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    For Sale: Record BS350 Band Saw

    Record BS350 Band Saw for sale. around 18 months old with 2x new 19mm blades from Ian. Looking at around £300 for it with the mobile leg stand. Handle for locking the tilt has snapped off but can still lock off with a spanner. Please PM if interested. Collection from Swindon, SN2
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    Leigh Superjig and Triton routers

    Looking at getting the Leigh Superjig but was wondering if anyone has used this with the smaller triton router and if so, did you need to purchase any new guide bushes? Asked axminster the same but no reply ret, best hurry up or rutlands get the sale :wink:
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    New Machine gloat ahead - large pic warning

    Thought I would try this 'gloating' thing first hand. Just a few of the first additions to the cast iron collection and a few newer items to help them along too. ;D The older wadkins are outstanding. Everything moving as it should with such ease. Just have to wait for the sparkie to finish...
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    Now SOLD - Aximinster table saw and EB3

    Due to moving into a larger unit and purchasing new kit, my Axminster AW10SB2 cast iron table saw is for sale along with the Osborne EB3 mitre gauge, and the axminster machine base. All less than a year old. The saw is without the Sliding carriage and the rear extension as these didn't get used...
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    Bi-fold patio doors

    Haven't posted any work to date so thought about time. When we started the kitchen, one thing I did say that has to be done, was to replace the UPVC doors for some hardwood bi-fold jobbies. Sorry no WIP pics but all completed in the single garage, apart from the general sizing of the timber...
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    Help with new company name

    I have a list of names that i'm checking to see if available on the internet and companies house. One name that we like is not listed on companies house so i presume is available but after a internet search i have found this name used on a yell.com style directory. If this person hasn't...
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    European Centreparcs

    We have had a few holidays in the UK centreparcs but wouldn't mind exploring into another country and having a look at what our european friends have to offer. Has anyone been to any of the european sites? how do they compare to the UK versions.
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    Multipoint locks in wooden doors

    Has anyone had experince fitting these? I'm looking on a site that offers 100's of them, different locking types to suit my requirements but not sure if these are 100% suitable for timber doors. I can't see the problem but wouldn't mind knowing if they are going to be. Example...
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    £5k budget for panel saw.

    Doing a bit of research and looking into a panel saw (sheet material) for around £5K. Have been looking at the Felder range but seems a few models are around this price tag. Can anyone pass over any advice on these models or an other alternatives. Thanks
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    Estate Car Advice

    We are looking at changing our current car to a new estate. The pickings have been reduced down to: Volvo V50 2.0D ES Lux pack Audi A4 Avant 2.0tdi SLine Does any members have either of these that they could cast any opinions Thanks
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    Looking for narrow Mortice latch

    I'm looking for a narrow mortice latch for some external doors. The jamb section is 70mm with a 14mm rebate so i only have 56mm to play with. A Mortice cylinder night latch would be great but i can't seem to find anything that narrow. Mostly all 88mm with 60mm backset. I have tried hafele...
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    Flexible backing pads for sanders.

    I'm trying to find a sanding pad like in the picture below to sand the foot/upstand on corian worktops. I would like this to fit my metabo SXE-450. From the look of the picture, it seems to be an over-sized abrasive with a foam backing to allow it to follow the contour. Does anyone...
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    Additional postage costs

    Lets say, you ordered something from the USA or Canada. You pay for the item and the shipping costs. The item never turns up so you query the supplier. You then get an email explaining that the post code you supplied was invalid (which is wasn't) and the item got returned to supplier. Now the...
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    Ventilation for double glazed units

    Just been reading up on U values for double glazed units and came across this quote. I plan on using a dry glazing method for some doors. I've been thinking about using these items. With the easyclip fitted around the rebate, will this allow for the ventilation required...
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    Apollo 800 Instruction Manual required

    I'm after the instruction manual for the Apollo 800 Spray gun (Just bought from ebay, sparkling example for the nice sum of £100 english pounds 8) ) The only website i can find is American and they don't list the uk version 800. Even the manual for the 700 will do Thanks in advance...
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    B&Q HVLP Spraykit on Ebay

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/B-Q-HVLP-550W-Electric-Paint-Spray-Kit_W0QQitemZ190121633397QQihZ009QQcategoryZ41991QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Just noticed this on ebay if someone if after one, nothing to do with me
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    Anyone bought an Osborne EB3 in the last 2 months?

    If so, have you received it yet? Ordered mine and shipped on the 23rd FeB and nothing so far :cry:
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    HD Recorders for Sky

    I've been putting off upgrading to sky+ for a while as i don't want the extra movie channels to get the subscription for free..anyway. I'm looking at HD-recorders and i have a few questions for the people in the know. Can you set it up to record various channel one after another. Ie, sky1...
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    Homemade parrilla grill

    Need help on finishing a project which is a Parrilla grill for the garden. I plan on using mild steel for the parrilla grill construction but i would like to keep it outside all year round. What types of finish are going to be available for this which won't burn off at the first sight of...
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    For Sale - sliding table for SIP/Axminster etc.

    Sliding Table/carriage assembly for Axminster table saw. This is the same table as the SIP offering so will fit either. It is brand new, cast iron and steel, very nicely made, VERY heavy and for sale to anyone with an SIP or similar tablesaw. It is very substantial and the mitre guide on it is...