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    Adjustable dado / housing joint jig

    Want to create perfect dados without any fuss? Then you NEED this jig. It’s quick and easy to make and even easier to use…. Haven’t included any measurements as it can be made to pretty much any length (within reason) to suit your project. I made mine out of scrap I had in the workshop.
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    How to make a Luthier clamp

    In this new video from www.workshopessentials.com Steve Maskery shows you how to make a Luthier clamp with material from your scrap box.
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    Adjusting Wooden Planes

    How to adjust the iron on a wooden plane – a common problem for first time users.
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    Woodwork: Setting gauge

    A handy gadget for all Biscuit Jointer or Festool Domino users
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    Dealing with snipe on a planer & thicknesser

    How to set up your jointer / planer / thicknesser to eliminate snipe, presented by Steve Maskery from www.WorkshopEssentials.com and British Woodworking Magazine.
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    Dust Extraction in the workshop

    Steve Maskery from www.workshopessentials.com shows two ideas for improving dust control in the home workshop, one on the router table and one on the SCMS.
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    Sharpening a chisel

    Sharpening a chisel using a Veritas Mk II honing jig, diamond stones and very fine (0.5 micron)microfinishing film.
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    Grinding and honing a chisel freehand

    Using a high speed bench grinder with a Norton 3x 46 grit stone, to grind a chisel freehand. Then proceed to demonstrate how to hone the hollow ground blade freehand on a diamond (DMT) fine grit bench stone. Any minute burr left from the process is removed (stropped) on a piece of 3/4″ MDF with...
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    The Ultimate Bandsaw Tenon Jig

    New from Workshop Essentials is The Ultimate Bandsaw Tenon Jig. It references of just one face, as in traditional joinery, making it intrinsically more accurate then flipping the workpiece. It makes tenons, offset tenons, twin and angled tenons as well as lap and bridle joints. They are flush...
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    Heating the Workshop - Part 1, Insulating & plasterboard

    23 sheets of plasterboard and 5 rolls of insulation were delivered this afternoon for the workshop ceiling. I've only managed to get 3 sheets up so far. I have to take the lights down and re-fix them as I go which is a bit of a pain. I've quickly learnt that the job ideally needs two people...
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    radiator under a wood rack?

    I need some heating advice, I'm planning on installing radiators in the workshop to try and get it warm and I'm hoping it'll help stop the rust problem too... They'll be connected to the boiler in the office via a soon to be dug trench (which I'm really looking forward to digging :roll:) . I'm...
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    Fine Height Adjuster for the PC7529

    MKI (left), MKII (right) I use the Porter Cable/Flex 7529 in my router table. It has a handy fine height adjuster which allows me to accurately set the bit height exactly where I want it. The trouble is the dial is small and when the router is inverted in the table, it’s working against gravity...
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    Shaker Style Table

    What's this I hear you ask yourself? Is it really that time of year again?? Has Charley actually made a project?? :o Yes, it's true! I've been busy in the workshop recently. I've got a few projects lined up and I've just finished my shaker style table. It isn't a 100% copy of the shaker...
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    Cleaning Cast Iron Tables

    A quick guide showing how to get your cast iron machine tables rust-free & looking like new… In my workshop, like many people I have a problem with rust and without regular care my lovely, shiny cast-iron tables turn a not so lovely rusty brown. My...
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    How NOT to use a router...

    Just watched this video on youtube, it's worth a watch as it shows just about everything you shouldn't do when using a router. It's quite scary though that people actually work like this :shock: I think it's the first time I've ever seen anyone exhale saw dust. It's okay though as he's...
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    Importing Power Tools from the US

    Before I start I must mention that I am not a qualified electrician so therefore we can’t take any responsibility – the information below is just purely my experience of importing a power tool from the US!…. I’m quite fortunate that my sister has a US postal address and the other week when my...
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    More $$ for your £....

    Have you seen the exchange rate today? "one pound buys two dollars". Perfect timing for me as my mum's going out to see my sister next week.. There must be something I need.. :-k
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    Planing a groove

    Using a Record 044 grooving plane.
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    Planing a bead & an ovolo

    Using a Stanley 50 to plane a bead and a Record 405 to plane an ovolo.
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    Make your own Pushsticks

    Woodwork: A variety of pushsticks from my workshop