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    Blower adaptor?

    Does anyone know where I'd get a rectangular to round duct adaptor? So I could connect round tube/hose to the rectangular bits connected to the fan part of this? It needs to have the flat edges so it can be bolted. I want to make some changes to my extractor. I suppose I could make something...
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    1/4 cup dust in 4 years. Extract outside to save space?

    My very occasional woodworking shed has an FM300BC HVLP extractor in it with the big filter cartridge and bag. I use it for P/T, TS, BS etc. Shop vac for powertools. In about 4 years it's got not quarter of a cup in it. Can I just rely on the my cyclone/barrel setup getting most of the dust...
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    Birch BB cost comparison

    Has anyone had 18mm Birch Throughout Ply BB/BB 8' x 4' sheets from builderdepot.co.uk? Because £272 inc vat and delivery is nearly £200 cheaper than a quote I've had from a local place! :shock: Thanks
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    Festool 14mm XL DOMINO Cutter for DF 700

    Unopened, never used (as I sold the DF700) £40 inc postage.
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    SOLD: Festool DOMINO XL DF 700

    Anyone interested in my hardly used Festool DOMINO XL DF 700? I bought it years ago but used it once as I also have the smaller one which is fine for most of what I do. It's barely been touched so is in perfect condition. Comes in the systainer with the standard 12mm cutter and also the 14mm...
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    Wiring cost?

    I've been getting quotes of around £800-1400 for wiring my shed up with a consumer unit, several double sockets, 3 or 4 lights and connecting up the SWA (already in place) plus running t&e outside the house back in to the main board. Nothing special, no 16 amp dedicated supplies for example...
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    10mm SWA

    I need 50m of 3 core SWA. Looking around online the prices inc delivery vary: tlc-direct.co.uk 224 quickbit.co.uk 165 jcelectrics.com 140 Can anyone who's used one of the two cheaper sellers let me know if they are reliable? Cheers, Carl.
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    1/4" bandsaw blade troubles

    Are 1/4" bandsaw blades more fussy to track than wider? If not I've got problems! I managed to get it on and use it but after having no bother recently with 1/2 and 3/4" blades, my 1/4" popped off a few times when trying to get it on and one time worked fine then decided to jump off the second...
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    XL 4" cyclone

    Can I get a ready made 4" outlet cyclone anywhere? I've ordered a cheap 2" outlet one from ebay for my vac but this one is for the chip extractor. I had planned on building a thien baffle/top hat but the costs mount up for parts if you don't have them already and the 35cm diameter barrel I...
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    Quick and cheap separator

    I've been thinking about buying a dust commander cyclone and some sort of bucket or barrel. I have a SIP 01929 extractor (the 50ltr metal drum type) which I don't use. So before I spend money I thought I'd have a go using it as a separator and see how it does. After removing the motor I...
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    Dewalt Flexvolt Table Saw

    Anyone seen one of these battery powered table saws in action yet? The reason I'm interested is I currently manage with a bandsaw and tracksaw but if I could get a portable, small, not too noisy table saw it might fill a gap for me for when the ts/bs aren't ideal. Being brushless would that...
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    FM300BC Extractor

    I've had enough of the low powered extractor I use on my thicknesser so I'm close to buying an Axy FM300BC. http://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-hobby-series-fm300bc-extractor-501264 Previous threads on here suggest the 2,000 m³ air flow will make a big difference. Before I do though, can...
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    SketchUp in a web browser

    Seems to do the basics well.. just an open beta now but could be handy when it's ready. http://www.sketchup.com/products/my-sketchup Cheers, Carl.
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    Lift hinge

    Has anyone used this sort of coffee table lift hinge? Fairly cheap on ebay. I'm wondering how it functions compared to the more expensive tavoflex mechanism. Thanks, Carl.
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    Better extraction for Kity 439 planer/thicknesser?

    Can anyone who is using or has used a Kity 439 or similar planer/thicknesser suggest to me what sort of extractor I should be considering? Specific models if poss? I know it needs HVLP. I'm using a SIP chip collector https://www.sipuk.co.uk/sip-dust-chip-collector.html and I end up with lots...
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    Router bit for softening ply?

    I've been softening the edges of 1/2" and 3/4" ply with a plunge router and guided round over bit, but now I'm going to pick up one of those 1/4" little katsu routers to make the job quicker and hopefully easier. What size round over router bits should I be using to just soften both edges of...
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    foodsafe plywood?

    What's a food safe waterproof finish for spruce plywood? I'm making myself camping containers which will sit outside now and then and ideally we could safely leave food on the top without worrying about it. On oak I use shellac and beeswax so if that would work I've got some already. Cheers...
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    Vents for timber summer room?

    When I rebuilt our extension/summerhouse a few years ago I made the mistake of not fitting any opening windows. We have full length and not many places to add anything else. I really need to get some more air ventilation into the room and am over thinking it so was hoping for a few...
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    Router round overs and dust

    I've been rounding over all the edges and cut outs on some large bits of ply with my dewalt 621k and the mess is terrible. Is there anything I can do to improve it? The parts are too big for a table I think. e.g. 5 foot long and some with lots of holes needing rounded over. I've been...
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    tabletop fasteners quick release

    Hi, Anyone know a good way to fix a table top to a rail which has some strength but can also be removed whenever by hand for an occasional table? I could make the button wood type but one screw doesn't seem very strong when it's going to be twisted to release often. I could just use door...