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    Making beaded face frames

    Hi, I've got a commission to make a large ish kitchen with beaded frames. I don't want to do the applied mouldings route and also don't want to end up buying a load of expensive kit for what might be a one off. I've a well equipped workshop - table saws, spindle moulder, pull saws, routers etc...
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    Virutex EB25 edgebander

    Hi all, Does anyone know of an engineer/someone who could do some repairs/maintainence on a Virutex EB25 edgebander? Its in fair condition but has just developed some faults recently and although I'm pretty good with workshop machinery find this one quite tricky - any help would be much...
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    Wadkin Spindle moulder can I use it with a dovetail jig?

    Hi, I've a small Wadkin Bursgreen spindle moulder with a 1" shaft. Is it possible to fit dovetail cutters and if so how do I do it? Sorry for being dumb, as I've only ever used it as a groover. Can I remove the shaft? I doubt it.....so is it possible to get a collet adaptor for a 1" shaft...
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    Startrite tilt Arbor motor

    Can anyone recommend a replacement 240v single phase motor that would be ok for my startrite tilt Arbor saw - also one that would be fairly easy to fit without too much agro? Thanks