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    Serif Draw

    For many years I used Serif Draw to produce dimensional designs for laser cutting and general drawings. Having retired I am now trying to make similar drawings although sadly I no longer have access to a laser cutter. My current efforts are to draw a clock face and I am finding the starter Serif...
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    Lie Nielsen Planes

    I hope I'm not asking a previously well discussed question but, following a Jim Bode sale item, I've just had a look at the LN website and they appear not to be offering no.1 or no. 2 bench planes anymore. I realise that these are not the most widely useful tools but from idle curiosity I...
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    Alternative Water Grinders

    Having retired and left my beloved Tormek behind me I now need to buy my own for the home workshop. Does anyone have any experience of the alternative, and generally cheaper water cooled grinding systems? Should I just bite the bullet and fork out the Tormek money or would one of the cheaper...
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    Box Scraper

    Could some kind hearted member please tell me the correct method of use of a box scraper, eg Stanley no70, or point to some reference work that will help me get to grips with this device. thanks Simon
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    Next to the Skin

    I'm using up some scraps of interesting wood making pendants for presents. Can anyone please advise me as to the best way to finish these having in mind the high humidity they will live in being next to the skin. Experiments with wax and finishing oil haven't been very successful. thanks Simon
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    Measuring Basics

    This is probably the most basic of questions I've asked out of a long series of silly person requests for help. Anyway, I am currently engaged in fitting some secondary double glazing to the old windows in my house. I am using bar gauges to measure the internal dimension of the frames and then a beam...
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    Picture Framing Mitres

    Over the years I have successfully made lots of picture frames using the school table saw with a shop-made jig. But now in preparation for retirement, when I probably won't have such a saw, I am trying to repeat the process using hand tools only. Preparing the moulding is fine but cutting the...
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    Woodwork Places In Bournemouth

    I am having a few days in and around Bournemouth and I'm hoping subscribers to this list might know of some places of interest in the area. Old tool shops, timber yards, museums, anywhere likely to be of interest please. thanks Simon
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    Cellulose Sanding Sealer

    As a finishes beginner I have only just discovered cellulose sanding sealer. Up until now its been all hard wax oil and waxes. However, recently I have been very happy with the finished results on small pine boxes of just a coat of CSS applied with a brush which I then rubbed down lightly with...
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    Knifed Lines

    I'm afraid its another silly person question from me. I know, because all the experts tell me, that I should be using marking knives for laying out my joints. But I find visibility a real problem. I have reasonable, though aging, eyesight but struggle to see my knifed lines when it comes to cutting...
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    Quangsheng Small Shoulder Plane

    I'm looking to buy a couple of small shoulder planes for school. Unfortunately we just don't have the money to buy up market tools and so I've been looking at the Quangsheng model. At less than half the price of the alternatives they are very tempting, if they work or can be made to work. Does...
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    What to Finish

    I'm a bit embarrassed to show the depth of my ignorance of finishing but help please. I am getting to the last stages of making an oak desk and have to decide on the finish or more precisely what to finish. On earlier simpler furniture projects I have been very happy with the toughness and look...
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    Timber Advice Please

    I am making a desk for home and have just finished the carcass and top. All oak. I now have to make the drawers. I have some beautiful brown oak bought especially for the drawer fronts but have just realised I don't really know what to use for the generally invisible sides and back. It seems a...
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    Shaker Oval Boxes

    I'm having a go at making some shaker oval boxes. I've made all the necessary bending formers, bungs, templates etc but am having a problem with the actual bending. I haven't been able to source a longer enough metal box to try the hot water method and so have been trying to steam the strips...
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    Stanley no77 - help please

    Can anyone out there please offer me any advice on the sharpening and use of the Stanley dowel machine. I'm not having much luck with mine and wonder if there are any hints and wrinkles people could offer. thanks Simon
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    Miserable Walnut

    I have some rather grey looking walnut that I want to use for some Christmas presents. But its not very exciting to look at. Is there anything I can do to bring out the grain and to improve the colour? Help please. Simon
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    Treefest 2014

    Is it just my stupidity or is the Treefest info on the Forestry Commission site particularly poor. What I really want to know is what hours it is open but cannot this anywhere. Its as if I'm not looking at the right site. Simon
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    South Coast Wood Yard

    I'm having a couple of days on the south coast, Lyme Regis and Swanage and a wood yard to look in would make the trip even more fun. Does anyone know of a yard in either of those areas or in between. thanks Simon
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    Quirk Router

    Following a fascinating previous posting I have picked up a Preston quirk router. It sounded an interesting tool and in the "flesh" is even more so. I have a basic idea of its function but would love to read up on how to use and sharpen it. I am particularly intrigued by the hollow grind of the...
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    Stanley no 46 Rods

    Can anyone tell me if the threaded rods in the Stanley no46 plane are the same as used in any other. I would like to fit mine with short rods and would rather not hack off the ones it came with. thanks Simon