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    Portrait cut.

    Hi All, I offered some of the Carers at the Nursing home where my wife was a resident a portrait. Here is the latest, has a couple of errors unfortunately. Best wishes and stay safe. Bob H.
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    Lockdown projects

    Hi, A portrait of the "Front Desk" lady at my wife's Care Home. The cuts I can do, the patterns I rely on others on the www. Bob H.
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    Wife's GP.

    Hi, Thanks for the "likes", would have made better sense if I'd included the original photo so here goes. Bob H.
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    Wife's GP.

    HI. My latest portrait cut. took a while to do but srollsawing these days has to take a back seat. Regards. Bob H.
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    Framing your cuts

    Picture sending - see the post at the top of the (whatever this is). Bob H.
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    Another portrait.

    Hi. Another thank you to a helper, one way for my wife and to say thank you to her. I have found ,as I think is well known, that some people do not show on photos or these patterns as well as others. This lady for instance is about 60 or so, she is a neighbour that we have known for a short...
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    A portrait.

    Hi. I have only ever used ply, and "ordinary" ply (if there is such a thing) at that. Timber selection here (W A - Oz) is a bit limited or I'm too lazy to look around. I go to our Bunnings - B & Q like? I've never tried a portrait on solid wood but don't doubt that it could be done however...
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    A portrait.

    Hi John and All, In defence of myself - for not doing the pattern - I omitted to say that I have a book - "Scroll Saw Portraits" and a computer programme - Coyote Stencil Shop - so I have tried but failed. With the portrait cutting I use spiral blades and yes they are a pain but I find they work...
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    A portrait.

    Hi John and All. For portrait patterns I go to:- scrollsaw village and click on pattern request In the past I've had patterns from people in various countries, the latest was Paul from Devon. BUT I do not sell the cut, all for family, friends or people that I think owe a thank you. Regards...
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    A portrait.

    Hi John, I've failed to produce a pattern successfully which is why I have to go to another forum. I'm not sure that is correct or right to mention another woodwork site here as I want to support this forum but if there is someway I could let you have the website and still do the right thing by...
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    A portrait.

    Hi, I don't contribute as much as I should so here is a cutting I just did of one of my wife's carers (she has dementia - the real reason why I don't do much these days). The hard work - the cuts - I did but the real work, the pattern, was done by Paul from Devon via another forum. My boss lady...
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    Aldi scroll saw

    Hi, Could this help for the blade clamp, it worked for me. Bob H.
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    Cant stop making bowls - new pattern

    Brilliant. Congratulations. Bob H.
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    Austin Healey 3000 - Portrait.

    Hi, A friend has owned an Austin Healey 3000, 60's era for about 20 years and it is finally restored. He and his wife have now returned after some 9000 kilometres over 3 weeks (rather them than me, I'd be OK for an afternoon). So I thought to give him a "portrait' - can a portrait be of a car...
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    Stop burning while scroll saw cutting

    Hi. Here in Western Australia there is a wood - WA Sheoak that is impossible to cut, with a scrollsaw, and not burn. However using a clear tape - sellotape - there are no burns. I've used the wood. No isn't a myth, at least here in the underside of the world. Regards. Bob H. p.s. Would be...
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    Reverse blade help please.

    Hi. Not a fan of reverse blades but who am I? This website might help. From the video I think you don't alter the blade just insert it as normal. Any how here is the site address:_ http://www.axminster.co.uk/pegas-revers ... s-ax877510 Hope it helps. Regards. Bob H.
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    Plans for making wooden excavator/digger

    Hi RB and/or Lesley. When some work has been done how about showing them some time. Be good and keep warm. Regards. Bob H.
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    Plans for making wooden excavator/digger

    Hi again. Just "googled" that author and saw that Amazon Uk sell his books/DVDs. Bob H.
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    Plans for making wooden excavator/digger

    Hi. Not UK but "google" Luc St-Amour as an author. Fox Chapel Publishing (yank of course) but do (did, think they still do!) either via books or DVD. Published in Imperial, at least mine are, but with conversion tables at the back. Good luck. Bob H.
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    instruction on scroll saws

    Hi. This was on line:- http://www.scrollsaw.com/pages/beginner ... ons-primer And plenty more on the Internet - just Google (Scroll saw Instructions (or similar)). Good luck. Bob H.