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  1. Argee

    New hip anybody?

    50% of men who have the epidural have difficulty passing urine during the early hours of recovery. A catheter will prevent any discomfort, inserted post anaesthetic, as I know from personal experience - one hip without, the second with.
  2. Argee

    Your experience with either the Triton MOF001 or TRA001 router?

    These routers are built for inverted (table-mounted) use, with the ability to use hand-held. The plunge spring is designed to be removed for inverted use, hence the bayonet spring cap. Removing the spring is required for table-mounted operation (see manual) and the spring cap should be left off...
  3. Argee

    Dumb Router Question - Which Direction....

    Have a look at a page I wrote a while back, if you have time. It’s Routing - Some Beginners' Tips
  4. Argee

    Dumb Router Question - Which Direction....

    Entered in error
  5. Argee

    Jet Washers

    I've had three Nilfisk over the years, but - thank goodness - I then bought a Kranzle HD7/122 TS. It's continuously rated, so won't trip any overheat switches, as the Nilfisks regularly did. It's extremely well-built (22kgs) and very robust, maximum pressure 135 bar. I store it on my garage...
  6. Argee

    UJK Router Elevator Needs Avoiding

    They’re not designed specifically for table use. Bit changing uses a manual lock, as I recall, so the situation wouldn’t arise. Triton was a better design and I think Festool has a comparable lock.
  7. Argee

    UJK Router Elevator Needs Avoiding

    Doug, the comment I made about collet extensions is not just my opinion, it's also physics. The longer the shaft, the more any run-out is magnified. The greater the runout, the more wear on the bearings. If there is an extension that's perfectly balanced and runs true, the latter still applies...
  8. Argee

    UJK Router Elevator Needs Avoiding

    Fitting a Triton to a router lift is a complete waste of time and money, plus you would lose cutting depth. Some would use a collet extender to restore depth of cut, a dangerous way to cause balance, stability, runout and bearing life reduction issues. The large Triton is designed for table use...
  9. Argee

    Advice on Kitchen Cabinet Furniture Doodads

    Get the best hardware you can afford - when cabinets look tired it's usually because the doors have sagged. I've used both Blum and Hafele with success. Expensive, but the best in the long-term.
  10. Argee

    Argee's Workshop

    Yes, that's the one.
  11. Argee

    Argee's Workshop

    Sorry, galleywood, original post amended.
  12. Argee

    Argee's Workshop

    Due to deteriorating health, I am selling the contents of my workshop. Nothing can (or will be able to) be posted, so it will mean collecting from Crowborough, East Sussex, if you're interested. The scroll saw has gone and I won't be selling either my Makita compound mitre saw, or my Triton...
  13. Argee

    Screws for baseplate for Triton router

    Still here, just not so often! :)
  14. Argee

    Triton 2000W Router problem

    All links now working! :) Ray
  15. Argee

    Triton 2000W Router problem

    foxhunter, you really need to change over to the newer collet chuck assembly. Here's how: Chuck Assembly Removal and Replacement The procedure is the same, no matter what style or type of chuck assembly is fitted. It is carried out with the router removed from the table. Disconnect power cord...
  16. Argee

    Triton 2000W Router problem

    The newer models of the TRA001 do have the through-the-table winding handle, I believe and there's a simple way to confirm this. Follow the fine-adjustment knob vertically downwards to the bottom of the lower casing (the silver part). If there's a small "T" bar poking out the bottom of the...
  17. Argee


    Most will come with a USB2 connection sticking out the bottom, or with a cable to save the data to a laptop, desktop, external drive, whatever, as long as it's got a USB2 female connection that'll do. Some also have firewire, but that's not such a universal connection method as USB2. I've got a...
  18. Argee

    My camera

    Using a card reader is the far safer option. If there's a power surge or outage when transferring files from a card to the PC, the worst that can happen is that you'll lose some of the files. If that situation happens when connected via the camera, it could be turned into a brick - not will...
  19. Argee

    My camera

    Open the programme, click on the "File" menu, select "Preferences." Click on "Photo Downloader" (second from bottom). Uncheck all boxes in the right-hand window. Job done. :) Ray
  20. Argee

    The Triton 18v Cordless Drill - Query

    This may well be moot now, but the short answer is "No!" The longer answer is "NO!" :) Ray