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    Can feel electricity in my lathe

    I would suggest getting an electrician in to do a Portable Appliance Test (PAT) on your lathe Dave, that should highlight any abnormalities. It does sound odd though.
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    almost mobile scroll saw

    Good call Martin. I did the same with my table saw and jointer, best thing I ever did. I agree that in an ideal world, all the castors should lock.
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    Plastic 'plate' lower than metal base?

    My old Jet had the same issue, the plastic insert sat about 0.5mm below the metal table so I made a plywood insert and sanded it for a perfect level fit. I suspect that this is not an uncommon issue.
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    wood supplies

    Dave_87 and Essexcowboy, have a look at this page for some start off pointers. :) https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/local/
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    Wooden Rulers

    I bought one of those when I was an apprentice decorator back in 1987. Perfect for tearing lengths of wallpaper to size before pasting. Would imagine they are close to useless for anything but rough measuring though.
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    Quick Release Handles

    Ouch! That sucks. I am now paranoid about such things and make sure to back up bookmarks as well as anything else important. I always do it with a heavy heart as I find it a chore, but I am sooooo thankful I have done it on the odd occasion that things go wrong and I need the backup. Here is...
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    Excalibur EX-21

    I've had mine for approx 3 months now and I have been very happy with it. No dramas, breakages or negatives at all so far, though I will confess I am quite a light user compared to most on here. Based on personal experience I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, but as always, there are those...
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    Quick Release Handles

    As I recall they are generically called "Bristol" handles and are common on a lot of machinery. The ones on my Jet were M4 which may or may not be the same as yours. I had the Axminster clamps on the Jet which seem to be quite popular. Stand by your bunk and somebody intelligent will be along...
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    Timber Identification?

    The best thing about Obeche is that it is a relatively cheap hardwood. All this talk of Spam is making me recite random Monty Python sketches! Unfortunately 'er indoors doesn't like Spam at all, so I may have to make a special trip to the supermarket to buy a stash.
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    Timber Identification?

    Now you've done it. I "NEED" Spam right now! Which is a pain as we don't have any and haven't had any for about 20 years! :lol: I am certainly no expert, but #7 looks more like Obeche to me than Iroko.
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    A Wobble Bowl

    I "might" have the patience to cut that on the scrollsaw, but I certainly wouldn't have the patience to sand it all! Well done Pete, it looks really nice. 8)
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    Removing a paper pattern from the cut piece

    Good tip Geoff, Wilko's stick glue, I'll give that a try. I usually use Pritt as I have had very disappointing results with some of the budget/own brands, especially Tesco own brand which was more like stick polish than stick glue!
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    face mask no response

    I've fixed your previous post for you Pete! :lol: I just use an ordinary 3M 4277 "fly" mask. Readily available online or from Screwfix for about £35. Blocks both particles/dust and organic and inorganic vapours so should be safe for occasoinal aerosol use. Seem to last for about a year before...
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    Removing a paper pattern from the cut piece

    I use pretty much the same idea as PeteM and try to avoid the issue by using masking tape first and then clear packing tape over the top to help lubricate the blade and reduce burn marks. For glue I use ordinary "Pritt" type craft glue sticks on top of masking tape and if for some reason I put a...
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    Making your own scroll saw on a budget

    What's an "idge" and a "binch?" :P I love the way he marked up "centre" on the pieces of wood and then ignored it and drilled through the nail hole that was already there. lol Mickey taking aside, I do love people that have the spirit to create and actually use gizmos like this. I know if I...
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    metal sheds

    Hmmm. Think I might give the Gripfill a go. Reckon it might be a little easier to use than contact adhesive. Thanks for your input Sam. 8)
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    metal sheds

    The only thing that worries me about the tape is that in summer the roof gets VERY hot and I suspect that the adhesive would soften and let go. Other than that, I agree that it sticks like poo to a blanket, usually to itself or my hair!
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    metal sheds

    Thanks Sam. Unfortunately I have steel purlins instead of timbers, so not able to staple and I may have to get a little bit creative! I wonder if contact cement would hold it .... Thanks for the tip anyway. 8)
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    metal sheds

    I like your style sir! How did you fix it in place Sammy? I reckon this could be a very viable option for me as my wavy tin roof rains on me when it is frosty, but I have close to zero budget to sort it out. Just looked and 100 square metres of bubble wrap can be had for less than £20...
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    Legless update

    Awesome news Geoff, that has put a genuine smile on my face. Make sure you take care of yourself and keep that saw running!