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    Hi all, the Bosch GCM 12 GDL is currently on Amazon deal of the day for £575 delivered
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    Thicknesses leaving indent.

    Hi all. My thicknesses has started to leave this groove at the start of the run. Any ideas??
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    Planers from screwfix

    Hi all I am looking for a relatively cheap planer, for my occasional DIY hobby. I have seen these 2 at screwfix, and in terms of board width these 2 are fine. http://www.screwfix.com/p/erbauer-erb05 ... 230v/81126 http://www.screwfix.com/p/titan-ttb579p ... 230v/15774 Does anybody have any...
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    Sending PM's

    Why cant i send PM's? Effective 21/01/2013 Ive sent in the past and i am active on the forum.
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    New Table saw

    Hi everyone. I am in the search for a new (rather, first) table saw. I am not really a heavy user but a table saw would come in very handy. I have started making small projects from oak. My budget is £200 I have looked at a few table saws, that being a Einhell a ryobi and a Clarke one. However...
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    New End Table

    Hi This is a new 1st proper project of mine. I am going to make a end table to go at the end of my new sofa in my sun room. The table will be made from oak of which i am going to purchase tomorrow from my local timber yard. Either oak plank or sleeper, is there any difference? The size of the...
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    Speaker Stands

    This is my first ever project (if you can call it one) A pair of speaker stands for my bookshelf speakers. I wanted a pair that would be more suitable in a room that is full of natural wood furniture. I purchased some whitewood (base) and redwood i think (legs) from my local timber merchant and...
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    Local TImber Supplier

    Hi all Please could anyone let me know if there are any hardwood timber supplies near to me in Barrow in Furness. I have searched the internet and the nearest to me (which isnt near at all) is Penrith. Any assistance is gratefully appreciated.
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    New Router Help

    Hi all I am looking for my 1st 1/2 router for under £100. I am just starting out in the woodworking world so at the moment i dont really want to spend all that much. I currently have a Ferm 1/4 router, but it isnt very stable when using. I have seen the Erbauer 2100w 1/2 router at £99, would...
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    Hi I have just got 2 vices One is a record No 55 The other is home metal vice 2081/2 Does anyone know if these are any good? Regards
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    Woodworking Beginner

    Hi Guys I am starting a new hobby of woodworking and wood like some info on what tools to buy if possible. I will be starting building small pieces of furniture to begin with. Custom speaker stands and a stool. I have just acquired a 2m x 0.8m workbench of which I have replaced the worktop...