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    Which oilless compressor. ?

    Folks, I know this has been done to death but I need a compressor for intermittent spraying only. I have a vertical Clarke compressor but would be concerned about the amount of oil in the drainage water and really don't want to get into oil separators if an oilless compressor would do the job...
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    Plywood biscuits ?

    Are these out of production ? I was converted to them at one of the shows in London when the demonstrator kept snapping the Lamello biscuits by hand then invited the punters to snap the plywood version - no chance of course. Can't seem to find them anywhere.
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    Best underpinner.

    Folks, I'm just starting to do some picture frames. I'd like to use the V shaped connectors that the professional framers use but I wonder what is the best underpinner to use ? There is one air powered gun on the market - the Meite pinner made in China but I cant find one video of it actually...
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    Removing scratches from brass.

    Folks I have a brass shell which I foolishly cleaned with a 3M paint and varnish remover wheel. Its part of a 'dinner gong' set. Unfortunately it scratched the brass badly and I am struggling to remove the scratches. I have tried the usual brass cleaners including a polish mop on the lathe but...
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    Wood fillers

    Chaps, I'm about to get into French polishing my jewellery boxes. Up to this I have used Chestnut lacquer sprays but have been convinced by Andrew Crawford's books that French polishing is the way to go. All the literature suggests filling the grain prior to polishing - but with what ? Pumice is...
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    Making concave drawer front fingergrips.

    Folks, don't quite know what to call them - those scooped out depressions used by the Victorians for apothecary's drawer fronts. They have a turned button/ knob at the base. The question is how to make them ? For small drawers I have mounted them in the lathe but you are turning a depression in...
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    Anyone use glue film ?

    Just wondering if anybody uses glue film for veneering. ? In a fit of enthusiasm a few years ago I bought 10 metres of the stuff from a reputable marquetry supply house. It refused to melt under a medium hot iron and cranking up the heat simply shrunk the veneer. All those carefully prepared...
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    tiling on to plywood

    :? Sorry Folks if this is not strictly woodwork. I've got to replace painted t+g cladding under a bathroom sink + around the loo.Its fixed cladding with two insert doors for small presses. I made the units 15 years ago when I had no taste .! The rest of the bathroom is being re-tiled with...
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    skirting board routing jig

    :? Hi all, this is my first post on here so here goes. I saw a routing jig being demonstrated at the February Ally Pally show. It took a profile ,say of a skirting board and routed the scribed profile to match it. For the life of me ,I can't find it on searching online. It looked pretty good...