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    Completed projects

    Sorry I was just going to comment on the knobs, I agree with Russ. Otherwise beautifully made. I could not get near that.
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    Dear Minister

    Thats it chaps I'm off. This kind of negative energy has no point whatsoever. I did not spit any dummies, I raised a point about language and behaviour that has no place in a civilised society. Feel free to express these opinions. I want no more of it. Have picked up some useful info here and...
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    Dear Minister

    In fact we are all members of the human race. But typically it was a West African and a Pakistani that were highlighted, and in that negatively loaded context I probably would have said something. I could not give a fig where anybody comes from but would not comment on it in that style and do...
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    Dear Minister

    No it is racist, it is picking on somebody's country of origin and using it make a point about something else. It is endemic in Britain and it aint funny. The rant itself may have had a point but the issues raised make it a waste of space. Has anybody ever seen a TV detector van?
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    I hate the smell of a router motor burning in the morning!

    Thats good service, collect and quotation and return. Most places charge twenty quid to have a look and tell you it's cream crackered. Slightly off topic, I took a cassette player in years back for a quote for repair. They repaired it and wanted thirty quid. I told them they could keep it. And...
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    Dear Minister

    "However, I have to get someone 'important' to verify who I am -- you know, someone like my doctor... who, before he got his medical degree 6 months ago WAS LIVING IN PAKISTAN." "How come that nice West African immigrant chappy " This is the kind of casual low level racism that Britain is...
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    Woodchip artist

    Amazing, I am an expert at making wood chips into artistic little piles and heaps maybe I will try this with the next batch. Is it the long siberian winters.
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    Dear Minister

    So funny; you forgot to have a go at travellers, single mums and eastern europeans. Do I wish I had written that? no I dont I am embarassed to see a useful internet forum contaminated by that kind of racist nonsense.
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    What's this?

    Rust removal? the Bilt hamber stuff is excellent. I bought a 5kg tub of the powder years back. Instead of buying the gel soak kitchen tissues in the solution from the powder, wrap the metal in that and cling film it. Loads cheaper. Leave it on over night and wash the rust off, the solution...
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    Ideas on how to make this bike rack?

    Carbon wheels? Ouch, burned toast and glue do they really make wheels out of that. Carbon wheels I would be really nice to them, no metal contact or anything like that. Carbon has an amazing failure mode. SPLAM. I once saw a carbon frame fail.
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    Ideas on how to make this bike rack?

    I have had up to 6 bikes stored in my garage. A simple hook on the wall is all that is needed, go to a decent hardware store if you can find one. And two lengths of 2x2 as a track to keep the bike from flapping about. I think using wood for the hook thingy would end in tears . You wont be...
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    UK Tax Guidance

    Yawn. More boring racist foreigner bashing, a stream of hopless negative consciousness. is this supposed to be amusing?
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    pocket chainsaws - any good?

    A mate of mine just made one. Got a length of chain saw and fitted handles to it made out of bent wire and wood. Worked a treat and cost hardly anything.
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    Bulk buying sanding belts reccomendations?

    Hi guys I am looking to buy around 100 sanding belts. Need 610x100mm 120 grit. I have seen SIA belts on fleabsy at £95.00 for 100, are they any good and can anybody reccomend a supplier and brand to look for.
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    What to do with your ashes?

    regards firework rockets and ashes. I have a customer who is a proper mad old hippy. he has put it in writing for me and a friend to pack his ashes in a gurt big rocket with a load of cannabis seeds and launch it over his tiny village so he can turn on the local population.
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    Is your chainsaw not up to the job, lacking a bit of power? Try this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60Tamp2fHhg
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    What to do with your ashes?

    There has been a thread recently about what to do with loved ones ashes. A sensitive subject I did not want to add to with this. But what about your own ashes? My plan for my ashes is to have them put through my mates cider press. My pals do the work and have a few bottles each. They can do...
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    laws and bylaws needed

    As above, discrete ceremony and job done. I can imagine the nonsensical business that could develop if you were to ask for guidelines.
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    Trend Airshield Pro

    Toolite? Just up the road from me in the Forest of Dean. I would have to say never visit the shop. A dreadful place, full of tools and all sorts of stuff. You go in wanting one thing and come out with a pile of other stuff as well.
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    Where can I find FREE scroll saw patterns?

    Try searching google images, then look for vector files or clip art. You should be ble to work out your own designs from these. I have cut out loads of images using a plasma cutter based on this type of image, just use spraymount to stick the imge on the wood and away you go. or you can print...