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    Small Olive & Walnut lidded box with resin window,Pewter rim and finial

    Very nice indeed, love the shape and the wood.
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    Hello , Remember me ?

    Nice to see you back, hope you change your mind about your work.
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    Live centre

    I've turned custom profiled caps that push fit on the live part of my live centre. If the shape of yours would support something like that it could be a solution.
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    Any suggestions for wood for turning rings

    I made a ring using a thin strip of Zebrano heat bent around a one piece silver core. method
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    router mandrel

    Try reducing the hole rather than broadening the mandrel. Do you have a washer or similar with a 1" OD you could tape in place then suitable smaller mandrel [or similar] in the router? Or you could wrap electricians tape around the rim of a spent 12 bore cartridge which I believe is ~ 22mm, the...
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    Money abroad - who's a seasoned traveller?

    FWIW for the last decade we've visited Rome more or less annually. We take ~£500 in euros and usually bring some back, I tend to pay for most meals etc. by card, I've had no trouble using visa or Mastercard, including Visa debit; they've been accepted just about everywhere.
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    Circular Saw Kickback Killer

    I've got a six inch scar in my knee that could have been avoided with one of these.
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    Is it still too early to ask...

    I may be missing a jape here but you can of course post to any named individual at any address you like. It will go to that address and the physical recipient would/should then make sure it ends up with the correct recipient, if different.
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    Triton router problems

    One of the comments on that vid. suggests shimming/packing the side of the speed adjustment pot. might 'fix' the problem, however a dodgy potentiometer is not good. This machine has a three year warranty, how long have you had it?
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    First hollow form

    Nice job, lovely timber too. Well done!
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    Lap-top sewing box for my wife

    That works for me....you say the legs are from Ikea, what about the foot?
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    Same here. They are part of the 'Spear and Jackson' group but I haven't signed up to any of those others either. We live in a pit of snakes and ordure.
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    Is this forum now really quiet?

    That's been done though, hasn't it? Can't really see the point in setting up another even quieter forum unless there's some reason you can't use the existing alternatives.... Oh, hang on...
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    This begs for a motorised model, I wonder if I can find the effort... (hammer)
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    Is this forum now really quiet?

    I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions, mine may be a little biased. https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/forums/post1206729.html#p1206729
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    Is this forum now really quiet?

    A quick look at his last post and the reply seems to suggest an understandable reason for him being quiet.
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    a question for tinkerers

    Have you tried Custard's backlash experiment; wind it down past the required point then back up to where you want it. Keenly watching this thread...
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    Carving Pedestal and Easel

    Thanks for the compliment. It was Livio di Marchi in Venice who was my inspiration to start carving. When I revisited three or four years later I had more of an eye for the details and was a little disappointed in the finish carving.