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    No.5 jack plane blade advancement issue

    Have you noticed whether the cap iron is touching the the metal of the plane body at the front of the slot?
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    Hand plane blade problem

    I think, that before you go any further, you should test your honing guide by (1) coating the bevel end of the blade with marker ink (2) fitting the blade into the guide with the clamping nut on the LEFT (3) taking a couple of strokes on the hone (4) noting from where ink has been removed...
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    hi from Somerset

    "there's about enough room to stand with a coffee"! Some of us can only dream!
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    Sometimes pays to be a hoarder

    If you had made a claim in those years, they would have argued that you were uninsured because you hadn't paid the premium.
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    Can't find a router cutter to make this ovolo

    I'd cut out the bulk with a 9mmR router cutter, then scrape the rest off with a scratch stock, or a 12mmR hand scraper.
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    Oil Free Piston Vacuum Pumps for laminating wood over a form?

    Oiled, or oil-free, will make no difference to the workpiece, if that is what concerns you. You will extract air from the vacuum bag; any oil vented by the pump will be outside the bag, and will not be able to reach the workpiece, as Yojevol stated.
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    >Do you use spray activator when using the superglue? If not it will significantly improve the bond Do you mean that NOT using activator will significantly improve the bond?
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    Basic tools....

    I don't think that Stanley used plastic handles on planes with brass adjusting knobs and assembled lateral levers (as opposed to lateral levers that were bent into shape). It also seems to have the forged yoke; another plus! The plane looks good to me; well worth £20! (And if there is varnish...
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    I would, and have, used stud joining nuts. These are loooong nuts, and would resist sideways pressure much more than standard nuts. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124262543604?_trkparms=ispr%3D1& I drilled a hole of a size slightly smaller than the maximum size of the nut, whacked in a good...
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    Jigsaw Blade

    Whatever it costs, and however long it takes, it's cheaper than having to drive to a supplier when you've run out of blades. I think that most woodworkers already possess a three-square saw file, and a 21/2 inch blade has, probably, around 30 teeth.
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    Jigsaw Blade

    I resharpen my jigsaw blades; I haven't bought one in years! I also have sharpened some to 'rip' form, and it really makes a difference!
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    Sorry, folks! I forgot that there's an underline option!
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    Scythes aren't sharpened; they're DRESSED!
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    Shall I continue lapping this sole ?

    During my apprenticeship, I learned to hand-scrape iron and steel blocks and plates for use in the main works as surface plates, so when I find a surface that needs some metal to be removed, that is the technique I first think of using. In fact, I used both scrapers for metal (made from files)...
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    Air vent in larder/pantry?

    As Jacob says, you need separate top, and bottom, cupboards with individual doors, wth two vents in each cupboard. No need for more.
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    Grinder advice needed.

    Buy it; take it home: don't like it , take it back to Aldi and get your money back with no problems at all. Plus, Aldi have 3 year guarantee.
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    A very sensible sharpening system..

    So a harder burnisher moving along an edge in order to remove a wire edge, would, immediately the wire edge is removed, and using the exact same contact patch, form another wire edge? Why, in the name of sanity, would anyone do this, if the only possible outcome would be to end up with a wire edge?
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    Making a table saw rip fenc

    You've certainly made a good job of it, Oaktree; but should a rip-fence extend beyond the leading edge of the saw blade? Or will you only use it for dimensioning?
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    A very sensible sharpening system..

    You mean, that as the wire edge was removed, a new wire edge would be formed? But what if you were to remove the wire edge with something that is incapable of forming a wire edge, such as a piece of plastic, or oak? I don't think that you've thought this through.
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    A very sensible sharpening system..

    I don't think so, because every stroke produces particles falling from each part of the blade as it is drawn over the steel, whereas a wire edge would no longer exist on the second stroke.