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    Tool price inflation – temporary or permanent?

    Sort of intrigued by the thought that I could make many of my metal tools in wood. So I have tried a few:- 1) A drill press which turns out to be as accurate as my old Meddings but also has power assisted rise and fall. 2) A saw blade sharpener....very successful 3) A band saw blade...
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    Bob I have just lived through all the Covid stuff and at age 72 am now ready to retire in the next 2 yrs. I spent a year of 14-16 hr days for 7 days a week making sure my business could survive and we almost went under. It came close to that. I own an 80 person AI software house. This...
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    Rutlands is an expensive and often rip-off supplier. All their prices are towards or above the norm and are couched in intervals of £10.99. This is always evidence of a rip off. Quality is often poor. Basically Chinese stuff being retailed to the less choosy in the UK.
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    Long Straight Edge options?

    I use a 3m length of 100x40 aluminium tube with 3 mm thickness sides. Initial checks of a line drawn against it 300mm from an edge showed that it was and remains straight enough to be considered a straight edge. Used to flatten a 75mm assembly table top and my planer thicknesser, sliding...
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    Startrite 301 upper guide advice

    My 352 has a missing carbide tip on this rod. You may wish to deny it all you like but the quality and reliability of this part is just not there. Like Lons I will replace mine with a Carbide rod of the same diameter. My 352 is about 48 yrs old and has been well used but not pushed beyond...
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    Electric vehicles

    One solution would be to place UNTIDY tokens within the software of an EV. Authorised by the Police maybe. When the total number reaches say 3 times a demand for payment before being able to move the EV would almost ensure payment and thus punishment.
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    Electric vehicles

    Brian, Thats where my brain has gone as well. I'm a bit disappointed in EV range performance as like you I have a number of family connection which entail a minimum 250 mile journey so a 500 mile round trip. That would be at least 2 charge stops if I pushed the car to the limit and probably...
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    Electric vehicles

    I have hesitated to write this but its about EVs. I had a Tesla "stolen" from one of my Techs until the end of January. Quite liked it but was not too impressed by the cost and the infrastructure of the UK for recharging. Last week I had an Audi e-tron on test and the week before a Jaguar...
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    Microjig instead of T-track

    I am rebuilding my workshop layout because it has become a bit outdated...just like its owner. Part of my new set-up will potentially include "lots" of T-track as well as a large multi-function 8x4 bench with holes in it. The sheer cost of the T-track made me stand back and take a breath...
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    Plywood for tool wall

    12mm ply would work...sort of. The problem is most hardwood 12mm ply is a bit wavy and certainly not flat. It can be worked around with a little extra effort but why take a risk. 18mm hardwood ply ought to be flatter and more useable.
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    HELP discontinued part

    See Mathias Wandel web site where he makes handsets out of wood. They work well. Make a table out of ply and make reunions out of wood.
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    HELP discontinued part

    This is a bit of a long shot idea but this table might well be the same as many others from similar machines. So how would we find out. You only need to know what the trunions are in terms of radius. First idea is to ask Record what other tables might have been used. Second is to see what...
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    Wiring in LED Battens

    Silly question but I have yet to see ALL of the bits and pieces to wire in LED battens in or from one place. What have you used and how did you proceed with wiring. Not mains wiring but switch to lamp.
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    Vaccine Passports (domestic).

    I don't see that any secure medical info is being exposed by proving you had the jab. That is just hyper picky wording to make a point. What worries me is the 20%+ who are refusing to have the jab. That is a large enough proportion of people to cause another huge infection with its many...
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    Strange Request

    You could use the Cherry and experiment with a dye to get the colour close.
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    Electric vehicles

    I'm in quite a different situation than many of you. I still drive 25K ++ miles a year to customer meetings. I have been trying to cut back on driving by making my tech staff reduce their miles and move to Zoom or whatever the customer is comfortable with based contact. Given my age (72)...
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    Electric vehicles

    Droogs, I'm 72 and still working. Yipeeeeee. Age does come into it a lot but I will buy an electric car when I can see a range in cold weather of 350 miles. The drop in range during cold weather can be quite dramatic. I have bought my wife a Nissan Leaf to replace her beloved very old...
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    Electric vehicles

    Final comments re the Tesla I ripped off one of my Tech's which was returned last Monday after nearly 3 months use. What is funny is that we had words about the excessive extra mileage on my Merc he had done...ouch? Longest journey was 210 miles which it achieved with no fuss...except me...
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    This puts the Virus into the shadows

    The UK has a networked radioactivity sensors in place. Initially from the early French attempts at nuclear power stations and to assuage UK worries. These sensors run from the SE upto the north of Scotland, cover Wales and NI. These sensors are actively monitored and are frequently...
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    Replace motor ? Suggestions.

    Any reason you can't just replace the brushes ?? They are cheap and usually easily available.