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  1. brianhabby

    100mm Tool to 35mm Vac

    My Bandsaw (Axminster SBW3501B) has a 100mm dust port at the bottom on the back. I've used it with various vacs over the years and it has worked fine but a re-arranging of the workshop will necessitate a permanent change to a small vac with a 35mm hose connector. Obviously I will have to step...
  2. brianhabby

    Glue for outside project

    What would you say in the best glue between Titebond 3 or epoxy for gluing these scrollsaw cutouts, they will be outside permanently (they are for a bird feeder)? I don't want to use polyurethane glue beacuse the foaming would be a nightmare to clean up. Thanks in advance & regards Brian
  3. brianhabby

    Wood Identification

    Does anyone have any idea what wood this is please? It's been knocking around my yard for a few years and I decided to cut it this morning. It has a beautiful yellow inside. Thanks & regards Brian
  4. brianhabby

    Rutlands Rant....

    What's up with Rutlands? They sent me an email for some clamping squares and F clamps which I thought were a reasonable buy. However, I wanted to talk to them about the offer (I wanted more clamps) but couldn't find a phone number so sent them an email asking for their phone number. While...
  5. brianhabby

    A recent project - Steve Good's Pivoting Jewelry Box

    A few photos of my attempt at Steve Goods Pivoting Jewelry Box. I used sweet chestnut & mahogany for the boxes & ash for the base. regards Brian.
  6. brianhabby

    Foot Switch for EX21

    I am interested in a foot switch for my Excaliber EX21 but the one referenced in the manual appears to be only an emergency stop switch. Rockler sell one that is claimed to operate the saw as one would expect, i.e. on/off & speed control. Link here Does anyone have any experience with foot...
  7. brianhabby

    Axminster EX21 Pros/Cons

    Hello all, I am seriously interested in the Axminster EX21. I currently have a 23+ years old Hegner Multicut 2S and would like to upgrade. I have read reviews online, both on Axminster's own site and elsewhere that the paint finish on the table wears off pretty quickly. How much of an issue is...
  8. brianhabby

    Where do you guys buy your wood?

    For scrollsaw work most of the projects require very thin wood and plywood isn't suitable for a lot of work. So, where do you buy your wood from please? Thanks Brian
  9. brianhabby

    New (to me) mechanised hacksaw

    I have a acquired this electric hacksaw and although it cuts fine there is an issue with the motor. When you switch it on the motor buzzes and doesn't turn but can be got turning by coaxing the wheel to move by hand. While this sort of works it is far from ideal as I don't feel safe doing it...
  10. brianhabby

    Controlling Bandsaw Speed

    Does anyone on here know anything about controlling electric motors? My Axminster SBW3501B Bandsaw has a 1HP (0.75kW) single phase induction motor. There are four wires going to the motor from the switch plus earth so a total of five wires; they are numbered 1 to 4. Is it possible to control...
  11. brianhabby


    I've been watching Young Je on YouTube and noticed he was using a small metal cutting bandsaw, the Bauer 1678E-B for which he made a small stand for it. I tried searching online for this saw but could only find them available in the US. I found one on eBay.com for $188.13 plus $42.67 shipping...
  12. brianhabby

    The Bacon Tree

    Two Mexicans are stuck in the desert after crossing into the United States , wandering aimlessly and starving. They are about to just lie down and wait for death, when all of a sudden Luis says: "Hey Pepe, do you smell what I smell. Ees bacon, I theenk." "Is, Luis, eet sure smell like bacon."...
  13. brianhabby

    What to do - Chainsaw Problem

    A friend gave me a Lidl chainsaw some months ago (unused) and it worked fine for cutting up an ash tree that I was given, however, it has now developed a problem. First thing is the chain has gone dull (not surprising) so I need a new blade or learn to sharpen this one. But the bigger issue has...
  14. brianhabby

    Off White Melamine faced board

    Does anyone know if melamine boards are available in an off white shade? I am doing some modifications in the bedroom and would like to match the colour of the existing wardrobes and the white faced stuff I have is a bit glaring next to it. regards Brian
  15. brianhabby

    Some things you just can't explain

    A farmer was in a bar drinking and looking all depressed. His friend asked him why he was looking so depressed and he replied, "Some things you just can't explain. This morning I was outside milking a cow. As soon as the bucket was full the cow kicked it down with his left foot so I tied up...
  16. brianhabby

    Full extension drawer slides

    I am planning to put my new planer/thicknesser under my bench and wanted to have it on a sliding shelf arrangement. I was thinking that I would use full extension drawer slides mounted underneath the shelf for neatness but mainly for simplicity. However, I have met an unexpected problem with my...
  17. brianhabby


  18. brianhabby


    Douglas was being evaluated for mental problems... and was asked by the doctor, "If a train was coming down the hallway toward you, what would you do?"..... Douglas replied, "I would get in my helicopter and fly away!" The doctor then asked, "Where did you get a helicopter from?" Douglas...
  19. brianhabby

    Titan vs Sip Planer Thicknesser

    Hi everyone, I have been looking at small planer/thicknessers of which there is a wide range from which to choose. Most of these small devices appear to be almost identical, the two main differences that I can find are the thickness of wood that can be thicknessed from between about 6" at 8"...
  20. brianhabby

    The Newlyweds

    The newly-married husband came home from the office to find his young wife in floods of tears. "Darling, whatever is the matter?" he asked. "Sweetheart," she sobbed, "The most terrible thing has happened! I cooked my very first Beef Bourguignon for you, and I got it out of the oven to season it...