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    Who said bespoke woodwork doesn't pay?

    Not an untypical rate in shop fitting and the like these days, but a sole trader joiner would be unlikely to see such srates. Of that £40 the actual wage portion will only be about 1/3, a further third will probably be other fixed costs such as buildings, insurances, etc with 1/3 as profit. And...
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    Biscuit joiner recommendations

    Maybe. I've used Lamellos and whilst they are nice they are also much more expensive than the OP's £200 limit. I also found the loop handle at the front was too small for me to use comfortably on account of the size of my hands (something another reviewer in Fine Homebuilder also chose to...
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    Biscuit joiner recommendations

    Mafell LNF20 (also sold as Kress and Milwaukee) - quality well up there with Festool (in fact Festool and Mafell share some production), has innovative 3-position turret depth stop (like a router) allowing quick and easy resetting of thickness (ideal for projects where you are working with two...
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    Advice on MRMDF please

    Yes, any sheet stock. The prooblem I've found witjh trying to un bend it by supporting the other way is that it's difficult to get it just right Scrit
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    Advice on MRMDF please

    I'd recommend that you don't lean sheet products against a wall as they will always bow unpredictably unless supported on angled uprights, thus: Attempting to unbend them bay unsupported stacking doesn't always work that controllably in my experience. I've found in the past that inserting a...
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    startrite tilt arbour table saw info

    Up until the 1970s, yes
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    Who said bespoke woodwork doesn't pay?

    Well that £125 presumably includes 17.5% VAT, so they're actually charging £106.40 (+ VAT) a better way to view the price as many of the costs are not VATted (e.g. wages, rent, rates, etc.). That's probably bottom end retail these days for a product like this manufactured in short quantities, so...
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    startrite tilt arbour table saw info

    It probably is older than 20 years - because Startrite ceased saw production in the late 1980s. I've worked on Wadkins built in the 1960s which had metric scales and I went through school using both metric and Imperial in the 1960s so I think your assumptions abouit when metric came in are a bit...
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    anatomy of a spindle moulder ??

    They're slotted collars which by the 1960s had acquired locator pins (that set doesn't have any) and were still notorious for throwing cutters - and if one went, the other did as well! In terms of scary I don't think you could beat the old square cutter blocks where it was quite normal to run...
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    Band saw guide blocks

    Except when the carbiode "pad" drops off (as I had happen once). Other than that I agree. Stupidly simple and trouble free - like the rest of the machine Scrit
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    Band saw guide blocks

    Athlon is the HPL (high pressure laminate) used for toilet cubicles, etc isn't it? HPL is normally phenolic plastic with two surface coatings of melamine, so you'd possibly need to remove the melamine coating somehow because it is very hard and might possibly damage the blade (although in truth...
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    Band saw guide blocks

    Heavier machines often used to use solid wood blocks of lignum vitae. One of the better known guide systems, called the Chaco guide uses Bakelite - the nearest you'll get to that off the shelf is probably Tufnol (phenolic plastic) which is what my Bursgreen saw uses. Problem about soaking timber...
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    Which saw for 7inch skirting

    Actually a 12in chop saw (non slider) would probably do the job. Makita also do an 8-1/4in SCMS (LS0714) which will cut 8in on the flat and the cheapest big name machine to be able to do the job is probably the deWalt DW707 which cuts 11in on the flat. I've used the Elu predecessor (PS274 was...
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    Bandsaw "Wavy" cuts

    Hi Matt Your original post seems to indicate that the blade is fluttering from side to side, which may be an indication of insufficent tension. But that might not be all that's amiss So, what's the maximum width of blade your saw will take? If it's 3/4in then buy a 5/8 or 1/2in blade, if it's...
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    Angle grinder safety

    You forgot the need for protective footwear ("steelies"), ear defenders coz they're noisy and gloves, Roger
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    Which saw for 7inch skirting

    I don't think so. The average 10in/250mm chop saw will do a 4 x 3in (100 x 70mm) piece of timber straight or up to about 6 x 1in (150 x 25mm) if you raise the material by inserting a 2in (50mm) sub-bed but that's about all. If you do tilt the work it would need to be tilted up towards at the...
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    Check out these puppies...

    Which one, though? The Z3200/NZ3200 are Roblands, the others look like Sicars (but they're Italian). Either way there are already importers here so they'd probably not be able to. Scrit
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    Shed doors.

    Ah, you mean this drawing: For doors I'd tend to go into the corner, thus: as it looks better, although it is more work Scrit
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    Disposable Saws

    Or better still, why didn't you just make a pair? :shock: Four legs, top rail and two bits of ply/2 x 1/whatever as braces...... I've even knocked them up from a scaffold board in the past when we've had nothing else suitable.
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    Saw Doctor online auction

    Sad to see Todds going after so many years, but probably inevitable, especially if you look at the investment that competitors like Harrisons have put into making it pay Scrit