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    Filtration revisited

    Still can't get a hold of a 480mm filter to fit my dust extractor although 320mm seem readily available. In another thread, a member said he created a 'donut' to allow (I assumed) a larger filter to fit his extractor so I'm wondering what would be the implications of creating a "step-down donut"?
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    What are these, please?

    Can anyone identify these bars please? Because they're pictured with Expamet packaging I have visited their site and gone through every listing I could find on their site and can't find anything even close.
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    Fine Filter Cartridge For Dust Collectors 480mm

    I've been after one of the above to fit an Axminster dust extraactor. The Axi version has been out of stock for weeks, is still quoting 12 weeks for delivery but overnight has jumped from £153 to £199 (similar story with their AC118CI and the head alone from around £100 to £150!). Anyone know of...
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    Sorby Patriot or RP SC4

    Now that the RP SC4 has had a huge price hike and within a few pints of the Sorby Patriot, anyone out there with experience of one, other or both able to give some pointers as to which one to go for?
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    Leaky garage roof

    Recently moved to a property that has a sectional concrete garage that has a leaky roof. I can't see quite where it's coming in but during yesterday's rain I could see droplets running down the underside of the convulted roofing sheets (roof appears to slope from front of garage to back, roughly...
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    Not so very long ago, I was getting 38mmx63mmx2400 lengths in packs of 8 for £20. Now they £5.57 each! What happened?
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    Consumer Units For Workshop

    Would this one be adequate? I plan to have a 1.5kw dust extractor, servicing either a 1kw lathe, 550w bandsaw or 1400w router; the latter will also have a 1300w shopvac working in conjunction with the main DE. Lighting will come from two - possibly more - 48w 600mmx600mm LED panels and I almost...
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    Sold Record Power DX1000 Chip & Dust Extractor

    Record Power DX1000 Chip & Dust Extractor £120 Little used, comes complete with two hoses - 11/2" for use with power tools as fitted in photo and a 4" length for use with tablesaws, bandsaws, planer-thicknessers etc - and two spare filter bags. Collection from LN6 0
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    Withdrawn Record Power DML320 Lathe and Stand

    As I'm about to lose my workshop I'm having to find a new home for my lathe, a Record Power DML320. This is less than a year old (purchased September 2020) and has the Record Power leg stand. It comes with the drives, wrenches and knock-out bars supplied as new. As you will probably be aware...
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    Sold Robert Sorby 820H 13mm Round Scraper

    Approx 1 Year old, little used £30
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    I have a 1hp motor 'salvaged' from a (not at all) old lathe (Record Power DML320) which I was hoping to use it in a shop made dust extractor. As the lathe itself plugged straight into a regular 3-pin socket, I fitted a 13a plug to test the motor. It runs but it does get hot very quickly. Quick...
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    Combining tablesaw and router

    In the constant battle for space in a single garage workshop, I am contemplating combining my router table and table saw into one unit. I was thinking of replacing the current extrusions front and back of the table saw with 2020 Aluminium Profile, with a wing holding the router (Triton MOF001)...
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    Airbrushing Kits for turned work

    Anyone using anything like one of these to add colour to their turned projects? I have some amazon vouchers I thought about spending on an airbrush and compressor kit and amazon has a number of options, many of which appear to be damn near indentical including the one linked to above plus a...
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    For Sale New Trend Respirator

    TREND AIR STEALTH APF20 P3 HALF MASK £20 This was recommended for use in conjunction with a visor. Tried it on day of purchase and it was comfortable, no issue with it fogging my glasses so seemed ideal. However, my constant catarrh wasn't too chronic that day. It was frst time I wanted to use...
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    Power Take Off Socket

    Anyone ever made their own and able to offer any guidance?
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    Kirschen carving gouges

    Any good?
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    Sold Sold

    Purchased a few months ago but then I got a Turnmaster so been used twice at most. £33
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    Withdrawn Withdrawn

    Record Power WG250 Wetstone grinder which comes with all the original RP supplied accessories including an angle finder, angle setting gauge, support arm, diamond Truing tool, grading stone, a straight edge jig for chisels (possibly plane blades too but can't swear to that), tube of Autosel...
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    Airbrushing Dust

    Now I'm progressing to projects that involve hollowing out, I'm wondering if a blast from an airbrush would be capale of blowing out dust? I don't own a compressor and don't really have the space for a bulky one.
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    Wind fall Wood

    We've had some strong winds round our way and I'm noticing a number of snapped-off boughs along the roadsides I travel along. Anyone know if there's any law against me collecting any of these?