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    Carving Pedestal and Easel

    With work and a seemingly interminable Winter it's taken me an age to take advantage of the space cleared for me in the garage by SWMBO. Finally got this built to a point where it's usable, there will be more to do to it but I'll let usage dictate the changes and/or additions. A basic pedestal...
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    Bird Skull Props

    My son takes part in a group event that has a requirement for props of various sorts, I recently made a large bird skull which in turn lead to a request for a necklace of three small bird skulls capable of holding paper tokens which could be torn free as and when required. To hold the paper...
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    What did I find in my tidy-up?

    Clearing out stuff I had saved for a rainy day, well it's been raining for ages and I still haven't used it. I need the space in the garage. Sorting through some ~3' lengths of 2x7[ish] 'pine' when I moved one piece that seemed rather heavy. Looked oily-dirty as if I had used it when I used to...
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    Engagement Gift

    A gift for family friend who's getting engaged. A bit of a rush job with limited time in short bursts. Generally happy although I think I've made the foot a little small. The finish is Microcrystalline Wax with Black Bison on the rings for contrast. They are similar but different to reflect the...
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    Lidl/Parkside Engraver

    Bought this the other day in Lidle for ~£7, I see they're on eBay at ~£16+ :roll: Gave it a try today, glass jar [with bin bag below just in case] I drew marker pen lines and only fingertip hold on the letter template [four are supplied in total] I was finding the right stroke setting on the...
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    Cressing or Yandles?

    I have a week off in September, I've discovered that Yandles has a show on the first weekend, Cressing has the European Woodworking show on the second. It's a fair trek for just a show but with the promise of a couple of days away I can go to one....or the other. But which? Any tips on how they...
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    Zebrano and Silver Ring

    A few years ago I made a Zebrano bangle for Blister's turning challenge. SWMBO decided to have a 'significant' birthday so I made this matching ring. Heat bent Zebrano superglued onto a silver 'spool' custom made for me by a friend, then TURNED to final form on the lathe, smoothed down to P600...
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    Musical Marble Machine

    My son just sent me this link, rather good IMO; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvUU8joBb1Q
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    Masked Musicians

    This quiz http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/articles/80963675-9571-4021-a9a5-78bf621f05a4?intc_type=promo&intc_location=news&intc_campaign=alterego&intc_linkname=bbcmusic_ent_quiz filled a bored 5mins at work last night. I scored 9/10 :shock: . Bear in mind I'm 54, like 100yr old music and have only...
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    Elliptical Frame Construction Advice please

    I'm about to embark on the construction of a decorative mirror frame. The mirror is elliptical; 430mm x 290mm on it's axes. I haven't quite decided the wood yet, current candidates are Lime or maybe ABW. My question is, should I cut out in one from a wide [jointed] board or assemble from shorter...
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    Carved Human Hand in Lime

    This one's been a long time in the making, probably ~ 95% of the time spent waiting to be finished :oops: . The hand is mine, main shaping done from photo's, details refined from direct observation. The veins on the back of the hand are done by compressing the veins into the wood, then...
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    Looking for a suitable electric fan heater

    I received a Stanley 2kW fan heater for Chrimbo for the workshop. The idea being a short run should bring the temp.s above bearable for a little while, I'm comfortable below 'cosy' but some delicate tasks are noticeably difficult when you're shivering. The Stanley's going back to Screwfix. At...
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    Another Carved Wallet

    I recently found an old wallet of my Granddads, there are receipts in it from 30 years ago, just before he died. It's a little tatty and that appeals to me. This carving will be a present for my son in a couple of days time. It's Lime, all from one piece, the only glue used was to repair a...
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    Of interest to those who plane:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttEUGKQXtQs Or jump down three posts to swagman's alternative link.
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    Private Limited Company

    I discovered an acquaintance of mine is the director/shareholder of a private ltd company, he has two friends who are the other two shareholders. He is in full time employment, as is his wife. I am just being nosey and naturally suspicious but, is there some sneaky tax advantage or similar...
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    Carved Green Man

    A bit more carving, finally completed this Green Man for Mrs.M, it's taken up temporary residence in the kitchen. It's Oak finished with Danish oil, a couple of coats all over, then a few more on the face to create a darker and more glossy appearance. I find carving Oak a PITA, but the...
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    Steam Bending in a Flexible Steam Box

    Not done any steam bending myself but this looks an interesting and useful technique. But then it could be old hat for all that I know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50uXPPt8-VI I think this bloke's got a surprisingly good delivery, looks like an addled moonshiner but clearly isn't. Could...
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    B&Q Caters for the Tool Collectors?

    Saw this yesterday while buying some plumbing fittings...
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    Bench Morticer Advice

    I'm in the market for a morticer, I'm buying it as a gift from my wife to me for Christmas. The favourite was this one http://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-hobby-series-aw16bmst2-bench-morticer at £260 from Axy, but now Rutlands have thrown a spanner in the works with this offer...