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  1. J

    Hardwax oil over application?

    I'd hire a floor buffer and white pads. Edit: I see Ollie got there first. There are different types of buffer, you want a low speed one (120 rpm or so IIRC).
  2. J

    Paint stripper

    Peelaway 7 is pretty good although I've not used it on wood.
  3. J

    Stud Wall

    If you can find the right plasterer they will be able to do a skim with fibreglass mesh (not just scrim tape which is pretty useless) trowelled into and embedded in the skim over that whole area. I would think about using a cement board instead as well.
  4. J

    Can't find a router cutter to make this ovolo

    Last time I looked at this was a few years ago but I think Wealden can do you a custom one, at a cost, so can Titman, NLS, and probably others. But you are probably in that territory unless you get lucky.
  5. J

    Tantalised Roofing Battens

    That looks lovely and maybe I am being daft, but I do not understand why the membrane is between the vertical and horizontal battens rather than under the vertical ones.
  6. J

    Who has taken them!

    Crime has generally gone down, it is more reported.
  7. J

    Who has taken them!

    Education does not reduce common sense. If anything it tends to increase it (although that is not necessarily the case).
  8. J

    Who has taken them!

    What's wrong with that? Is there a particular advantage in having less well educated cops?
  9. J

    Lime mortar

    The bricks are soft so they can be rubbed to size to allow the fine mortar joint.
  10. J

    Who has taken them!

    "every kid has a degree now so it is beneath them" seems pretty sour. There is nothing wrong in looking for something more interesting or well paid. Is he claiming that people with degrees have a higher rate of not having any job to avoid a driving job than people without a degree?
  11. J

    Who has taken them!

    Seems fair enough Bob. Depends what drives you I suppose and what you like doing.
  12. J

    Pergola - best fixing location (#1, #2 or #3?)

    Cedar is really acidic, so fastenings ought to be stainless. I wouldn't trust a coating long term (and galvanisation is no good at all). Prepare for some sticker shock though. I'd bolt like Inspector suggests, I haven't priced it but I'd guess that stainless threaded rod will work out...
  13. J

    New scam yesterday.

    It is a massive import/export hub for Asia and Asia vs rest of the world. On its own this import figure says very little other than it is a very successful and cheap port, what were its textile imports?
  14. J

    Gluing end grain is stronger than you think.

    I can't wait until Youtube discovers scarf joints. It'll be revolutionary.
  15. J


    I see the grumps have turned up.
  16. J


    Fantastic to see such an amazing British talent, an astonishing sporting moment. Thank you Mr and Mrs Radacanu!
  17. J

    For Sale Bessey cramps, Axminster chuck jaws & RP faceplate

    Do not underestimate those Kli-Klamps, they are super useful and have a clamping force far above what you would expect from their weight.
  18. J

    Thien Baffle for Camvac?

    Camvac explain in their manuals that having fewer than all the motors on will reduce suction disproportionately because air will find an easier path through the off motors rather than the filter. So with a twin it is not a case of having 50% on single motor and then doubling it. Mine's a three...
  19. J

    Masonry Nailer

    I have the Axminster one, it shoots maybe 7 or 8 out of 10 all the way in neatly into our relatively soft yellow stock bricks. The other 2-3 get left with heads sticking out 5-10mm, which need bending over and nail-setting into the timber leaving pretty big gouges for filling. As a very...
  20. J

    Question about bike brakes

    I only bicycle occasionally now, but I used to ride everywhere in my 20s-30s. For most of it, on a Kona with the OE cantis replaced with Magura rim brakes. Then got a Chas Roberts built up, they persuaded me to fit disks rather than maggies. I still have it, it seems fine now, but I was most...