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    God's Country

    This piece was a first of this type for me. Not to bad to cut. Made two of them. The finishing and assembly were where the patience was required. Lin
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    A set of Eagles from the "New Toy"

    I set this eagle up this past Saturday and carved the one from pine first...to make sure I had the depths set right before I ruined a good piece of hardwood. It took just over an hour to carve at normal quality on the machine. The second one I did at best quality in pecan. It took almost two...
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    Off Topic...but I have my new "Toy"

    I bought the Compu-Carve and just set it up today...did a test piece from common pine...I'm hoooked. Just need to get good with the software and this CNC router and I will be good friends. Pic of the test piece. Lin
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    Retirement Gift

    One of our set-up guys just retired this past weeks after working in my shop for 47 years. I cut this piece for him. It is an outside sign to hang on his house or garage. Cut from 3/4" spalted maple with hard maple fishes. I really like the way this wood looks...I may just have to amke one...
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    Last couple segemented projects

    A bit of what I've been up to. The "Bass" was my first attempt at trying my hand at painting wood to actucally look like something. I tend to be really good with a spray can in my hand painting a background but put a paint brush in my hand and the story changes...lol This piece below I felt...
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    I'm Back

    Haven't been here for quite awhile....Now I come for a quick visit and see what I have found... A "Scrolling" forum. So I have spent an hour or so...just reading past posts and looking at pics.. WOW...Many of the members here have passed me up and left me in their dust...The projects are great...
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    Rose Luminaries

    Got them done and then found out trying to take pics of them with the candles lit to show them off is not an easy task....Finally got a presentable pic of them lit up. Both were cut using 1/4" red oak. One has red transparent plexi inside the other has orange florencent tranparent plexi...
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    WIP photos and info for the "Segmented Eagle"

    Devonwoody and Gary have ask if I would post the sorta WIP of the "Segmented Eagle" that I completed earlier this year. I took pics along the way of that piece to show how I do my segmented projects. This will end up being a long thread. I will post a few pics each day or so thru to completion...
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    Most recent "Completed" project

    Notice I said "completed"...seems lately I seem to have several going on at one time and don't remember which end is up... :lol: But this one I have finally gotten done...well with the exception of a hanger which goes on tomorrow...Have to deleiver Friday so that can not be put off. Pic is of...
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    Pics of what I've been up to

    Just a few pics of what I've been up to since x-mas. Working on a fretwork clock at present...........slow going.... Lin Cut from aspen........layered and spray painted. Cut from 1/2" red oak with 3/4" red oak base. Cut from 6 layers of 3/4" cherry with maple pulls. Bandsaw box is...
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    Bandsaw Question

    I have gotten an order for a large bandsaw box. I have cut a few of the smaller ones but not one this size before. I have a 2 speed 14" bandsaw with a riser block. I use Timberwolf blades. My question is...Since I got the bandsaw I have always ran it on the higher speed....3500 FPM. Should...
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    Scrolled "Kitty" Box

    Just delivered this scrolled "Kitty" box. Cut from cherry with BB paw print overlays.....I had fun with the little toes.....I stack cut them but had to cut extras cause I kept losing them in the saw dust.......lol Posting pic and the pattern for it below for anyone who may want to cut this one...
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    Prettys for the Christmas Tree

    Pic is of front and back of the three ornaments. They were stack cut from 1/8" colored acrylic mirror and bright yellow acid free paper glue between them to show off the names and year. Colors from left to right are red, teal, and purple mirror.......the mirror doesn't take pics well but let...
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    Something a bit easier to cut

    A couple pics of a wedding plaque cut from mahogany with a plexi mirror backer and a more recent completed project of a lettering piece done for a co-worker. Both are fairly simple cuts...the lettering on the wedding plaque is a bit tedious to do but not to bad. "Work To Live" was cut from...
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    A challenge for me..in progress..will be long

    I have a couple orders for this fretwork frame.....this one houses 7 pics. It's getting close to being done and I took pics along the way...This is the hardest of all the fretwork frames I have done so far.....If you woodworkers see any thing in my process that would help me shorten my time or...
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    Segmented Arabian Horsehead

    Not really sure if this still looks like an Arabian. The original pattern called for the mane to be dark but the customer is always right and wanted it the lighter color......Cut from one piece of 3/4" aspen. Shaped with flex, pneumatic, and bow sanders. Colored with minwax oil and woodburst...
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    "Wonder Puzzle"..Bob...need help

    Got it cut then made the mistake of taking it apart. Bob, Are you going to come to Michigan to put this sucker back together for me? As I type this...hubby and son are both trying to put it together behind me... :lol: Lin
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    Retirement and Wedding Gifts

    Just a couple pics of what I have been up to. The portrait was done for a wonderful lady that I have been working with for the 18 years that I have been at my present JOB....She retired after 44 years there......I know I did good cause when she opened the gift she cried. Her daughter supplied...
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    Finally done

    Got this bad boy done.. :wink: ....finally. Has been worth the time. When my daughter sees it for the first time I think it will put a very big smile on her face. The gift for my daughter has given me two orders now for similar pieces. Will start saving for my next new "Toy"...lol.... Cut...
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    More progress on the "Segmented Horsehead"

    Just to let you see where I'm at on the "Segmented Horsehead" that I posted a pic of after the final shaping. Color has now been added and glue up has begun. Finally found the time this week-end to work on it..... Hoping to have it glued up before going back to work tomorrow and get the backer...