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    Sold Full Extension Drawer Runners

    Covid has given me an excuse to have a sort out of my workshop, I found (didn't even know I had) 11/2 sets of 60mm and 3 sets of 30mm full extension drawer runners. Combined they weigh 4.5 kg. If you want them you must arrange pick up by whatever means. t
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    Hi Guys Are the experts aware of a chuck attachment that I can use to take out the shallow bowl of a serving spoon? Thanks Waka
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    Rod Sharpening stone

    I am looking for some rod sharpening stones so I can sharpen my small forester bits. Anyone got any suggestions?
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    Record Coronet Herald

    Took a trip to Yandles yesterday for some turning blanks and while I was there I had a look at the Coronet Herald. To my eye it looks a nice lathe, does the team have any views on this one? One of my concerns was that I'd need an extension to change the headstock thread from 33 mm to 1", this...
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    What am I doing wrong

    Hi Guys I have been turning off and on for a few years but a problem has been bugging me for quite a while. While turning a bowl I can get the outside really nice and smooth with the tools resulting in less sanding. But when it comes to the inside I seem to have a series of tool marks that I...
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    Hi Guys Fell a bit of a fraud as i've not posted on the forum for a while. Anyway I have question relating to banjo's, my lathe is the Axi 1000 and comes with the banjo and extension arm with various tool rests. My problem is when I attempt to turn a bowl more that 4" deep I have great...
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    Hunger Multicast 1 Scroll saw (SOLD)

    I have for sale a Hegner Multicut 1 Scroll saw. I've had this a few years but not really used it. Comes with the foot peddle and a multitude of saw blades. I'm asking £220.00 for the lot. Please see photo's below. I would suggest this is a pick up item as it's quite heavy.
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    Set up for Posable Hose on the lathe

    Has anyone got a set up on the lathe for the above, I'd be interested to see the methods you guys are using. Thanks
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    Selection of woodturning jaws for SK100 Axi Chuck (SOLD)

    I've some more chuck jaws to go on the market, they are as follows: Type C jaws with jaw carriers £20.00 Type H medium gripper jaws with carrier £23.00 Type F small gripper jaws £15.00 Type B dovetails jaws with carriers £20.00 Postage to be determined on purchase.
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    Woodturning O'Donnell Jaws (SOLD)

    I got a set of these woodturning jaws with my lathe upgrade, as I already have a set these are surplus to requirements. They include the 50mm, 38mm and 25mm jaws, fixing screws and jaws carriers for the Axminster SK100 & 114 chucks. I am asking £65.00 including postage.
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    Axminster M900 Woodturning Lathe (SOLD)

    I have for sale my Axi M900 woodturning lathe (Hobby Series). This was my first lathe which I've been using for years, now I have upgraded to the 100 it's time for us to part company. The specs are as follows: ½ HP motor Swivel head stock Lever gear change Head stock spindle 1" x 8tpi I have...
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    African Black Walnut

    I've got some of the above that will make ideal bowls, but have never turned it, what's it like to work with. Thanks in advance.
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    Bessey Clamps (SOLD)

    Earlier this year I decided that my days of making large pieces of furniture are over. With this in mind I have some 1,5 m & 1 m Bessey Clamps that are surplus to requirements, so time to offer them to forum members. First up are the 1.5 m clamps I'm asking for £50.00 each for these, there are...
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    Don't try this at home

    Yesterday I was finishing off a small bowl, I mounted the Cole jaws on the lathe and put the bowl in so I could finish off the bottom. Everything was going fine, but on slowing the lathe speed down to the lowest speed the chuck decided to come unscrewed from the lathe on its own. No damage was...
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    Dust Extraction

    I know this may me a topic thats been done to death, but I'm picking up my new lathe in a couple of days and thought now was the opportunity to put something more permanent in place rather than the 100 mm hose I move along the bed as needed. Does the expert team have any suggestions? I might add...
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    Coming back

    I have decided that I've been out in the cold for too long and have decided that it's time to get back in to this wonderful forum. I have still been heavily involved in woodwork even though I've not been active on the forum (browsing only). I won't go into the reason why I stopped as an active...
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    Library Step Chair

    My wife has asked me to make a step chair, I have searched extensively but can't seem to find any decent plans, any ideas would be most welcome.
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    Great Service

    Last week I took one of my chucks back to Axminster for a repair, I'd damaged it slightly and it went out of true. Had a call this week to say it was repaired and ready for collection, so yesterday I made another visit to pick it up, When I arrived at the shop the repaired chuck was like new...
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    How Tight

    I know this may sound a stupid question, but how tight should the wood be thats held in the chuck, either by gripper or dovetail jaws?
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    Turning Tools

    I have a selection of Robert Sorby, Record and a few old Crown ones. I guess my questions is, considering there is an array of toolmakers available, what does the team think and how would you rate different makers?