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    Using flashing tape as roofing material

    One more thing, if possible apply both the primer and flash band in a warm room :) as it is much easier to work with
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    Using flashing tape as roofing material

    Idealy the one that that is supplied with the flash band, but in reality most bitumin based primers would do.
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    Using flashing tape as roofing material

    There are larger sized roll's available that would do what you need, I can't think why you should not use it as it is easy to apply and if done right should look just fine,don't forget to use a primer first :)
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    Hi all.

    Hi and welcome :)
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    Siberian Larch offcuts. Keep or not?

    Leylandi burns well when dry and is very resinous but if your stove is working ok and burning at the right temperature then you should have no problem with it,have burnt several large ones over the years with no issues:)
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    Siberian Larch offcuts. Keep or not?

    If it is dry you should have no problems using a few sticks of larch kindling to get you're fire going:)
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    Sanding discs and saw blades

    Smirdex ceramic from ebrasives around £ 26/7 for a mixed box of 50 , I have been using these for a couple of months with my Metabo and they do as good a job as any i have tried before, the lower grits when on full power will eat your timber before your eyeso_Oor put another way don't dawdle in...
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    Siberian Larch offcuts. Keep or not?

    Bird/Bat boxes(y). Or Laminate them together with contrasting wood layers for turning or band saw boxes etc, mind you the temp in my shop is dropping fast so kindling for the wood burner would be my choice ;);)
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    Drill guide

    Make your own simple guide from a off cut , use maybe 1/2 or 3/4 " thick, cut hole with your bit then clamp/fix over your piece and drill through both with the top piece acting as a guide .As said though a drill press is the way to go if you have the cash/space for one. :)
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    A new bench for my bandsaw

    Looks plenty chunky enough although you could have issues with long boards and a tendency to want to tip,splayed legs on ready made frames are the norm to help reduce this:)
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    SIP 1/2" 1500W plunge router

    Lubricating the plunge bars may help :unsure:
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    Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker

    There can be only one Norm all hail Norm :LOL:
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    Help dividing wood

    Split in two and give half to me is my unbiased opinion :LOL:
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    Storage Units for the contents of my workshop??

    Any engine oil you have lying around will do the job at a pinch for little outlay, yes it may be a little messy but will wipe off,only advice I can offer is to think how long you want the storage unit for and budget for twice that long, also make a list and take pictures of your stuff both...
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    Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker

    Dissapointed that Jay has lost his crown as "king of wood:cry::LOL:" Will the new fella have a shiney leather apron :unsure:;)
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    "Harbo" - Sad News

    Sad news indeed
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    Hi everyone

    nah i just made it up;):)
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome Luke, may the force be with you:LOL:
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    Alcove project finished

    Like that a lot(y)
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    Morning everyone

    Morning-Hi and Welcome:)