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    A change for the worse.

    I've always read UK Workshop for pleasure; it has now become a chore. If the font was black it would be easier, so I'll occasionally check to see if it improves, but I wont be joining in the frolics until it does.
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    If "Trump" is the answer, then what the Hell was the question?
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    Very old Workmate

    I've just seen a Workmate that is virtually all aluminium (or whichever alloy they use); only the threads and hinge pins were steel and the jaws were wood. It looked very old. It had two individual fold out legs at the front below the footrest, and at the back just one full width leg like a flap...
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    A couple of days ago I heard part of a McDonalds TV ad where I'm sure that they claimed that they now sold "Organic milk and water". Anyone else hear/see it?
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    Sad news

    Sad to relate; the inventor of predictive text died today. His funfair is on Sundial.
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    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Ball- ... 51c2956ed6 What would a used one look like?
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    Ch. 4

    Anyone watching "Labyrinth" on Ch. 4? I thought that chain mail was designed to prevent stab wounds, but apparently a sword will go through it with no bother at all! Also, you could kill a man by pushing him over!
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    Advice needed

    I know I should have asked before the cold spell hit us, but, tell me guys, how do you wear your sheepskin thongs; fur in or out?