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  1. John. B

    Pillar box

    Pillar box for £1.00 coins, money box. 8" high Made from Sapele Base is tight fit, Sanding sealer then buffed. Spirit stained base. John. B
  2. John. B


    To Mal, I did some practice with my airbrush on this before I did the vase. These are very popular in Germany where I go to fairly often. Seeing them in Germany I kept saying I must have go at making one of these Then an article in Woodturning, pushed me the extra inch. Rauchermann in German...
  3. John. B

    Hummingbird Vase

    Hummingbird vase 200mm high. In Sycamore in two parts, Base & Vase. Colouring is by airbrush and fine artists brush, bird and butterflies with Jo Sonja Iridescent Acrylic paints. Piercing, used a micro motor carving machine (Woodworks) with very fine carbide cutters, (down to 0.2mm) C&C...
  4. John. B

    A Goblet with a difference.

    Venturing into the world of piercing and decorating a bland piece of Tulip. Size: 170mm high x 145mm Wide C&C's welcome! 4 viewpoints. John. B
  5. John. B

    Laminated Hollow-form vase

    A Laminated Hollow-form vase with African Blackwood twist finial lid. The woods are Sapele main body, the laminations are Maple veneer and bullet wood, (Massaranduba) 29 cm high. Made for this Spring Club Challenge. ( Anything turned from more than two different species of wood) John. B
  6. John. B

    Latest effort

    This was made for our club competition entitled 'Eastern Promise' Front view...
  7. John. B

    Hollow form.

    Haven't put anything on the forum for a while, So: This weekends work, A Hollow form in Cherry/African Blackwood. Finish is 3 coats of danish oil then buffed with Beal system mops. John. B
  8. John. B

    New line in pens

    Hello everyone, have been away. Got a new line in pens, I call them 'Steampunk' you know old fashioned cogs and wheels to make things go. 8) 8) In this case watch parts, curved to fit the barrel encased in clear acrylic turned and polished...
  9. John. B

    Just finished my new Routing Table!

    Just finished my new Routing Table! Used to use a Trend craftsman but it had limited opening for larger cutting bits, and as my cutters were spread around in different drawers I thought it was about time everything should be brought together. Made from odd pieces of Ply and Sapele offcuts...
  10. John. B

    Some more pens for Christmas

    High end Fountain pen in Purpleheart/Box/African blackwood Plated in Gold Titanium accents in Rhodium Iridium tip nib. High end Rollerball in Rhodium plate with gold Titanium accents. High end Fountain pen in American Rippled Ash again Gold Titanium and Rhodium. Another High end...
  11. John. B

    Some latest pens for Christmas

    Sierra Exec, Three woods, Padauk/African blackwood/Box segmented in a Helix pattern Sierra exec. Purpleheart with a Pickguard accent. Sierra exec. African Blackwood/Box with a Celtic knot Accent. Sierra exec. In Red Mallee Burr. John. B
  12. John. B

    what Blade?

    Hello Scrollers, Just nipped over from the turning section for some advice. I need to cut 0.7mm aluminium without distorting the edge. Can anyone tell me whether I need to get a metal cutting blade or use a very fine wood blade. If a metal cutting one, where is the best place to get it...
  13. John. B

    Medieval chair.

    Made in Mahogany (over the Christmas period) for my Grandson William who is 2 yrs old. It's a version of a 'Savonarola' design chair from the 16th Century scaled down from a full sized drawing to fit William. It's a first post in this section for me as most if not all of my stuff are turnings...
  14. John. B

    Saved from scrap

    Hollow form box with lid & finial, recycled from an Lignum Vitae old bowling ball (Wood) Segmented with two bands of Holly. Critique welcome. John. B
  15. John. B


    Engraving onto a pen barrel. Does anyone out there know of a laser engraver that can engrave a small shield/logo on the barrel of a pen. I need an engraver that has a laser with a rotation device so the logo can be cut/burned around part of the pen instead of lengthwise along the barrel...
  16. John. B

    Pen Stands

    A very generous offer from Tom, so well done to him. =D> =D> =D> If however you weren't one of the lucky four and you are minus a CNC machine, you can always make your own from scrap Corian like Iv'e done here. Empty and occupied. John. B
  17. John. B

    Coffee Table

    Occasional Table in Sapele: Overall height 555mm. Table top Diameter 300mm. Critique welcome. John. B
  18. John. B

    Where can I get drills sharpened?

    I live in Romford in Essex, Does anyone know of a drill bit sharpening service for bits up to at least 33/64 (13.1mm) that's reasonably local. John. B
  19. John. B

    Golf Trophy

    Latest piece of sculpture, Golf trophy before the name plates are put on. Not too sure whether this the right section, General woodwork or Woodturning; as the only 'turning bits are the golf clubs at the front and the barley twists at the back. Oh, and the Glass bit at the top. critique...
  20. John. B

    Presentation Piece

    Latest presentation piece for a University graduate. Sapele, Box, Apple, Spalted holly, Bamboo, African Blackwood. Critique welcome! John. B