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    Drummond metalworking lathe

    I have just put up a wanted notice for a lathe...in the wanted section. If anyone can help I would be very grateful. Thanks to you all.
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    Glazing Beads

    I am about to make up some external beads for double glazing before I strip out the existing redwood ones....about 18 years old. They are in a very exposed position and would like to renew them in wood more durable than r/w. Any suggestions please on current suitable bead wood? I can run them...
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    Landfill making

    I was sent this link of kids in a landfill result. Thought it was worth mulling over. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=UJrSUHK9Luw
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    I am ruined by this forum. I have just bought a 4 ½ Stanley plane I don’t need at a sale for £5. A bit grotty but on closer inspection I suspect it may be a 16 made in the USA in 1933 - 1941. It has Bailey at the front made in USA behind the frog a Rosewood front knob. The handle is much...
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    Tooth fairy

    I am hoping someone can give me some help. I want to make small boxes for the tooth fairy or something similar for my new granddaughters as keep sakes. One is in America and I want to use old apple wood from the family garden to make it worth keeping in the future......a link to the old home...
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    Coloured filler

    Does anyone have any expereince of colouring Cataloy, Brummer, or such like to give a bright colour? I am going to rout writing on a board and fill the letters with a red or blue or yellow stopper. I wondered if anyone had done this using artists acrylic paint or similar which being water...
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    Norris smoother

    I would like some advice please on the sense of stripping down and restoring a plane given to me nearly 30 years ago. I know there are many experienced renovators here and I don’t want to throw it away as it is a nice object in its own right. I thought I would drill out the rivets (about 5)...
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    metal supplier

    Can anyone put me in the right direction for metal? It is for the inside of door knobs I am making up so it is wood related. The modern knob spindles are 8mm square so a 9mmx 9mm internal square tube would probably be a good fit. It will probably have to be a 1/2 tube less wall thickness...
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    Clock movements

    I bought a few clock movements at the Scottish Show in October, possibly from Mean Time Design. That may be the name they registered their stall under but not necessarily selling under. As I couldn’t find out about them, Google threw up a reference to this site, but the link doesn’t seem to be...
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    Parkinson wood vice No 15

    Having read a number of heplful queries and answers over the past few weeks I wonder if anyone can help me. I purchased a Parkinson vice years ago which worked well in the junk shop without any load on it. When I got it home and tried it under load of course it jumped as a result of a broken...