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    last post 2014

    Lots of boats and lots of changes My own business now, not much turning but a few fruit bowls :)
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    last post 2014

    Where has the time gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope your all well Rich
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    boat work

    This is some of the stuff that has been keeping me busy I do all the hardwood work on the new boats and whatever else needs doing :) Pine window trims Sapele window trims (mod edit:-url) This is where it all begins Some Sapele to sand up Oak lipped veneered doors First cratch...
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    Hello again

    Cheers lads I do all the internal doors, hand rails, cratch frames, internal window trims, threshold strips and any fancy extras like plate racks etc. I look after all the hardwood work and muck in with whatever needs doing when required. the oak boards were 55 / 130 / 2000. I don't get involved...
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    santas ride

    Very good chas :D Showed the pic on my phone to a friend at my lads tennis last night. Straight away he wanted one if I could deliver it today, smashed it last night home for 2.30 this morning. Delivered them both today, happy customers, happy kids at the British legion and I am paid in full.
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    santas ride

    :D not sure how it is going to fly, it is seriously heavy
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    So what have I been up to??

    fantastic work!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so much of it, fairplay
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    santas ride

    This was fun to make
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    Hello again

    Hello there chaps. I hope life is treating you well. Yes a major change for me, took the leap out of teaching and am cracking on with the boats. Not my boat Paul I am doing sub contract work for a company that build new and referb old boats. I will put some more pics up in a new thread. Speak...
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    Hello again

    Hello Wouldchuk I finish the doors with 3 coats of yacht varnish. First coat has roughly 15% thinners and the rest are 100% varnish. I finished these in the same way, sorry the pic is not super clear (phone camera.) We either use Oak or Sapele, as much as I like Oak the Sapele takes the finish...
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    Hello again

    Hello all, don't know if many of you will remember me, not posted for a long time. I used to hang around the turning section but this wont fit in there. I have been working on boats for nearly a year now and thought you might be interested in what I am up to. These front and back oak doors are...
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    Union Graduate

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    Bowling along again today.

    Beautiful chas, nice wood and a cracking finish!!!! Not been on for ages, really busy. Done some easy turning for my new job, will post some pics soon. Hope you are both well, rich
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    New to this forum

    Hello there, you are in the right place. Enjoy. Rich
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    A few more pens,to start with!!!

    Quality work mate!!! Nothing like abit of batch production to blow away the cobwebs. Keep them coming. Rich
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    Saying hallo!

    Hello, I hope you like it here. Post up pictures asap. Rich
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    Workbench alteration nearly ready for Christmas

    That is amazing!!!!
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    a few jobs from the past year or two long overdue

    Fantastic work, really like the play house and slide!!!
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    Long distance refurbishment challenge.

    It looks like a beauty!!!!!!! Any translation issues msg my wife :D
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    Which chuck?

    I think I have the axy k10, got it set up with cole jaws and don't use it for anything else