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    What's happened to some of our more illustrious posters?

    Am I alone in wondering why Mr Grimsdale is yet again showing the "BANNED" notification on his postings? I realise that just asking this question may result in my suspension but I felt it was high time to ask why? Especially as he is one of our most experienced and knowledgeable posters. Scrit
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    What should Dom be thought of as?

    OK, now's the time to make your opinions known! Following promhandicam's suggestion at the end of this page what do YOU think we should regard Dom as? Scrit
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    The employment question

    A while back Byron Black (I think) started a thread about switching careers. I'm now trying to find out what sort of people would consider a career change into professional woodworking, what they'd expect form the job (financially and otherwise) and what sort of skills they think they could...
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    Anyone recognize this valve?

    Thsi is a monster 27kHz valve which I need to find a replacement for. I believe that these were made by RCA in the USA, but this one has no discernable makers markings (it has a supplier name, but they want a huge amount of money for a replacement valve). Does anyone recognize it or can point me...
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    Aluminium? Cast iron? Gimme rocks.......

    Tired of wonky aluminium table tops? Fed-up with inaccurate cast iron ones? Then take a look at this idea. Maybe this idea just rocks. Scrit
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    Is this video a fake? My personal experience is that there's not enough claret by a long way........ Still, points out how easily mistakes can be made Scrit
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    Japanese Saws vs. Western Saws

    I am reviewing my hand tool kit and one question which has popped-up in my mind yet again is whether or not to make the switch from European saws to Japanese saws. I currently use a good selection of (mainly) vintage quality European-pattern saws including dovetail saws, tenon saws, panel saws...
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    Water, water, everywhere......

    So how's the water level where you are? Funny, but whilst it tipped it down on Sunday and yesterday up here in the mid Pennines we experienced no floods. But brother was it wet! Over in Sheffield they've not been having such a good time of it, poor so and sos The oddest thing I've seen on...
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    Domino user review on net

    I came across this review of the Domino whilst looking for something else on the InterWeb and thought it might be of interest. It is certainly pretty detailed and not sales/marke=ting driven. Personally I don't see a use for the Domino, in the same way that I can't see the need to make end grain...
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    Porter-Cable Omnijig - one for our Transatlantic members?

    I'v read that Porter-Cable are due to replace the venerable and industrial (i.e. battleship) Omnijig dovetailing jig: with a new model: Is this really the case, or will the old model continue alongside the new? Furthermore, has anyone in the USA/Canada reviewed these new jigs yet and how...
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    Milk Paint

    I wondered if anyone knows of a supplier in the UK who does milk paint or an acceptable substitute? I've had stuff in the past from the USA, but that seems environmentally insensitive if there's a British or European manufacturer. Scrit
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    Fork lift training?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get hold of any videos on Fork Lift Truck driving? The only one I've found is this one in German which doesn't seem too good Scrit
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    Clamping Pressure- Too Much, Too Little or Just Right?

    I was just chatting to someone about glue clamping and we got round to discussing some glue line failures. I've found that there is a tendency for some people to try piling on loads of pressure whilst I live with a large number of those cheapo Wolfcraft QR cramps which could never be accused of...
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    It's a Brese

    I tripped over what appears to be a new planemaker, Brese. I especially like the smoother - shades of a #13 but in brass and mahogany (I think). Prices frighten me a bit, though. You could buy some nice machinery at those prices :roll: . Enjoy! Scrit
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    Oh Name That Machine, Where Art Thou?

    OK, so I nicked a film title (anyone remember the film?) :roll: Anyway here's another small collection of antique wood machining conundrums from yesterday to be going on with, see how many you can name: No. 1 Looks ideal for mowing the grass but it really isn't. What is it? No. 2 In...
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    Illustrated Timber Species

    On a lighter note I don't know if it's been posted before, but I came across a web site recently with an amazing number of illustrations of timber species called EXOTIC WOOD. There's everything from afata to zorra (never heard of either :? ). Take a look. Scrit
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    Say No To 0870

    I don't know if this has been aired here before or not, but I for one am fed up with companies who insist on using 0870 and other "extra charge" numbers whilst not listing a standard phone number. What this means, for example, is that if you ring to make a complaint about service and their...
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    Does anyone know of a supplier of round bamboo poles, 2 to 6in in diameter? I have been asked if I can undertake a shop fit with this unusual material and at first thought I'm a bit stumped as tyo where I'd get any, other than asking someone I know who imports bamboo flooring and worktops (which...
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    Just how many faults are there?

    In this piece of oak I had left-over from a job last week..... I counted 4 defects which is pretty amazing in just 12 inches Scrit
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    Art Deco - good or bad?

    I have to admit to being a fan of products and designs from the Art Deco period. My particular likes are actually some of the pieces by Bauhaus (such as some of Brauer's designs like this) although I'm also drawn to many of the forms used in what some refer to as British machine modern, or...