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    For Sale Morticer

    3 phase morticer. This has sat unused for the last year as we have a new one. Not pretty but works really well and is powerful. We used this for about 10 years and it never missed a beat. Very heavy £150 Cash on collection, located ip14 3bn
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    Dewalt radial arm saw

    Dewalt 721kn 240v This was bought ex demo in 2016. It was used for a few days on one job and has sat in the corner of the workshop unused ever since. Excellent condition, everything works perfect but may need to replace the wood top as it’s bowed. A real bargain as this is the current model and...
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    Festool domino xl SOLD

    Festool domino xl for sale, bought new 2014 but has sat on a shelf the past few years without use so time to sell. It had 2 years of regular use so plenty of scratches, but works well. Comes with 8 & 12mm cutters and a few 8x50 dominos. Ideally cash on collection as I’d like to buy a bike...
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    House build

    Hi, I started a house build in my spare time a year ago to this day and thought I’d show some progress pics. I’ve got a bit of time as works slowed a bit so plan to finish over the next six weeks but thought I’d start by showing the build up to now. Hope this is of interest to people who enjoy...
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    Oak coffer/ark help

    So we recently finished a kitchen for a customer and they owed a few hundred for some extra work. During fitting I’d taken interest in a large old coffer/chest which I really liked, the customer offered me it instead of payment so I took it and just wondered if anyone has any idea of it’s value...
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    Kitchen cabinet butt hinges

    Just wondered which kitchen cabinet butt hinges others use? We’re struggling to find good consistent hinges, they all vary a bit in size and we spend ages on site getting the door gaps perfect. We’ve been using finger tip design from Issac lord but each batch was different, we switched to zoo...
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    We’re selling our old morticer. 3 phase. Old and well used but works well and is accurate. £200 Cash only, we can load our end. Located near Stowmarket, Suffolk. 07845938670
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    Last kitchen of the year

    Few pictures of the kitchen we finished today. Number 4 of 6 kitchens we’re making for a local builder who uses us to make all of his kitchens in his new build houses. We used the under stairs space for a shelved out larder. Pictures really don’t do this house and kitchen justice.
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    Christmas bonus

    So, we’ve had a half decent year making kitchens and I like to give the lads a bonus each. Does anyone know if this can be done tax free and legally? If I just add it on to the wages they will be taxed, but could I give it as a tax free gift? I’m not trying to save myself tax but them if it can...
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    Business rates

    Wondered if anybody has any idea how to calculate these? I’ve been offered a fully insulated 5000 sqft agricultural building to rent, with the aim of running our kitchen making business from there. The owner is happy to change the use to light industrial but we’re unsure how to calculate the...
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    Startrite pillar drill NOW SOLD

    Startrite mercury pillar drill. All works well, several speeds, new Chuck, 240v. £150
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    Burning plywood on the woodburner

    Just wondered if anyone’s got any idea whether it’s ok to burn birch ply on the woodburner? I’ve got loads of off cuts from the last few kitchens and getting low on firewood. I’ve just put some on and it burns a treat but will the glue fumes coat the lining? Anyone else burning ply regularly.
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    Dewalt Ras help

    I've just bought and set up a dewalt dw721kn single phase saw. Unsure if this is normal but when I press the trigger, the saw make a loud buzzing and grinding sound while the blade turns slowly, sounds like it's struggling to get going. After 3-4 seconds it's picks up speed and sounds great and...
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    Machine graveyard

    A few miles from ours is an old sawmill, all overgrown with a few old workshops which are starting to fall down. We passed early this morning and decided to hop over the fence and take a look. It was amazing, almost as if work finished one day and then it's never been touched! Loads of abandoned...
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    Van through car wash?

    Anyone know if a mercedes vito will fit through an automatic car wash?
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    Large air compressor

    Looking for a big air compressor, 3 phase 7.5hp with 270l tank. Something like this https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/se36c-2 ... essor-wis/ Anyone know if these are any good or if there's a better brand? Just want one that's preferably british made and reliable.
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    Slight accident this morning. 1.5 tonnes of 4 sided planer slipped of the pallet truck and rolled onto its side when moving it!! What a plonker!
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    Brothers kitchen and house

    Finished my brothers kitchen today, thought I'd share a few pics as I haven't shown anything lately, nice and simple kitchen using oak venered ply and painted maple. While I was there I took a few photos of his house and the natural filtered swimming pool. If it was mine I'd be showing off but...
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    Toyota hiace

    Looking for a new van and wondered if anyone has a Toyota hiace 2007-2012 model and if there any good? Had a vivaro which has cost loads in breakdowns and repairs, so looking for the most reliable van out there and wondered if anyone has any experience with the Toyota.
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    Latest kitchen

    Hi all Haven't shown anything for a while so thought I'd post a few pictures I took today of our latest kitchen. Made with ash veneered carcasses, solid ash drawers and accoya frames and doors. Hope you like it. Cheers