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    ADSL2+ with only 6dB of SNR

    ok people I need some help on this one. I've been debugging adsl problems for a while but this one has me stumped, I think I've got a line problem but am struggling to convince open-reach. I'm with BE internet adsl 2+ budget service limited to 8meg, I don't live a million miles from my...
  2. K

    hope they don't expect her to park it

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8355531.stm 8) Wendy
  3. K

    Bench mounted router table ventilation

    Chaps, I'm working on my beech worktop-based otterman for Mrs KU. I've made a box joint jig for my new bench top router table *fanfare* mounted in the table is a freud 3HP FT2000, in my infinite wisdom I decided to completely box the router in (mainly for noise dampening) and the plan was to...
  4. K

    cutting box joints on a router table with sledge

    ok, so i've starting rouging out Mrs KU's otterman using a load of beech block worktops donated to the cause. I've sized and thicknessed the boards and am now experimenting with cutting some box joints. The sort of dimensions I'm talking about are 50mm wide fingers that are 25mm deep. My...
  5. K

    Big box joints

    I`ve been tasked with making Mrs KU a large linen box for xmas, question is how to cut the box joints for the sides....... We are talking large scale here using possibly some donated beech block work-top..... any ideas welcome, I`m not sure my router-finger-joint jig is up to the job on this...
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    Mains filters aaarrrrgggghh!!!!

    Mrs KU blew up the dishwasher over the weekend, so a trip to B&Q saw us the new owners of a shiney new integrated dishwasher *fanfare*. all plumbed in and ready for the off when *puff* turning the plug on causes the RCD to blow in my consumer unit. Reset everything, try again........ *puff*...
  7. K

    painted flat roof

    reading another thread (and not wanting to high-jack) I`m starting to panic about my flat roof. It was replaced about 3 years ago and the roofer advised a painted finish rather than stones. could somebody point me in the direction of a supplier so I can buy some more paint to give it a fresh...
  8. K

    superb guitar playing

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6BSZgNoSlA un-orthodox, yet highly skilled playing. VERY enjoyable. Steve
  9. K

    Schumacher returns to F1.

    I see Mr Schumacher is set to return is massa`s place....... hhhmmmmmmmm :? Steve
  10. K

    brain teaser

    This interesting brain teaser was suggested at work, several IC design engineers argued over the answer for several days....... " a game show host as 3 boxs, one has a prize in. The contestant is made to pick a box. The gameshow host then purposefully opens up an empty box leaving 2 (the one...
  11. K

    calling all linux woodworking users......

    I`m having trouble with my Acer one netbook. I`ve installed ubuntu netbook remix 9.04 and the touchpad is playing up :? its really strange, if I "use" the touchpad whilst its booting then it works fine. If I don't then when it boots I can only click in certain areas of the screen, I can...
  12. K

    fathers day pressie

    my lads got me this: well chuffed! Steve
  13. K

    dual extractor design + cyclone install

    I'm trying out a few ideas with my proposed dual extractor system. I'm thinking I've made a prize cock up here........ turning the yellow motor on results in a pleasing amount of suction and a good exhaust strength. However turning the blue motor on results in a reduction of suck...
  14. K

    dust extraction remote turn on

    I`m putting my final touches on my dust extraction plan. My problem at the moment is going to be walking over to turn it on everytime I want to use a connected machine. any solutions anyone know of? Ideally I`d like to have an automatic system..... A bit like my monitor and printer are...
  15. K

    Freud Dado blade set for sale.....SOLD

    http://www.freudtools.com/p-315-pro-dado-set.aspx 1 dado set for sale, freud code SD208 i.e. 5/8 inch bore, 8" diameter set. used twice, but about 5 years old. Slight surfce rust which I`ll clean up, bit dusty but basically as new. £20 + delivery (which for 3.5kg looks around £6 + vat) PM me...
  16. K

    dual extractor system

    am I right in thinking that there is no technical reason why 2 extractors can't be connected together in a system in parallel. i.e. 2 shopvacs or 2 chip extractors with inlets and exhausts joined, obviously with suitable connections e.g. Y piece for inlets. maybe giving a system where 1 can be...
  17. K

    heavy-duty machine base from rutlands

    got an email through yesterday from rutlands about a heavy duty mobile base for 1/2 price. Just what I need for my floor standing startrite 351E. http://www.rutlands.co.uk/cgi-bin/psPro ... i?promo=50 Ordered yesterday @ 3PM arrive today @ 8AM, the only grumble was no email confirmation of...
  18. K

    Britains got talent

    My heart sank for that poor 10 year old girl, what a digusting display the producers should be ashamed! Not entertaining in the least! Steve Ps mrs ku was balling her eyes out
  19. K

    small bench mounted router table

    I have a B&Q router table *shudder*, its the biggest pile of ali rubbish that I have ever used, what was I thinking when I bought it (a few years ago now). infact its SO bad that its a bit of an insult to my gorgeous Freud router thats slung under it. SO the time has come and I`m gonna take the...
  20. K

    numpty beginner question

    I`m building some wall hangers for hanging baskets. Simple design 4x2 horizontal and vertical, with a brace between them. I want the butt joint between the vertical and horizontal 4x2 to be a bit stronger than a "butt" so I`ve opted for a finger joint come "end" motice and tenon joint. No need...