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    Hegner Multicut 1

    I have a Hegner Multicut and can't fault it. If you can scrape the pennies together I would recommend the hold down arm that Hegner sell. It takes away that white knuckle feeling of keeping constant pressure on the workpiece. I also replaced the cheap plastic tube from the bellows with a piece...
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    Repairing laminate/formica

    Tippex will hide most of the chips.
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    has anyone tried standard (countersunk) screws with washers on in pocket holes?

    You can't beat square drive screws and the newer Kreg screws have a small washer bonded to them anyway. The face of the screw bears of the flat face of the wood - anything else will weaken the joint.
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    Another wood ID

    +1 for Parana pine. Its got an overall reddish tone which you don't get with cherry.
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    Safely cut shaker slot without a router table?

    Even a cheap router table will be better than doing it with a handheld router. Cuts with the slotting bit should be done in two steps to ease stress on the router and that's far easier with a table. Ideally you should mount a beefy 1100 watt router instead of a 600 watt trimmer and don't...
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    Which cordless system are you going with..if any?

    I like the twin Makita 18v setup - it seems more balanced than the single battery tools. Generic batteries have worked well for me but you really need two sets if you want to get more than about an hour - especially with gardening tools.
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    White marks on oak

    Tough luck. The frame is a giveaway - it would never be wrapped around a solid oak core. You could carefully re- veneer it preferably with a paper backed veneer or use leatherette or even marmoleum.
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    Table saw Blades - seeking advice & information

    If you are changing blades a riving knife can be a nuisance as it can jam the wood especially using narrow kerf blades.I have a DeWalt with no knife and never had a problem. Just heed the warning signs of the wood beginning to bind and burning.You will get away with a combination blade...
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    Table saw Blades - seeking advice & information

    Ripping with a crosscut blade is really a false economy. The cut is slow, the wood can burn and the motor is strained Better to invest in a dedicated thin kerf ripping blade. I'd get a blade cleaner as well - oven cleaners work well in a pinch although ther are frowned upon by some people.
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    Table saw Blades - seeking advice & information

    +1 for Freud. A general purpose blade will do most cutting jobs but you learn that wood is like chalk and cheese. You definitely need a rip blade for hard woods like maple.
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    Morning everyone

    Welcome.There are boxes and there are jewellery boxes. Aim for refinement at all cost with materials no thicker than 12 mm. See Andrew Crawford's books for inspiration.
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    What is your most useful tool

    I realised something was wrong when my Chinese verniers were giving different readings. I invested in a Mitutoya and it tells me the truth. ! :giggle:
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    First bandsaw

    I think the machine retails at about £1750 inc vat. Its dangerous to put prices on #bay offers as they can spiral upwards. The bandsaw is very heavy so I'd say the wheel kit is desirable and the extension table would be handy if you are into cutting logs. I'd expect the lot will go for at least...
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    First bandsaw

    I think the Hammer N4400 is the best value bandsaw on the market. For cutting logs it has a 4 HP single phase motor although it will need a 16 amp socket. In practice once you have a good 3 tpi blade in the machine you will not want a lot of blade changing so power is the most important...
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    Joints for a set of shelves ?

    It looks like a job for pocket hole screws to me. Just insert the screws on the horizontal or vertical component and let the corner abut the angled top. They can be covered with plastic inserts or real wood if you prefer.
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    Dovetailing 9mm birch plywood

    Baltic ply is fiddly and needs careful handling. The outer veneer tends to chip off unless supported. I use an Incra -I - box and its brilliant. The cut can be micro-adjusted to get a tight fit. Yes, its £200 but is the best jig on the market. Otherwise a well adjusted biscuit joiner will work...
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    Advice for tools for joinery

    Your teacher is a bit old school. Do you really want to spend the day hand planing and chopping out mortises ? Just buy one quality tool at a time as the need arises. You will not do any joinery without a set of sash clamps and look for second hand Record clamps which will last a lifetime. Power...
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    Basic tools....

    Steel rulers. lots of them including a meter rule. Stay away from supermarket tools and buy the best as you can afford them. As I've posted elsewhere splurge for a Mitutoya vernier gauge as that Chinese vernier will only last about six months.
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    Cleaning Tools

    I use Ney Panel Wipe. Its great for removing grime and has a lovely citrus smell. Being alcohol based it evaporates in seconds.
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    How deep should the housing joint (?) be for a drawer base

    As Sgian Dubh says if the width is 800 mm and will only be used for clothes then you probably don't need a muntin. I tend to be over cautious and assume someone will drop a dumbbell into anything I make. ! Don't forget that if you double veneer some 6 mm mdf it will end up at 7.2 mm thick and...