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    Soft Resin Coaster.

    I’ve had a go at making some beer bottle top coasters covered in clear resin and was wondering how long it takes for resin to harden. The resin feels dry but I can mark it with my finger nail without much pressure. I did the first pour on Sunday to set the tops and part cover, then did a final...
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    Lidl Table saw and Bench Drill.

    Just noticed the "Middle of Lidl" on 2nd August have their diy offers on again and instead of the usual Scheppach dressed as Parkside, they are having the proper Scheppach Table saw £99.99 (£50 cheaper than RRP) and a Scheppach Bench drill £69.99 (almost half RRP price).
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    Colouring white gloss.

    My 8 year niece has asked me to make a box out of of an old pine bookcase. So I've cut the wood, used dowels to to make the box, sanded the old varnish back to bare wood and put a coat of undercoat that I had in the back of the cupboard. She would like it painted a light purple/lilac colour. We...
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    Silicone lubricant.

    I want something to lubricate my plunge saw on the tracks and my guide wheels on my router cutters. I've read that PTFE lubricant is best as saw dust doesn't stick to it like it does with WD40. When sorting through the shed I found a tin of Silicone Lubricant, will this do the job or would I be...
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    Route Planner software.

    I've been given a job a work to collect the Used Christmas trees to go for shredding and recycling. The problem is the sheets of over seven hundred addresses for these trees are all mixed up and some of the areas I haven't got a clue where the streets are. Does anyone know of any free software...
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    New battery for Ferrex Brad nailer.

    I recently bought a Ferrex 18v Brad nailer from Aldi and thought I'd buy a spare battery for it when they next get them in. Today I popped into Aldi and they had batteries that say for Ferrex tools at £15 but they are 20v. Would the tool drop the voltage to 18v (a bit like the Dewalt flexivolt)...
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    I-Pad dropping connection. Any I-Pad experts out there?

    I have my Router upstairs in the front bedroom and a wi-fi extender socket in the back kitchen so I can get internet in the shed. My I-Pad has been working great but a couple of days ago it started to loose the wi-fi signal. If I go to the back of the house it will connect, then when I go to the...
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    Pins in blades breaking.

    I have an Aldi Workzone Scrollsaw and I've just done a couple of tree decorations for my nieces to colour and hang out of 6mm mdf and a tree of life picture out of 5 or 6mm ply for my wife. The blades that came with the saw are bit iffy so I bought a pack of Olson blades (not sure of number...
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    Rounded Allen key head on nail gun.

    I bought an Aldi Workzone nail gun a couple of weeks ago and it seemed OK, today I went to use it and noticed a nail had jammed. I couldn't get it out so I tried to undo the Allen key screws on the front to unjam it but two of the screws were really tight and one of the Allen screw heads has...
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    Any Idea What This Is?

    Found this in a box of bolts,rivets and screws and wondered what it was. About two and half inches, in three parts held together with a small rubber band, threaded on each "leg" and sharpened to a point. Any ideas?
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    Grindstone Trimmer.

    Started sorting some of late father-in-laws things in his shed and come across a Huntington B1 Grindstone Trimmer (whatever one of them is :oops: ). At first didn't have a clue what it was but a quick google told me what it was, but not what to do with it :? . Do I need one? How do I use it...
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    How to finish picture frame?

    I've almost finished a couple of picture frames for my sister-in-law and she like the colour and patern of the unfinished wood. The pictures are planned for the bedroom at the moment, is there a way to protect the finish without changing the colour (clear varnish or lacquer still alters the...
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    Perspex thickness for picture frame?

    I've made a couple of picture frames (17 inch x 11 inch) from a couple of pieces of old Picket fence from the garden and need a couple of pieces of perspex to finish them. I've never made one before so learning as I go, but what thickness perspex should I use to glaze the frames? and what sort...
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    Home made router table.

    I have some Aldi metal framed workshop shelves and I would like to use the top shelf as a router table. I have a piece of 18mm ply cut to 36 inches x 18 inches (size of the shelves) and I've found a piece of 8mm ply to cut down to make an insert to mount the router on. So, will the 18mm be...
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    Wooden Cod.

    Been having a bit practice with a piece of scrap and came up with a Segmented Cod on a stand. Used a 10mm hardwood dowel with the middle drilled out for a 6mm dowel painted black for the eye. Then painted the white line and sprayed with lacquer to finish :D .
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    Quick Blade Question.

    I'm new to Scrolling and the Cheap Blades that came with the saw don't seem as sharp as they did so I'm going to get some new ones. I did order a set of Spiral Blades to try but the flat blade adapters for my saw are very fiddly and the spiral blades where that thin (size 0) I broke two of them...
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    The Dog House.

    Last year I finally got around to building a 4 metre x 2.3 metre Shed/Workshop after settling for a small outhouse for the last twenty years. Never built anything before but quite happy with the results :D . Used adjustable decking risers on hexagonal stones for the base. Dry fit before the...
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    First scroll Saw practices.

    After building my Shed/Workshop last year I wanted to start a little hobby so I got myself a cheap Aldi Scroll Saw just before Christmas. Never done much woodwork until I built the shed so have very limited skills but had a go with a couple of bits of scrap that I had lying around. First was my...
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    Another old saw clean up.

    An elderly neighbour has give me a couple of old saws (she thinks they are about 30-40 years old) she had in her shed from when her husband was alive. They are old Spear &Jackson but the handles seem to be riveted on rather than bolted/screwed, to get the handle off to clean will I have to...
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    Drill speeds for wood?

    I've just bought a bench drill press from lidl and I,m not sure of the best speed to set the drill. I'll be drilling mainly wood with normal drill bits, occasional Forstner or spade bits and the odd hole cutter to make a couple of sanding spindles to use in the drill press. Is there a set speed...