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    Microjig instead of T-track

    I am rebuilding my workshop layout because it has become a bit outdated...just like its owner. Part of my new set-up will potentially include "lots" of T-track as well as a large multi-function 8x4 bench with holes in it. The sheer cost of the T-track made me stand back and take a breath...
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    Wiring in LED Battens

    Silly question but I have yet to see ALL of the bits and pieces to wire in LED battens in or from one place. What have you used and how did you proceed with wiring. Not mains wiring but switch to lamp.
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    4.5 inch grinder

    I have an older Hitachi grinder which has done enormous amounts of work for me over a long time. The spanner used to change the discs has gone missing. Is there a standard or a particular size to get. I ask because my other grinders use a slightly smaller spanner so they do not fit...
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    Waters and Acland

    https://www.youtube.com/user/watersandacland/videos I just found this location and am somewhat impressed with the design and resolution of many of the things they make. Worth a look if you have not seen this yet.
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    Friendship vs Greed

    I've had a bit of a shock this morning. A very good friend whom I have known for over 28 years asked me to visit him and help in his workshop doing some heavy lifting. He asked me in for a coffee after and showed me his "stockpile" room. A 14ftx11ft bedroom converted with wood shelving...
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    RZ dust masks

    Has anyone used these and if so what did you think. They claim to capture all particles down to 0.1 microns so I wondered if they could be better than my current 3M mask.
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    Track saw blades

    I have a Bosch track saw bought secondhand. The first few cuts showed quite a lot of burning in the ply being cut. I assume the blade is blunt or in need of sharpening. What do I need to buy as a replacement. 165mmx20 blade. I usually buy Freud blades for all my machines. Do I...
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    Small Chinese Diesel Heaters

    I have been following the rise in popularity of these for a while and am thinking of using one to heat my workshop. They claim to run at 5Kw output. Workshop is 14ftx43ft. Has anyone had any experience of these and was it +ve or -ve. Regards Al
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    Help with issues with Google please

    My Google apps work OK except email. In email app I can see my email index but I am unable to click on each line item so that they will expand into a full email. The list of available actions has vanished from overhead the listed emails to be floating alongside the line item. When in email...
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    Electrical uncertainty

    Hi, Calling any sparks with a some knowledge of my minor problem. I have two lights controlled by 4 switches. Wiring is black/red/green from 1965. Ceiling rose has three connection points --- 1) Three black cables 2) two red cables and 3) one red cable. Obviously single red cable goes...
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    Norm Abrahams

    Yesterday, 01:41 PM I don't recall seeing that anyone mentioned this, but the NYW website is in the process of loading all 21 seasons of episodes up for viewing here: https://www.newyankee.com/watch/ Looks like they've got about 1/3 of them loaded. Good move, as people will watch and then...
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    Assistance needed with bathroom conundrum

    My bath has a rotating knob of 4" diameter on the side and behind this is the overflow. Access to the knobs fastening is through a 3/8" hole in the side of the knob. Looking in with a focussed torch light I can see what appears to be the threads for a grub screw. I have tried poking a...
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99xWPzDya5M FYI and entertainment.
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    VAX 121 vacuum What is hose diameter

    As title. Someone has stolen my VAX hose. Would you believe it?. Trying to see what I can buy but much longer than VAX original. Thanks in advance.
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    Meddings scroll saw - very low price

    Meddings scroll saw for sale. First of all its very heavy but separates into two parts and is easy to assemble. 240/220v domestic mains. Comes with metal stand which is heavy. Also with a speed controller and plastic electronics box to fit it in. I have owned this for 5 years and used it...
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    Advise a compressor newbie

    I want to add a compressor to my workshop. I know very little about thse so need a bit of help. I am looking to use it for the following:- 1) Spraying lacquer and maybe paint on furniture items 2) 18g brad nailer + pin nailer 3) Possibly next size up nailer for outdoor projects and fence...
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    Learning to spray paint

    I would like to be able to spray paint/varnish a number of items but lack experience. I live in Berkshire ( Crowthorne) and wondered if anyone would volunteer to teach me for a day or 1/2 day. I know its cheeky to ask but where is one to go to learn for a hobbyist. Beer tokens...
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    Compressed air and PEX

    I have moved house and need to restablish my workshop. I have had access to compressed ait for the last 15yrs running through 22mm copper pipe with soldered joints which has been run upto about 120lbs pressure. I was reading a US web site ( Garage Journal) and came across several threads about...
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    Cutting Corian advice needed

    I habeen asked to make some 24" circles out of white corian. How does this material handle and can it be cut with a router + carbide bits maybe. I have never used Corian before so have no knowhow. Please advise.
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    How to Remove greasy marks on hardwood

    I have been asked to help a friend who has had all his downstairs doors replaced with 6 panel hardwood doors about 10 yrs ago. 4 have been left unfinished for all this time due to an illness and family problems. These 4 doors have been marked by repeated handling by the occupiers, greasy hand...