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    Cnc router options/opinions?

    I have a Inventables X-Carve which I have upgraded to 750 x 1000 mm. If I was doing it all again I would go for a Workbee from Ooznest in Essex simply because of local availability and support.
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    Trend Mini CNC

    I have an X-Carve from Inventables, if I was in the market now I would get one from Ooznest in Essex. Very good back up and support according to those that have bought from them.
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    Hardwood offcut shop

    Not near its just over an hour from me but well worth a visit, Tim is a great guy and it is alway well stocked and great value.
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    Axminster paste wax or machine wax?

    I use FinishKare - 1000P High Temp Paste wax Sample £4 from cleanyourcar website, lasts forever. Ian
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    Attach wall relief flat to wall?

    Try a saw tooth picture hangers, all you need to do is cut or router a slot. Ian
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    Cartridge for Sip 01924 dust collector

    Brilliant Nick so glad it was the right one, I find that I need to clean the filter normally every time I change the bag, keeps it going for a while, I turn it upside down and place a bag over the hole and give it a good shake up.
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    Cartridge for Sip 01924 dust collector

    Yes that looks like the one. Ian
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    Cartridge for Sip 01924 dust collector

    Check out the filters for the SPA 1200, I pretty sure this is the one I have.
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    Cartridge for Sip 01924 dust collector

    Nick just been to look and sadly no stickers or markings, I know Metabo and record do extractors that are similar to the 01924. Ian
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    Cartridge for Sip 01924 dust collector

    I have the same dust collector as you and fitted a metabo fine filter cartridge, I believe that Record do one that is almost the same as well. Mine fits with just a single strip of door sealer, if you do get it you will really notice the difference. Ian
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    Shapeoko 3

    I Also have a X-Carve and was only using Mac's. In the end I ended up buying a cheap Windows PC for it as I wanted to get into V Carving and using the Mac was limiting my choices. I started using F-Engrave which is free and finally last year bought Vcarve desktop which is a massive improvement...
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    DIY Welder!

    I have just purchased my first welder, there is a great mig welding forum based in the UK which is helpful, I ended up driving to a welding supplies shop and along with an hours training (he was quiet) ended up with a GYS Easymig 140 which will easily do 3mm on a 13 amp plug. Ian Although it...
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    The Hardwood Offcut Shop - Brentwood

    Tims a great guy, very friendly and I always seem to spend more time chatting about woodworking than looking for wood. I drive up from West London and even with time spent on the road, its still worth going with the prices up there and the welcome you get, the only problem is explaining to the...
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    If I wanted to learn Blacksmithing, where do I start?

    Have a look at Alec Steele's youtube page, he is a 19 year old Blacksmith who does courses in Norwich.
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    Where to buy hard woods?

    Hardwood Offcuts in Brentwood even has a bandsaw so you can cut your own rounds. I have no affilation to them its just a great day out and have so many nice timbers, they have a large work shop next door and can machine anything for you. I drove up from West London and will probably go back soon...
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    Where to buy hard woods?

    If you can get there Hardwood Offcuts in Brentwood Essex is well worth a trip, great guy running it called Tim. I had a great time down there chatting about wood working in general (he is very patient) and he has a brilliant selection of different timbers.
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    new box

    Hi not sure if we are allowed to mention other sites but handmade bandsaw boxes are going from £40 to £300 on some craft type websites and yours is better looking than most of those I saw.
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    What did you do in your workshop today ?

    Just a simple box, carving with the X-Carve
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    Thinking of buying a OX CNC kit

    Hi I looked at these and decided to go for the X Carve because of support and size. Since using it for over a month I use easel very little and mainly use F Engrave and Universal Gcode sender, the OX CNC is what I would go for if I wasn't a complete beginner. I also design mainly in Inkscape and...
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    Where to find quality timber in west london

    Same for Hansons, half day on Saturdays.