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  1. J

    Another timber ID...

    I had a pallet made of this, it was really rough before planing. it's dense, heavy. As you can see, parts have wild grain. I'm assuming that if it were oak, there would be more staining, but maybe it wasn't wet or old enough for the staining to have developed. I dunno. Any ideas, anyone?
  2. J

    stuck drill bit [FAQ?]

    Sorry if this is an FAQ. I'm drilling pilot holes in oak handrail with a 3mm bit. The bit is one set in a hex drive [to be quick change]. That is, until it stuck in the mopstick, and the actual drill bit came out of the hex drive part. I've tried tightening the chuck of my DEWalt on it and...
  3. J

    new oak handrail, outside, varnish?

    I've thrown out the previous softwood mopstick hand rail that runs up the steps to our front door. I have bought sanded but bare 45mm mopstick oak hand rail and stainless steel brackets. My default plan was to 'varnish ' the oak with a low build treatment, and have a tin of OSMO UV Protection...
  4. J

    Frame and panel doors by the inexperienced?

    I am currently making my first attempt at frame and panel doors. They will be used on the front of built-in cupboards, there will be 4, all the same. I have solid oak stiles and cross pieces being 90 mm and 110 mm respectively, and 19mm thick. I am making up the panels from thinner pieces of oak...
  5. J

    buying a Record Power BS350S at a show

    I see that Record Power will be at The Yandles Craft Show and that "There will also be exclusive show deals across the range of Record Power machinery and accessories." I was considering buying a bs350s, and wondered if anyone remembers A How much they tend to knock off the usual price, and...
  6. J

    resawing on a basato 3?

    That is what I'm trying to do at the moment. 110mm [4-5"] oak planks, <1m long, and about 20mm thick, and i'm tryig to get three out of each, c 5-6mm thick. I'm using a new 1/2" blade from Hamilton-Beaverstock [3 tpi] . A week ago the first plank went through OK, a bit of wander, but no real...
  7. J

    mitres on mopstick handrail?

    If you have the patience to follow me, I'd be very grateful! I am replacing rotten softwood mopstick outside done with poor joins (with 45mm diam oak with a 'flat' on the bottom for fixing the brackets) . The problem is that the rail is intended to change from sloping up to horizontal at the...