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    Portrait cut.

    Hi All, I offered some of the Carers at the Nursing home where my wife was a resident a portrait. Here is the latest, has a couple of errors unfortunately. Best wishes and stay safe. Bob H.
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    Wife's GP.

    HI. My latest portrait cut. took a while to do but srollsawing these days has to take a back seat. Regards. Bob H.
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    Another portrait.

    Hi. Another thank you to a helper, one way for my wife and to say thank you to her. I have found ,as I think is well known, that some people do not show on photos or these patterns as well as others. This lady for instance is about 60 or so, she is a neighbour that we have known for a short...
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    A portrait.

    Hi, I don't contribute as much as I should so here is a cutting I just did of one of my wife's carers (she has dementia - the real reason why I don't do much these days). The hard work - the cuts - I did but the real work, the pattern, was done by Paul from Devon via another forum. My boss lady...
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    Austin Healey 3000 - Portrait.

    Hi, A friend has owned an Austin Healey 3000, 60's era for about 20 years and it is finally restored. He and his wife have now returned after some 9000 kilometres over 3 weeks (rather them than me, I'd be OK for an afternoon). So I thought to give him a "portrait' - can a portrait be of a car...
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    Prepaid mobile in UK.

    Hi, Not the correct section of the Forum but probably better read so I'm asking here as well as the "non topic" section. Visiting Uk in September and need information about the best mobile phone rate please. Phone only as an emergency thing - no calls outside UK. wifi and web not needed. For 4...
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    Prepaid mobile in UK.

    Hi, Visiting Uk in September and need information about the best mobile phone rate please. Phone only as an emergency thing - no calls outside UK. wifi and web not needed. For 4 weeks. Here in Oz I can pay $2 (1.20 pounds) for a sim card and $10 (6 pounds} for calls for a 90 day period. Only...
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    Scrollsaw advice.

    Hi, Advance Machinery, Canadian I think, sell Hegner saws and have an Free email scroll saw "Free Mini Seminars", might be of interest to some. Their web address is:- www.advmachinery.com and the invite to subscribe is on their Home page, the one you get. Hope it helps, Bob H.
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    Madacascar fretworker

    Hi, Wanted to share this but have no luck posting pictures on this forum (my fault I guess) so I'm posting a link to another forum. http://www.woodworkforums.com/f19/madag ... er-140813/ Bob H. Mod Edit:
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    Barbie Table - scroll Saw & Craft magazine - Summer 2011

    Hi, I have a rush job for a granddaughter for a Barbie table. The summer issue (2011) of the Scroll Saw & Crafts Magazine has one. As my need is urgent, ordering a copy of the magazine from USA wouldn't be soon enough. Would someone have the pattern, just the table, that they would scan and send...
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    Hobbies (of Dereham) pattern 1935 era

    Hi, Was sent a copy of a Hobbies clock pattern (Fairy Clock No. 2059 dated 6 Apl 1935), I guess part of the 'Art Deco' time(?).Not impressed with the design at first but it has grown on me, also I seem to enjoy these patterns from the past, especially this one as I was about nine months old when...
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    Hobbies - the firm - of the past.

    Hi, I have just received a copy of a Hobbies pattern, about 1935 vintage it seems. What days they must have been for fretwork enthusiasts. the pattern, I'll try to post a part of it, lists 'Hobbies Supply Stores' :- New Oxford St, WC1, 147 Bishopgate EC, 83 Newington Butts SE11 as well as in...
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    2009 Perth (W.A.) Wood Show.

    Hi, Our small scroll saw club, about 12 members now, have for the second year running, had a stand at our local Wood Show. We don't sell, just try to promote scroll sawing and in doing so increase our membership a bit. Last year's efforts resulted in about four new members. another reason for...
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    Clock insert battery - R1 (AB)

    Hi, Have just bought some oval clock inserts which apparently require a type 'R1 (AB) Clock Battery'. Bought the inserts from a UK firm but having trouble locating the battery here in Australia. Have emailed the UK firm (I could have ordered the batteries from them initially but didn't as...
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    Maybe because I'm a Londoner really.

    Hi, Been in Oz for 40+ years but's right when they say that you can take the boy out of the country but not the country out of the boy. Enjoyed doing this but it had some some challenges, for me anyway. Hope the picture arrives! Regards, Bob H. About 19 inches long, plan from Hobbies of...
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    Perth (Western Australia) Wood Show Stand.

    Our small, in numbers (10) and in age (nearly two years) decided to enter a stand at this years Perth Wood Show (finished tonight). We were allowed FREE attendance but not allowed to sell, which was fine as our intention was to attract some members. We had no idea of what public interest there...
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    Adding attachments

    Hello, Thought I'd post an introdution and add a couple of pictures but I'm blessed if I can sort out attaching the pictures. Any help please? Thanks, Bob H. p.s. Mind not being able to do it might be a blessing for the viewers!![/img]
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    Trying to help a disabled person to scrollsaw.

    Our small scrollsaw group has been asked if we can guide (help) a disabled person to scrollsaw. Would anyone have any ideas that can help a person with the use of only one arm to use a scrollsaw? Any thoughts, suggestions, would be welcome. Thank you, Bob