddle about with accordions......I should add playing not making. Best wishes.
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    Gap size between doors/frame

    Used to be a tanner..sixpence. Joiners well paid then. Best wisihes.