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    Bulk buying sanding belts reccomendations?

    Hi guys I am looking to buy around 100 sanding belts. Need 610x100mm 120 grit. I have seen SIA belts on fleabsy at £95.00 for 100, are they any good and can anybody reccomend a supplier and brand to look for.
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    Is your chainsaw not up to the job, lacking a bit of power? Try this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60Tamp2fHhg
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    What to do with your ashes?

    There has been a thread recently about what to do with loved ones ashes. A sensitive subject I did not want to add to with this. But what about your own ashes? My plan for my ashes is to have them put through my mates cider press. My pals do the work and have a few bottles each. They can do...
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    Anybody trading via a website watch out.

    I have recently had three enquiries from 'Norway' regarding buying my products. Semi convincing at first, they want to pay by credit card and are asking for specific stock items. They have a courier that will collect and ship the stuff. The english is not too hot, in fact it seems the Nigerians...
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    Fret saw on a budget

    My Pa is looking for a fret saw for elder Bro. Budget is low say £120.00ish. (He thinks the boat is being pushed out). It may not be used much if ever, but hopefully it might turn the elder Brother to The Way Of The Tools. As I said low budget. But a potential convert. Reccomendations...
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    Triton RTA 300 Router Table V Fox F60 100A router table.

    I have been looking at cheap nasty router tables. Thinking about it I know you get what you pay for. I have see this on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Triton-RTA300-P ... PREP693JWY I reckon I might be better off going for this with a skil router http://www.amazon.co.uk/Skil-1830-1100- ...
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    router table on a budget

    Hi Guys I am looking for a simple cheap router table on a tight budget, say around the £100 mark. I have seen this available locally http://www.toolite.org.uk/charwood-rout ... 11368.html and loads of variations on this theme all over the internet. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/220807842870? ...
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    Close Call.

    I was using my table router today. There was an accumulation of shavings near the bit (can you see where we are going kids?) I absently mindedly see my hand flicking the shavings away, thinking 'n o t a g o o d i d e a' to myself. FLIP! goes my finger. Ohhellwhathaveidone. Sit down feeling...
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    Invite to my art show.

    Typical bloody artiste, always do things at the last minute! Hi Guys I work as an artist making metal sculptures. On Saturday 10th I start a week long 'Open Studios' event, basically about 100 artists in Herefordshire open up to the public, hoping to sell their wares. Some is quite frankly...
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    Coffee Table

    Mrs C was getting bored with the old coffee table that I made years ago. An old circular saw with a bead welded around the edge to avoid serious shinnage. Slightly wonky but an idea I liked. So a new table had to me made. I had some oak left over from a job, (I always buy extra and add it onto...
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    Big thanks again

    A while back I put up a post asking what routing book would people reccomend. Mike C has sent me one, a big help. The Router Handbook, it seems to be just what I was looking for. Many thanks, Chunko'.
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    router playing up

    Hi Guys I have a Hitachi M8 router.Had it a couple of years and a nice piece of kit. Spends most of it's life living fixed in my home made router table. I was using it today and the up and down slide has gone very stiff, like two hands pushing on it to get it to move. is it a simple matter of...
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    A big thank you and an idea.

    Hi guys, a short while back I posted regards which biscuit jointer to get myself. I have borrowed my mates three times recently, once or twice is ok but three times, time to buy one. Then along comes Benchwayze with a biscuit jointer* as a gift with the proviso make a donation to the air...
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    Cheap simple way of clamping to a worktop.

    I have been routing edges lately and getting fed up faffing about with G clamps on the edge of the bench. So I had a look at what was around, and spottd these cheap clamps hanging on the wall, lopped the lug off the bottom that stops the screw bit falling off the bottom, drilled and slotted a...
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    Biscuit Joiners, reccomendations

    I have recently borrowed a Dewalt joiner from a mate to do a couple of jobs. Nice piece of kit. the fact I have borrowed it twice indicates I should buy one. Are there any cheaper versions worth looking at? I wont even think about Silverline junk. But how about Clarke, and whats there name, the...
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    a great oppurtunity

    Received the following in an email today Hello, I am Capt. Sam Dennison, an officer of the U.S Army. I am on the move to Afghanistan from Iraq. I am part of the team that raided and killed Osama Bin Ladin 2 days ago.I have some items I will need to ship to you. Can you be trusted Can I...
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    biscuit joining

    I have occasionally had to join lengths of plank together to make up broader shelves like these. Not like these, cant seem to post a picture. Anyway, I dont do much of this but I am uncomfortable just clamping and gluing, and figure biscuits would make a better job of it.. Could I cut slots for...
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    Plywood chair

    If the picture loaded, a chair with seat and back carved out of marine ply with an arbourtech, the frame is mild steel box section, I managed to get just the right amount of instability and springiness in it. I am an addicted chair tilter, this one balances beautifully. One day I plan to make...
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    Trend Airshield Pro any good?

    Hi guys I am looking at buying one of these for a mix of plasma cuting steel and sanding, both very dusty jobs. An ordinary dust mask is no use as my spec's steam up when I wear them. has anybody used one? Chunko'.
  20. C

    300mm disc sander safety advice needed

    I have just bought one of these http://www.recordpower-thetoolshop.com/ ... ander.html I was hoping to use it to sand end grain on pieces of wood up to around 400mm wide. The insructions advise against removing the guard because the workpiece can snatch on the right hand end of the disc as it...