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    BBC News

    This made me laugh - it should be on the joke thread!
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    BBC Scaremongering again

    The BBC go to great lengths to be "impartial" in their output. This is not the same as "balanced" as a quick read (lots of flannel, not much objectivity) of the charter explains: Impartiality -section 4 Taken simplistically - every opinion counts. Unsurprisingly most of us inevitably find a...
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    A new bench for my bandsaw

    A couple of thoughts - albeit after the event: there must be a trade off in stability between more weight in the base or a bigger footprint. a bigger footprint would make a cupboard underneath feasible - use for spare blades etc fitting castors would allow it to be easily moved so longer...
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    BBC Scaremongering again

    The TV license fee is a tax. Based on households it has more in common with council tax than income tax. Unlike both it is not progressive - irrespective of the size of house occupied, or the income enjoyed, all pay the same. It is the only tax hypothecated for a particular purpose...
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    BBC Scaremongering again

    The licence fee dates from a time 6+ decades ago when ownership of 425 lines was a luxury affordable by only a few. There was no commercial model - how to monetise TV through advertising and sponsorship. There was only one channel. Fast forward to today - several hundred accessible channels -...
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    BBC Scaremongering again

    The media are responsible for creating and perpetuating the problems they report. In a few weeks the headlines will morph into: distressed kids upset Santa can't deliver the overpriced, plastic plaything parents stressed being unable to meet kiddies needs sobbing mothers only ably to cook nut...
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    S.A.D hitting me early this year

    The most utterly depressing time of year is November. Dark going to work, dark on the way home. If driving a lot (which I did at times) it is a sea of rear lights ahead, and the glare of headlights coming towards you. A few years ago following retirement we resolved to spend a substantial...
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    Any (post 2008) Economists in the house? - Inflation.

    In 2010 the UK had a hung parliament. The Libdems who won 57 seats negotiated with both main parties and settled on the Tories (rightly or wrongly). Hooray - a chance for some grown up consensus cross party politics. It may have continued had the later alternative vote referendum been...
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    Any (post 2008) Economists in the house? - Inflation.

    PR is only an argument worth putting forward whilst in opposition - it is simply a function of the way the maths work in a first past the post system. 20 years ago a similar argument could have been made by the Tories in respect of the Blair government. Integrity in politics is in large part...
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    Any (post 2008) Economists in the house? - Inflation.

    It is unclear (to me anyway) who runs the country. Folk believe they democratically elect government. PR is a non-issue - the referendum went 68/32% against. Most are not able to understand complex arguments and respond mainly to (a) media opinion, and (b) that which affects them personally...
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    Any (post 2008) Economists in the house? - Inflation.

    There are real stresses between dogmatic and pragmatic arguments. Dogma is usually defined as a belief or set of beliefs that people are EXPECTED to accept. Political dogma tends to define a set of beliefs by reference to moral and ethical considerations which SHOULD drive behaviours, policies...
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    Any (post 2008) Economists in the house? - Inflation.

    "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" - popularised by Karl Marx. A moral or ethical argument may conclude this has real substance. I am personally unconvinced by its wisdom as it ignores the purely pragmatic: that which motivates people to make exceptional...
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    I don't believe it!!!

    FB can reach every part of the global community in minutes dominating news and opinion with almost immediate effect. They are able (maliciously or otherwise) to promote panic, banking crises, health scares etc. Their capacity for swift control exceeds that of governments. Failure of a...
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    Axminster Craft vs Trade

    Just reflecting on this in the context of other machines we buy. Almost all come with a warranty which reflects broadly applicable UK consumer law. Applies to TVs, washing machines, dishwashers, freezers, cameras, cars etc etc. Often one year warranty although cars are far more expensive come...
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    I don't believe it!!!

    Facebook - a company worth half the annual output of the whole UK economy. They are not small, they are bigger than very very big. Yet despite mega profits and the pick of the worlds IT intelligensia, they are incapable of operating a resilient service, incapable of duplication of IT servers...
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    Grinder Chainsaw Disc attachment Safety alert

    There must be a balance between personal responsibility and regulation. The anti-tobacco lobby probably had it right - a very clear and explicit "health warning" with pictures of dismembered limbs accompanied by the message "read the instructions - can seriously harm your health, leave you...
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    Sparks - how much is normal

    There are lots of bushcraft tips about how to start a fire with a broken plate and steel knife.. I assume the back of the blade when initially fitted is microscopically "rough" and will create sparks. I also assume that once "run in" both it and the blade guide become sufficiently smooth that...
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    I suppose it depends how much of a population at what population density is required to make a distribution depot economic. 70% of Scolands population live in the central belt - the rest is very low population density and it is unsurprising that courier companies are unhappy serving these...
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    Exterior Oak - Treat or Not?

    I made some raised oak flower beds which I left to go grey. I had order too much wood so used the excess to make a garden bench which I finished in oil. Big mistake - after 9 months it looks horrible. Next spring most of the finish will have gone or can be scraped off. Will leave it to...
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    Who has taken them!

    There is a danger of post rationalising Brexit. I do not believe it was anticipated at the time it would expose the very real weaknesses that with hindsight should have been evident: failures is training - not just HGV drivers but many trades and professions - eg: building, carpenters...