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    Spray finishing MDF edges - How I do it

    how much are the GTI pro's?? I' ve been advised not really suitable for wood finishes.
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    For Sale: Record BS350 Band Saw

    I'll try, the workshop is keeping me away from the pc and people are giving me too much work at the moment :wink:
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    For Sale: Record BS350 Band Saw

    Yes mate, been a while :D
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    For Sale: Record BS350 Band Saw

    Record BS350 Band Saw for sale. around 18 months old with 2x new 19mm blades from Ian. Looking at around £300 for it with the mobile leg stand. Handle for locking the tilt has snapped off but can still lock off with a spanner. Please PM if interested. Collection from Swindon, SN2
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    Which Digital SLR....

    most of mine is been trying to get use to the buttons and not use the AUTO setting. With the help of my eldest (who is 4 with a DSLR!!!) it's all lego pictures at the moment. Did miss the frosty morning yesterday for some nice landscape pics. If Corel allows for RAW import then set the camera to...
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    Which Digital SLR....

    Nothing to do with brand loyalty, it's simply the better camera for what I needed.
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    Which Digital SLR....

    Woody, how you getting on with the Canon? I picked up the Sony A300 a few days back and can't put it down, lovely bit of kit (just got to learn how to use it)
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    Which Digital SLR....

    Mark I'm in the same boat as you. I've narrowed it down to the Nikon D60, Sony A200 and the Canon EOS 1000D. A visit to Jessops in the afternoon to have a chat but at the moment it's all even. I've been looking over the http://www.cameralabs.com website which has alot of reviews and videos to...
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    DeWalt,Makita or Mafell plunge saw?

    I, on the other hand am buying into the whole festool thing. No matter what i am doing, if using the festool it's done quicker and to a slightly better quality. This then saves me money (after the higher outlay that is). if in the swindon area, pop in and have a play with the TS55 and both...
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    DeWalt,Makita or Mafell plunge saw?

    I've just cut down 4 sheets of 30mm MDF, 4x 25mm MDF and just starting on 7 2800x2050 sheets of MFC. I could not of been able to cut these, to the precision required on my own without the festool with 2700 and 1400mm rails. Not sure if the others offer a longer one piece rail than stated...
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    Record pt300

    DT. Not running yet, been out in the Lakes enjoying the sun shine.
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    Record pt300

    no. no-one had in stock. I went for this one due to the 300mm wide cut and longer beds. I bought from Dm tools as the small workshop package along with the 10" table saw and 350 bandsaw for £2000. DT, if your in the area sometime, your more then welcome to view. You can't touch it, but you...
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    Record pt300

    got one coming friday, I'll let you know
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    For Sale Festool TS55 + FS2700 rail + 2 spare blades £300

    Maybe interested in the 2.7m rail if anyone doesn't want that item?
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    I used that Cabot stuff on my cedar deck. Wish i had just left it natural, started to peal off after 6 months leaving the decking patchy.
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    Hardwood window frames timber??

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    Happy Birthday Tony

    Happy Birthday Mucka :lol:
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    customised rail/style cutters

    Give Jack a ring at Thames Valley Saw Services (01235 550088), send drawing and they will grind to match.
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    Leigh Superjig and Triton routers

    Ray, without knowing it, you answered my question. It's a secondary ring that fits inside the Template guide plate. We couldn't see it in the drawer of fittings but noticed on your website so realised what to look for :wink: Now we are cooking with gas
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    DW, can i have the contact details for the axminster rep on the site please. I've sent number of emails to this company and even phoned, but not a dickie bird. :twisted: :twisted: