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    Designing a garden studio

    So I'm in the early stages of designing a 'Garden Studio' to relieve some pressure on the house in this new work-from-home era. Not done this sort of thing before, so lots to learn. Broadly speaking I intend to take the 'Building a shed Mike's way' design approach - thanks Mike :) So here is...
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    Building material supplier

    Hi there, it's been quite a few years since I posted on here. Good to see this group is still so active! So I'm looking to build a garden office - to building regs, fully insulated, etc. Can anybody recommend the most cost effective place to buy building supplies from ? I can get to Wickes...
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    good benchtop planer

    Hi all Can anybody recommend a decent bench-top planer? I'm limited to a bench-top model more due to space restrictions than cost. I've read the many posts on this topic, and the SIP seems popular. I'd prefer to have a cast iron model and I'm not sure the SIP still is CI...
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    Automatic Dust extractor power switch

    Hi I was in maplin the other day and they are selling the following product for about £15. http://www.oneclickpower.com/acatalog/#aDSK105 It is designed for switching peripherals off automatically when the computer is switched off, but could possibly work for switching on a dust...
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    Help needed with setting up used dust extractor - no manual

    Hi I've just picked up a used dust extractor - Record RDX800i 1998 model. It seems to work fine, but I don't have the instruction manual. It came with a number of spare paper filter bags, but I'm not sure if any or all belong to the extractor. Take a look at the picture. Do I need to place...
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    Finishing pine floorboards

    Hi A few years back I sanded down the pine floorboards in the kitchen and varnished with Ronseal Diamond Hard varnish which contained a stain. (3 coats) 2 Years on and it looks mess. Due to foot traffic, there are patches where the varnish has worn though, revealing the lighter wood below...
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    finish for burr veneer walnut box

    Hi I'm making a jewellry box which is veneered in a walnut burr veneer. This is my first attempt at veneering, and using extramite to glue the veneer seems to be bonding well and setting nice and hard. The burr veneer has a few small cracks/imperfections which in some cases have allowed a...
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    Suppliers of Jewelry box/small box materials.

    Hi all you boxmakers out there. I'm looking for some help, please. I'm planning on making a jewelry box out of plywood covered covered in a burr veneer. I've found a website which sells the veneers in the right sort of quantities - iamb considering the super value burr offcut pack for GBP...
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    Plywood for wardrobe doors

    Hi I'm looking for some advise please. I'm considering making some built in cupboards for the bedroom using single sheets of plywood for the doors. Is birch ply the one which typically comes in a void-less variety with birch all the way through (I am planning on exposing the edges) (or was...
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    Can I fill in the gaps in table surface?

    Hi All I have a 1920's barley twist diningroom table which is in desperate need of a makeover. As you can see in the photo it's constructed of oak with a frame and two panels. I assume the panels are oak plywood (can anybody confirm this?). There is a gap of about 2 mm between the plywood...
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    Diningroom table plans

    Hi All I'd like to make myself a diningroom table - possibly out of oak or some other hardwood. Solid top, with an extending leaf. Can anybody recommend a good book on diningroom tables, and/or a good resource for diningroom table plans/ideas. Many thanks Paul
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    Biscuit joining question.

    Hi, I have recently bought a biscuit cutter for my router and tried out a test joint. The slot seems to big for the biscuit, and I was wondering if that's normal, or if my cutter is too wide, or the biscuits unusually thin... Slot created by cutter: 4.3mm Biscuit thickness 3.5mm That's...
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    Scheppach TS2000 problem

    Hi, The rise and fall mechanism on my Scheppach TS2000 tablesaw gets has progressively got stiffer over time. I'm worried that I'm may be straining the mechanism now. I don't always use an extractor (only a vacum cleaner anyway), and I was wondering if possibly wood dust is clogging it. I've...
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    Digital Caliper from screwfix

    Hi, I'm about to do a screwfix order, and I was wondering if anybody has used the Pro Digital Calliper (Retailing for £34.99). http://www.screwfix.com/app/sfd/cat/pro ... 0&ts=14328 How does it compare with the axminster one which members seem to like...
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    Material for router baseplates.

    Hi Where can I source phenolic, acrylic, or polycarbonate to make router base plates. I live in South East. Many thanks.
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    Scheppach TS2000 flimsy throat plate?

    Hi all I'm a new Scheppach owner, and very happy with my new saw. Just one question: The throat plate is made of thinish aluminium and runs the length of the table. A spring lifts it up against a screw for easy removal. The plate seems to bend slightly. (noticed when I bring the fence of the...
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    Purchasing Wood

    Hi, I'm new to woodworking, and was wondering where I could find a good source of timber at competitive prices. Currently looking for pressure treated softwoods timber for building gardening stuff, then I'd like to move on to purchasing some hardwoods. I heard second hand oak floorboards are...
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    Table saw advice

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a tablesaw, and I'm seriously considering the Scheppach ts2000, with the sliding table, extensions, etc. At a push I'm considering the ts2500, but may have to forgo the accessories.... Any comments on these saws? I'll be using it for general DIY/woodwork, including...